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At 12:29am on December 21, 2014, Ronette said…
Thank you as well for your friendship! Wishing you love,wholeness,and happiness each and every day. Love ya! Ronette
At 7:50am on December 8, 2014, KD said…

Welcome to the Resistance family. Happy to see you and send well wishes your way on this never ending journey")



At 1:24am on December 6, 2014, Dawn said…
Faced with giving the wrong I'mpression, 'searching for six with the Supreme Being' describes a forwarding of the orgonic energy that propelled me to land here. In deed, spiritual visions encountered years ago were actually premonitions orgasmic in there transmissions. At that time I was a babe in the land of wander fervent with questions about all truths. Taught to prey rather than meditating on the divinity within, I didn't gno or remember who I really was and thought a male mate was essential for guidance. I constantly asked for love and a "peace full" home life in a family not realizing I could full fill loving energy inside myself without kneading external flesh and bones. Thinking re-legions were The Way I searched from one ideology to the next whole of heart and full of devotion. Never completely satisfied with so many seemingly unanswerable questions, I finally gave up coming just short of being atheistic though I still believed there to be a Supreme Being. Then at about 21 in the most vivid dream I will never forget, two male Beings appeared to me, one doing all the mind speak the other to his right and slightly behind him, promising all that I ever wanted; answering all the questions I ever had. Orgasm washed over me in an ocean of waves while loads of information was transmitted to me. They never touched me. I never touched them. Only the feeling of love truly existed and I answered "yees!" in return to all questions proposed and asked. It was at that point I just wanted to see (t)him and was beseeching to open my eyes. With a small chuckle and very gently he said, "Don't open your eyes I don't want to scare you." Of course I disobeyed, confident and saying, "You wouldn't scare me! I love you!" And with that,-and I regret it to this day-I opened my eyes and immediately woke up screaming to high heaven at whatever I had seen. Regret came with realizing I was back here deplaned, with an amnesia that defied gravity. I could barely remember anything that was said, save the last part echoing in my head. I only knew good things would happen for me; were written in the stars for me, if only I hadn't rushed headlong into the ether without following directions not gnowing how to drive my own kar..Typical Aries, eh?! Would that I could forward once more to that day! though this time surely never opening my eyes to this reality ish again!
At 2:09pm on December 1, 2014, janet myers said…

"Wholeness!  Welcome   to the Official Resistance site.  http://www.resistance2010.com/group/new-members this is a link that helps a lot when you first arrive on board.   We are very happy you have joined us, Merry meet!…"


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