This blog post is somewhat inspired by of all things a pedantic television show called Star Trek. I have never watched this show, nor the films it inspired; however, I have heard of this show and even saw tidbits of it in passing. I don't own a television and don't want one, but while visiting a friend I happened to watch a segment. Four characters were "beamed" to a location from the space ship down to a planet. The scene showed the characters dissolving into light particles only to reappear as light that became solid, organized matter.
This made me think of an idea that I've had since...well since forever. What is beyond subatomic (or is that "superatomic") truly makes this existence of dualities possible. One could therefore presume that the ultimate power or powers either are extremely small or extremely massive. Of course this supposition leaps back into the duality concept, large vs small. According to my previous post on this "God" level there are no dualities...there just "is, was, never was, never is, and will be".
Anyway, I theorized that beyond this astronomically tiny level there is only "energy" of some nature. It would have to be energy with intelligence, but not intelligence in our anthropomorphic sense of the word. This level of existence would have the far reaching capabilities of amassing other energy and sending it elsewhere, let's say into a controlled environment like a dual universe. In the Star trek show the crew had on some funny badges that were needed to locate them and beam them back, so my friend told me. This made me ponder, if our existence is somehow based on all of us having some hidden "locator button". Could it be our pineal organ? What of those folks whose pineal organs are dead due to diet, environment or genetics? Are they stuck in this dual universe. Of course the answer to that assumes we've been beamed "here" in the first place.
Regardless of how we got "here" or who,what beamed us here, I am still left with the idea that sub (super) atomic power exists. Think about it: a virus can bring down a nation, and virus is microscopic. Atomic particles manipulated can create a deadly reaction. So is it too far fetched to conclude that what we correctly or mistakenly call "Gods" are smaller/larger than subatomic particles thus pure (or impure) energies, with intellect of course?
I left my friend's house that day wondering why I watched 14.8 minutes of Star Trek. Perhaps on some level beyond light refraction through television a message of confirmation was learned...or "beamed"....

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