After many months of struggle, I've finally made the switch to a raw vegan diet. It took some time, as I have had to consciously change what I have been eating - struggling with cravings.

The benefits of going raw are amazing. I have cleared up a of problem such as bad skin, low energy etc... just by going raw vegan; I'm also going to start green juicing soon; a massive detox for my body. At this point I am constantly cleansing my body and I am working on how to open up my third eye and lucid dreaming.

For some reason I feel anxious and somewhat fearful of what will most likely occur; its only because I don't know what to expect. I remember reading the code of the matrix and I just couldn't sleep; it happens when my belief system gets shattered and forces me to question reality.

Intellectually, I understand that fear only exists because I don't have to the tools to deal with the problem. Its one thing to say that there is nothing to fear, and to actually feel that way. Since I'm relatively new to esoteric material, innerstanding the knowledge and applying the knowledge seems to far away - but... I know its just going to take time, persistence and perseverance.

Hopefully everyone else is doing there best to do what they can.

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