if you cant beat them, id say you rather join them

hi. i would like to thank all those people who send me a comment. i treasured it.
right now i still attend mass, on a regular basis but now its different i listened intently, words might change or the sermon of the priest might change into a diabolical one.
i go to church to hear the gospels, thats what matters most.


i read somewhere (i cant remembered it anymore) that JESUS CHRIST was fiction and was created by those aliens? though the reason is for positivity. he was invented by the aliens.

-i dont know what to do about this i am not trying to blasphemed Jesus Christ and GOD but again another one, that the moon is really a space ship, was stolen from the pleiades and the aliens who lives among us and the satanists are filling it up with golds and other precious materials.

oh and watch my channel, on blogtv.and i forgot the other one.

till then. take care.

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Comment by Denise La Roche on November 12, 2011 at 7:34am
Comment by Neil Andna on November 10, 2011 at 2:57am

If Jesus (he is us) was created by aliens then we all were created by aliens.... We all are just energy/chi/kundalini encased in a membrane(skin). Funny thing that mass. mass=weight=carbon 12=666=the number of the beast which is man.. At least the church has got a sense of humor.. Funny thing as well gospels=ghost spells  lol       

Let me break it down,

no more fooling around,

let the church be the clown,

It is time for Ramon,

To own his own Chi,

And let go of Blasphemy,

Work on increasing his Kundalini,

Cos that what your Soul is,

So get up off your Knees Please :-)


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