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I identified myself on FaceBook as working for The Resistance before I realized the name was an official one, here, unless here it's officially called "The Official Resistance".  In any event, I intended to identify myself as someone who pulls against the current towards balance.  Plus I do resist in more practical ways; I write letters and send email to government bodies and agents to protest the WRONG, and three times I have been wrongly arrested for my ideas, twice thrown in jail; never convicted -- Crown withdraws before a trial so I have never had the chance to present my evidence of the TRUTH.  Such is our system.  And apart from the official system, of course, there is the rather well-organized unofficial system of street and civil fighters who do the dirty work for the Messrs. Big and deliver assaults, death threats, and other criminal means of cleansing, repression, oppression, subjugation, intimidation, etc.  I hope this isn't too heavy.  Over two dozen assaults by people who explain their crimes with words like: "We don't have free speech in Canada, you know" can have its impact, including to realize the intention to unbalance, although I've done pretty well to stay upright.  I went to the "invite friends" part of this site because I wanted to invite all members of the Resistance to visit me, but I couldn't figure it out, so please, pass this invite around.




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Comment by Vicktor Bergqvist on September 11, 2011 at 6:11am

here is my littlle likness of brute force,

if you stir the pot the chili might float up but it adds the bigger possibility of you getting one in the ladle ;) some like it spicy but these days i think it can be dangerous

Comment by Carol abernethy on August 24, 2011 at 6:00pm
I guess my last comment was too long.  I was almost finished anyway.  If you have ideas how I should respond other than what I've been doing, I am open to hear them.  I will share something nice, I think it's nice anyway.  Before I got the pacemaker (after the last assault, the day before I was supposed to bear witness on my own behalf in court, my heart was beating only 15-20 times a minute) I was sleeping long and deep.  I was traveling very far away.  I opened my eyes and saw open space in stars I'd never seen before, maybe another galaxy.  The top half of my body was out into space while the bottom part of me was enclosed in a long beige stocking type of long tubing that extended backwards towards infinity.  The vibrations were perfect, full, uplifting and clear in an otherwise still space, dark with no nearby star or planet and stars, like I said, in configurations I'd never seen before all around me in what appeared to be a spherical environment.  Then I heard, from very far off, a radio interview with Irshad Manje about her new book in which she addresses the concept of moral courage.  Also, I asked if you were able to hear the music I uploaded for you all...
Comment by Carol abernethy on August 24, 2011 at 5:46pm
Hey Sevan Bomar, thanks for the comment!  If by "brute force" you include the respective letters I have sent and refusals I have made to comply with violent initiatives, I'm not sure I understand your words of caution.  Where one draws the line is a really important life question.  Have you read "The Cellist of Sarajevo" by Stephen Galloway?  Great book, artfully written so it is beautiful and it addresses the question of war and self-defence. The main character, Arrow, decides to no longer defend herself against her enemies; when they break into her home, she just lets them kill her.  The problem I have with that is that the end of set of similar decisions would leave the planet peopled and controlled by only greedy, self-interested brutes and bereft of peacemakers.  Thankfully in Canada where I live, we are not under siege.  But I was shocked to find myself a target of cleansing.  I responded not by crumpling into dysfunctional mental illness but by walking away from everything I owned with just the few things I could carry.  I took a job in another city and tried to start over.  A neighbour said if I did that, "they" would just follow me and get me at my job.  I thought she was paranoid but she wasn't.  One night as I got into my car in the parking lot at work, three hooded men attacked me; police knew who did it -- they said one of the men admitted he sat in the parking lot for a week before the attack to figure out my schedule -- but instead of arresting any or all of the three men, they advised me it was unsafe for me to return to work without a police escort and told me i should leave town.  In the next city, the small city of Chatham's version of SWAT pounded on my door and demanded entry, waking me from sleep, and when I phoned the staff sergeant to ask why they'd been dispatched, he said he didn't know, that they probably weren't real police, just someone driving their truck.  They had real uniforms and shields and guns, so I got in my car and just drove away again.  After I moved to where I am now, an Ontario Ministry manager introduced himself and asked me why I wanted to stay where I wasn't wanted.  He said if I stayed, the "mob" would take from me any business I tried to do.  And so on.  And three times, police have arrested me and twice put me in jail not for any "brute force" but for telling police that if they could or would not defend me against those who have set my home on fire, poisoned my dogs, broken into my home and threatened to kill me -- one said they wouldn't waste a bullet on me, just explode me in my car -- and they attacked me again, I would do whatever I had to in order to defend myself.  Of course, I never seem to be prepared to do that because they don't let me know when they will attack and I am always too surprised to defend myself.  Still, it seems to be bad for my soul to prepare to simply give in when attacked.  It's not like they don't mean it -- one of them threatened my car would be hauled and I would never walk straight again just days before a man who admitted in court he hit several other targets too, hit me driving in excess of 80 km/hour and I couldn't walk after for a while and it took years for me to be able to walk a block.  The thing is that those delivering the threats include some bylaw officers, the ministry manager, off-duty cops, and others who are strangers but whom I suspect are also Mr. Big associates.  The thing is they would like to silence me because it didn't work when they tried to bribe me.  They offered me a CEO position and "a lot of money" to protect the identity of men disabling women in an Ontario region.  When I said no thanks, police told me if I didn't shut up about what happened, and there's more including actual murders, that police and the Crown would charge me with a criminal offence and throw me in jail.  I am responding in as non-violent a manner as I know how to, by responding to their violence with respectful letters that document what has happene
Comment by Sevan Bomar on August 24, 2011 at 4:00pm
Good day Joan it is good to see that you are active, it is important to keep in mind that "brute force" methods of attempting to persuade the controllers to do something that they have no intention on doing does become a large waste of time in this state of being this close to Transition. We encourage our members to work on their spiritual stance in regards to what has been controlling them and leaving them powerless first on the spiritual plane as all imbalances derive from that. No matter what occurs on this plane it is promised that all will pass into afterlife thus it is more important now to be equipped to handle that field.  If one is launching any type of defensive against said factions of injustice they would first need to be briefed in the arts of the opposition especially those of an esoteric nature.


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