Last night (Sept.12, 2009) while i was sleeping i had a dream, that i was in a high school hallway with my father and we were about to go to class. while in the hallway i was chatting with some of my friends and i had recently obtained a new tattoo. I don't not recall getting the tattoo but it was there none the less. I was talking with one of my class mates and i told them to look at my new piece. I lifted up my shirt and when i did another one of my peers caught a glimpse of it and called it the "xcalibur". the tattoo was of a triangle that fit just over the shoulder bones and came to the top of my neck. The trianlge was disected into sections and in each section there was a square. Each square bared a symbol. I was unable to see the symbols but it seemed as though they were Buddist symbols. Can anyone help me to understand wat this dream means.

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Comment by Matthew on September 14, 2009 at 6:16pm
Hello Allijah,

Allow me to shed some light on the subject. From what I believe that symbol and those letter characters were given to you for a particular reason. If you wrote them down wonderful, if not it isn't the end of the world or anything because chances are if you are really meant to receive that information it will come to you again. The triangle that is divided into squares probably looks somewhat like this:

The triangle is proportional to the golden mean or phi ratio which is a major foundation of sacred geometry. The golden mean or phi ratio is usually represented as a spiral such as seen in :

In order to see how the ratio properly relates to the triangle:

The phi ratio is found throughout nature, the great pyramids are built to these proportions as well as the overall layout of Washington D.C.'s monuments such as the capitol building, the washington monutment, etc.. The U.S. Pentagon is also build using proportions from the phi ratio. Even the satanic and biblical symbols are derived from the phi ratio as can be seen here:
"Satanic" pentagram symbol:

and finally:

My point is that sacred geometry is found throughout all aspects of life, it a fundamental blueprint everything in this dimension (and perhaps within the hyperdimensions as well) is founded upon.

The characters your seeing superimposed within each square within the triangle that appear to be "Buddhist" symbols are words, sounds, pitch, etc... Now if you were to translate these characters that are in the image you would likely receive what is called a mantra or chant. Typically if one chants that particular phrase the vibrational frequencies that are produced help raise your overall frequency. This is another method to Sevan's crystal and audio files that help raise your frequency, it's just another way. Not everyone can attain and a become fully enlightened being the same way, perhaps this is your individual way.

But no matter which path you choose, always make the world a better place by how you live it today.


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