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At 9:32pm on September 24, 2012, Helios33 said…

Thank you.

At 9:39pm on September 18, 2012, jun perez said…

Sorry could not get back at you sooner, I have something for you:

A soliton is an ultra stable wave strain that arises in the context of non-linear wave oscillation. The DNA reading process can be modeled as a complex mechanical oscillator capable of producing solitonic wave transmissions. DNA, modeled as a kind of rotary pendulum can be simulated as a chain of non-linear oscillators. Complex pattern arises when taking into account the non-linear covalent connections between nucleotides.The same researchers suspect the ability of chromosomes to transform their own genetic-sign laser radiations into broadband genetic-sign radio waves.Thus, we have an explicit physical analogue for the traditional mystical apprehension of Inner Light and the Audible Life Stream. This (solitons) is the main information channel of the DNA, the same for both photons and radio waves. Superpose coherent waves of different types in the cells interact to form diffraction patterns, first in the acoustic domain, secondly in the electromagnetic domain...a quantum hologram...a translation process between acoustical and optical holograms.

I have some references to share:                                                                                 Beardon Thomas,(2002), Excalibur Briefing, StrawberryHillPress, San Francisco                   Gariaev,Peter, Boris Bishtein, Alexander Iarochenko, et al, "The DNA wave Biocomputer" Miller,RA, Webb B. Dickson,D.(1975)"A Holographic Concept of Reality" Psychoenergitic Systems, Stanley Krippner, editor.1997,

At 4:04pm on August 25, 2012, Samuel Adam Alder said…

Wholeness Light Inside :)

At 12:32pm on August 6, 2011, Rafael Estrella said…
Wholeness !
At 8:31am on May 21, 2011, Denise La Roche said…
WBV stephen. i am so happy that u r here with us!


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