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At 1:02pm on February 28, 2015, Roberta Smith said…
Wholeness and Thanks!
At 12:13pm on February 5, 2015, Samantha said…

Hey Sara wholeness :) hope u r having a good day. Gosh I see so many comments about diet here I relate to!! Like Jana largely vegan but must admit dark choc eggs and cheese are a think for me too!! Like many others here I am extremely conscious of the importance not only of diet but of good water - distilled then adding megahydrate and cell salts to restructure. It is high on my list of stuff and that little voice is virtually screaming at me now sort it out!! Great to have this site and so many lovely like minded individuals to chat to. I wish us all wholeness and strength on our continuing journey through the innerverse. See you inside I hope. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could all gather together in our dreams for seminars in wholeness. I actually have a vague recollection of sitting cross legged listening to seven talking about wholeness along with others. Does anyone else have any similar dreams to report. This was a while back... Sometime last year

At 10:00pm on January 28, 2015, jana said…

Hello Sara :) Yes I still eat solid food but experience many days I do not feel I need it. I also have days I can soak the sun prana for food. I'm strong but rather thin. My main staple aside from supplements is a 'matrix shake' in the morning that consists of fruits, kale and other greens, sprouts, seeds, veggie protein such as hemp, pea, cranberry, brown rice, etc etc. I also eat plenty of herbs, raw greens, roots such as turmeric and ginger, all sorts of teas, etc.

I must say that I still have some creature comfort foods such as eggs, some cheese (not good), organic dark chocolate, etc. So even though I have gone through activation, etc., I still strive to improve some old habits and am grateful for those like 7 who do this consistently as it motivates me to as well.

What does your diet consist of?

Wholeness to you

At 4:40pm on January 12, 2015, Morad said…

last week i dealt with a situation, a person who wanted to be friends and was interested in what i spoke about and we got on and she wanted to change certain things in her life.

she ended up being totally of key.  

it was not the first and it is diffently the last! 

but i am glad it ended quickly, i have had situations last long time.

the colon cleanse made me deal with things easy, 

yes i faced it and it worked out, 

At 4:20pm on January 12, 2015, Morad said…


i do have access to ebay,

i just want to measure all the different waters for when i am out and about and more importantly when i am distilling and putting the

what did your water measure at.?

before and after.?

At 3:50pm on January 12, 2015, Morad said…

hi hope all is well.

whats was that instrument that sevan use's do measure the water Megahydrate..?

the name and if possible the model please

i recall the email you sent but cant find it 


but i differently would like to buy one  ;0)


At 11:40am on January 12, 2015, Morad said…

do it...........

well done

At 10:32am on January 12, 2015, Morad said…

totally over looked sevan. your good at this

but i do not mine paying extra, call it the best innerverse so far to learn from and apply

arthur from herb ppl mailed back and siad the 4 day period between the colon cleanse and the internal cleanse is a must do. ( i remix the words but that what it means)

so how has your day been.?

At 9:25am on January 12, 2015, Morad said…

wow sara greetings, i remembered another part of my dream, had a few last night.

This lady who was kind (like a lawyer) showed me this piece of paper and it had 7 and 2 other numbers on it either i cant remember eeerr!! and she siad it will or i will lose some money.? 

so later on after remember that bit.

i remembered it fully after getting a post-note to say i owe customs tax..? i thought

wtf.? from what.? so i headed down to the post office and it was for the megahydrate.

import and customs tax.? duty

never happen before purchasing from realm lot

maybe the lady in my dream who i never seem before was informing me.

whats your view as you been keeping a log for years.?

and i am writing this after trying a tiny bit of my water

and it made me feel all buzzing  ;0)

At 5:40am on January 12, 2015, Morad said…

hey sara how are you.?

i had the most interesting l;lucid dreams again.

how are you finding then Megahydrate.?

Mine has been ordered 3 weeks back and still in transit  ;0(

l am interested in the results your getting from it..?

realms lot has had shipping issues so my salts have just ben shipped as well.

nevermind lot me no though


At 3:42pm on January 11, 2015, Morad said…

we all need to face stuff to excel and activate, the holding on is maybe the last part.

its also to helps us to help other help helps others and so one.

i feel better after a bath i have just had. and it was full moon yesterday and that brings up stuff anyway.

your memory recall of you getting here is wonderful and past lifes.

when  do you start the colon cleanse.?

At 2:31pm on January 11, 2015, Morad said…


did i mention emotions and old memory coming back during the colon cleanse and even now.

its so strange sara, i have been told and new that area was where its all stored and this evening i am feeling it. big time. another shift.

so was 1996 a big year for you.?

and am more moment i am reading the salt cell book.relations of the minera salts of the body to the signs of the zodiac by goerge w carey and also quick read 50 or so page thats in the resistant scribe about the cell salts as well. i dont use salts, any.

and yes i have brought and its coming the cell salt kit of realm.

i may get the link one time of you regarding the book your reading i did look at the other one by gareth knight and his blog., 

At 12:19pm on January 11, 2015, Morad said…

holly wood has been in the last fews years showing loads of witches demons films and cartoons, to the normal's that looks like fun. 

so i can see why the books have gone up.

as well as the energy has shifted

how come thoses books in particular you wanted..? 

At 11:23am on January 11, 2015, Morad said…

hi i read ellis Taylor the esoteric alphabet after i did the 21 water fast, 3/4 months back was chuffed as it  opened up things in me. 

the others i will check out, will not be using them for rituals etc 

cheers for the heads up.

At 10:11am on January 11, 2015, Morad said…

do you understand etymology.?

its something i so want to learn (will learn0

if so where did you start with it all. .?

nutrients and water is has now up's something in me.

juicing/blending etc is so much easier and i does do it for me.

At 9:41am on January 11, 2015, Morad said…

what a amazing comment you sent,

we all are.

its a we thing not a me thing this quest

just had first dinner in 8 days (meaning solid) i usually blend and juice and, 80% raw juiced & smoothie 20& cooked if that. i prefer my smoothies/juices.

yours sound awesome on the post i first read before i requested friends


At 9:18am on January 11, 2015, Morad said…

thanks for that confirmation with getting body built up after colon cleanse

i just cooked a potatoes and 3 days dream.t about mash potatoes which i have not had in years,

the books says on step 3, potatoes & salad to break the fast so i will go with it.

apple juice is ok actually,

facebook i have never done and this is one of the first forums i have done in year 11 years, i knew what it was about then, nothing social on a computer that has negative information screaming of it.

so well done on coming here at least its in the correct path

so glad you been about on this colon cleanse, the others (family + couple of old friends) who watch t,v, on loads of meds, drink, eat burgers - think i am mad lol x

At 8:14am on January 11, 2015, Morad said…

the booklet says you get "optimum results after the colon cleanse starting the internal cleanse 4 days after".  is this how you see/read it..?please advise.

i have emailed herbal lot and realm lot & i am still perplexed..?????

At 6:54am on January 11, 2015, Morad said…

wholeness and balance, during the colon cleanse My energy levels where up and down, i started to do basic exercise's, like press ups/sit up's and also runs a little this was all in short spells, a few times getting up i got dizzy a couple of times. headaches and waking up was iffy at times. You do 3 hours hard labor (your amazing) its mind over matter now i see it now for me. some very important decisions come up whilst doing this for my self and my family are so toxic and also a friend so i did not do my self any favors by communicating with them or them getting in contact with me and wow they drained.. Your around nature and not draining people.? Anyway my body feels positive, my dreams are so lucid, 3 in on night. Please tell me about why your's is digitally related.? i hope my explaining helped.? and its good not to over estimate with apple juice

At 4:19am on January 11, 2015, Morad said…

greetings how are you..>?

have you started the colon cleanse.? yet

i am on day 9 and ate a whole apple from breakfast which was lovely even after how many apple juices! in have had in the last 8 days.

let mo no 



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