I had a lucid dream the other night and in the dream i was in my old neighborhood in chicago. I was walking from the local corner store when all of a sudden there was a police blockade blocking my street and there was a shootout between police and local gangs. Everyone ran away from the shootout except for me because i hid to see what was really taking place. The gangs eventually received help from men wearing white suits and once they spotted me I ran away and somehow made it out of there. Further away about a few miles from the shootout there was a police weapon station that was set up as a precaution for a disaster and in this station there were heavy duty weapons and they even had nuclear weapons in stock, they also had an RPG that allowed the user to hover in mid-air. Once i left the station I ran into my grandfather and he took me to the home of a friend of his and in the house we watched the news. The news reporter stated that because the shootouts had gotten so bad they were going to put out a special government force on the streets called "Agents" and the agents were the same people i saw helping the gangs earlier.


The agents were evacuating people out of their homes and into these "safe zones" that resembled the prison camp neighborhoods that the asians were put in during ww2. Me. my grandfather, and his friend avoided going to the camp by hiding in a secret area of the basement. Once they left I went back to my old neighborhood to see if I could find anything. I found the bullets leftover from the shootout but no bodies or blood. I picked up a bullet and it was made out of rubber, I know that the police use rubber bullets during riots to try and help calm everyone down. Thats when I realized that it was all a setup and that the government was using these camps to try and carry out a master plan so I snuck into one of these camps to see what it was all about and they were showing everyone these "movies" to brainwash them into becoming mindless slaves. Of course there were some people who couldn't become brainwashed and for those people they were injected with a serum that completely erased their memory and were programed from there. After this I was spotted by an annunaki soldier and thats when i woke up from this dream.


I cant help but feel like this is a strong possibility of what can happen in the near future.

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