When you look into a crystal - It all becomes clear

I have heard a lot about this book, and I have looked for it a long time.  Then at the time I really needed it both books practically fell into my hands.  I am of course talking about The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield.  Book one An Adventure is the one I am reading now and the other is An Experiential Guide.


Here is a part that really got to me today, you will see why!


“He nodded towards the other passengers.’ Do you feel as if you have a clearer perspective on the human world?  Do you see how preoccupied everyone was been?  This perspective explained a lot.  How many people do you know are obsessed with their work, who are type A or have stress related diseases and who can’t slow down? They can’t slow down because they use their routine to distract themselves, to reduce life only its practical considerations.  And they do this to avoid recalling how uncertain they are about why they live.  The second Insight extends our consciousness of historical time,’ he added. ‘It shows us how to observe culture not just from the perspective of our own lifetimes but from the perspective of a whole millennium.  ‘It reveals our preoccupation to us and so lifts us above it.  You have just experienced this longer history.  You now live in a longer now. When you look at the human world now, you should be able to clearly see this obsessiveness, the intense preoccupation with economic progress.’


‘But what’s wrong with that?’ I protested. ‘Its what made western civilization great.’


He laughed loudly. ‘Of course, you’re right. No one’s saying it was wrong. In fact, the Manuscript says the preoccupation was a necessary development, a stage in human evolution.  Now however, we’ve spent enough time settling into the world. It’s time now to wake up from the preoccupation and reconsider our original question. What’s behind life on this planet? Why are we really here?’


I looked at him for a long time, then asked, ‘Do you think the other insights explain this purpose?’


Dobson cocked his head. ‘I think it’s worth the look. I just hope no-one destroys the rest of the Manuscript before we have a chance to find out.’


Another part of the book:


… I stared out the window again. As I looked down, it darned on me that the airplane on which we were riding contained within its technology four centuries of progress.  We had learned much about manipulating the resources we has found on the Earth.  How many people I mused, how many generations did it take to create the products and the understanding, that enable this airplane to come into being? And how many spent their whole lives focused on one tiny aspect, one small step, without ever lifting their heads from that preoccupation?


Suddenly, in that instant, the span of history Dobson and I had been discussing seemed to integrate fully into my consciousness.  I could see the millennium clearly, as though it was part of my own life history.  A thousand years ago we had lived in a world where God and human spirituality were clearly defined.  And then we had lost it, or better, we had decided there was more to the story.  Accordingly, we sent our explorers out to discover the real truth and to report back, and when they had taken too long we had become preoccupied with a new, secular purpose, one of settling into the world, of making ourselves more comfortable.


And settle we had.  We discovered that metallic ores can be melted down and fashioned into all kinds of gadgets.  We invented sources of power, first steam then gas and electricity and fission.  We systemized farming and mass production and now commanded huge stores of material goods and vast networks of distribution.


Propelling it all was the call to progress, the desire of the individual to provide his own security, his own purpose while he was waiting for the truth.  We had decided to create a more comfortable and pleasurable life for ourselves and our children, and in a mere four hundred years our preoccupation had created a human world where all the comforts of life could now be produced.  The problem was that our focused obsessive drive to conquer nature and make ourselves more comfortable had left the natural system on the planet polluted and on the verge of collapse.  We couldn’t go on this way.


Dobson was right! The Second Insight did make our new awareness seem inevitable.  We were reaching a climax in our cultural purpose.  We were accomplishing what we have collectively decided to do, and as this happened, our preoccupation was breaking down and we were waking up to something else.  I could almost see the momentum of the Modern Age slowing as we approached the end of the millennium.  A four hundred year old obsession had been completed.  We had created the means of material security, and now we seemed to be ready – poised, in fact – to find out why we had done it.


In the faces of the passengers around me I could see evidence of the preoccupation, but also I thought I detected brief glimpses of awareness.  How many, I wondered, has already noticed the coincidences?”


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This hit me right between the eyes as I have been feeling this for the last 8 years, infact all my life.  Oh, I am so glad I finally found these books.


This is it! This is what I have been trying to explain all along.  Yet it is difficult for me to hold on to knowledge long enough to try and explain all that goes on in my mind.  There is never a moment when my mind is quiet, there is just so much I need to remember, or are contemplating at any given time, that I do not have the time to share.  My family does not get this or my fascination with history, yet through that I learned to see much more.  Learning from the past, to achieve a deeper understanding, then to make a better future.


This is how we shaped this reality we send your explorers, meaning our Spirit body out into the universe to find the truth (meaning the day we were separated from our spirit bodies to come here, some voluntary some not); while we waited we created this reality.  The one he explained.  Now as we awake we find our spirit body have been waiting for us to wake up, so that it could come back and bring with it the knowledge it has gathered.  Knowledge from the past and the future and all else out there.


Our bodies survived, filling the blank space left by out our spirit body with the stuff of this world. The money, fame, popularity, dreams, etc. when in essence we were yearning for the part of us that was missing, our spirit body.


Since waking up I tried to understand how they can say all this, that is feeling so damn real, is an illusion.  Now after very deep research I found that in my life it is true.  I measured my life to the standards set by the world, to the world I am ugly, over weight, a poor idiot that have lost all she owned, a hapless waste of space.  That barely scratches a living, bending the knee to those that keep her imprisoned.




This is not my reality, my reality is the life of Anush, the woman that is fearless that got up and fought for what she believed in no matter what.  The woman that love hard, fight hard and learn hard.  The woman that understand all, and care for all.  This is my reality!  This is the experiment! To reintegrate all our bodies back into one, AKA Ascension!


The reality - What you believe in.


In waking up and learning to get back in contact with your spirit body, Pulling that part back into its place, your physical body learn from the experiences of your spirit body, implementing what you have learned to the world around you.  If you believe in the knowledge, the knowledge gives you wings.


Slowly merging back to one, reconnecting with all that is out there, the other spirit bodies the other souls, until all of us are back as we were.  One and connected through the global consciousness as one.


It seem to be a large thing to grasp, and my guardians that is guiding me back to becoming one in myself, keep saying be like the water element in you.  Yes it is true, the moment you stop fighting saying “is this even real”, you reach a point of stillness in your mind, a point where you go blank.  At this point you do the Geronimo thing, leap off that cliff, open your heart, soul and mind and just BE.  Stop, questioning, stop fighting, watch, experience, ask, and learn.  That is the time where all that start to make sense.


Our bodies are still in this world awaiting the merge that is happening gradually, whether we believe it or not, whether we realize it or not.  Even those that seem asleep or sheeple, are experiencing the change, slower, but it is there.  The difference is that those awake are actively participating in their path, while those not awake are pulled along by those already on the path.  Eventually they will wake up, so stop getting angry with them, just love them and have patience with them, if you remember correctly that was you just a short while back.


This is what I was trying to explain so many times, but with so many words running in my mind what I keep saying is a rather large insane jumble of words, that sometimes make sense and sometimes not so much.


What I as Anush experience in the Spiritual realms is real, to me and my life.  How I see the same event as what you experience viewing the same event will not be the same.  As I take from that happened what is appropriate to me, where as you so the same.  The event stay real and the same, but the way it was seen differ.


The events in the spiritual realms are the real truth, and reflect what is below. AKA - As above so below.  What happen in this reality affect the spiritual Realm, just as much and what happen in the Spiritual realm affect this reality. I have seen how recovering my past lives; dealing with the issues needed from those life’s have affected my physical body and my physical life, now.  It is far from perfect, but it is a work in progress.  How healing the trauma of my emotional body is healing my body, it is loosing weight, returning to its true form, without hours in a gym. It is fascinating.  I am rarely sick anymore, wounds heal faster, stuff that is not supposed to happen does.


All my life I felt detached, alone – even in a crowds of people.  I know there is more to me, yet no-one understood that.  I started hating everything, being moody, disrespectful and plain mean, I refused to see others views, I believed I was cheated, I was, but it made me angry, oh it reflected in this reality by being abused, raped, cheated, being diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, hereditary liver disease is was also treated like I treated others.  I went to a very dark place, yet there were also 2 parts of me even in that state.  A gentle person, that loved all, but the other person, that wanted to kill all.


It took a dramatic event to make me snap out of that way of existing.  The event was the day the random stranger pulled me back just in time to not be killed by a bus, something I wanted.  I wanted the torture to end!  It did, but not in the way I wanted, by ending this life.


That moment when he shook me till my teeth rattled, something clicked in my mind, that day at the age of 22 my Spirit slapped the s*** out of me.  That was the day my path changed, the day I did a 90 degree turn and started looking for the truth.


All of us are in the process of finding all this for ourself, we finally wake up; connect with the spirit world and go. “Can this really be true” yes it is, it is true to you, true to find who you are, inside this body and inside the spirit body. 


We start connecting with others not just in the physical, but in the spiritual, those more adept help those starting out, that is the path we are on.  By merging and bringing the bodies together we are reaching a clearer state of understanding.  Understanding yourself, your life, your path and ultimately, your role as part of the greater consciousness.  We learn how what we do affect those around us how it affect the weather. It defies understanding.   Maybe that is the problem with most spiritual experiences; you want it to be proven, instead of being like a child and believing with a pure and untainted heart.  That is also something the bible teaches us, become a child a gain, believe like a child, to gain the Kingdom of Heaven.  Trust is something not earned but given without prejudice.  Heaven belong to a child, because they understand much more than grownups do.  They let go of events learn form them and move of, we tend to hold on to the pain and the event then get stuck.


In the end I believe that what you experience is real, real to your life and your reality, it is also real to others.  We learn by opening our mind to the possibilities of what is out there, bringing that down into the physical and sharing what you have learned with others.


In the end we are all alike; we are children searching for the way home.  Today I realized that I am home, I stand before the door called ascension waiting for the right time to open it and be truly home.


I am finally able to place all the puzzle pieces on the table and look at the bigger picture that I call this life.


I am not done with this book yet, who knows what more will surface in the exact right way for me.

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