Focus on what you know...YOUR Undeniable Truth! I have conversations with people all day. I had become so frustrated because these "conversations" seem to always end up becoming a debate. I now find myself going out of my way not to have a so called conversation that really isn't. I get into a cab and low and behold it's the same cab driver I had a week ago. A week ago he wanted to debate and I told him that I do not like to debate, but if he wanted to know my opinion I would be happy to oblige. After stating how I felt this man jumped down my throat and said "See that's what I mean about women yall don't have a clue." I politely dismissed my self and thanked the Most High Creator that he was gone. So when I settled into the cab this day I was hoping and praying this man didn't remember me. But he did. He was happy to see me and couldn't wait to spark a "Debate". If you've read my previous blog you know that I am completely against this type of interaction. So I stopped him in his tracks. I explained that I didn't like his type of conversation. He was disgruntled but acted as though he respected my wishes. Not without a comment of course. Which was" I wasn't trying to debate, it's just when you come across an intelligent person you naturally want to converse with them". I responded that there is a difference between conversing and converting. He immediately responded defensively " I'm not trying to convert anything!" I thought to myself here we go...I should have caught the bus. After explaining how he berates those who think differently than him, he settled down and didn't say another word our entire trip.
As you can imagine my day at work didn't go so hot, and not to mention I was beyond tired. I'm saying all this to say that your not alone. There are plenty of us out here dealing with negativity around every corner. I think that the key to staying focused is to Focus on what you know. Follow whats true deep within. Everything doesn't have to be a battle. You pick and choose the ones your up to fighting. But remember fighting never solves anything. It's a double edged sword...I know, but even a double edged sword can be handled and used if you have the wisdom to do so. That man could argue with me but not himself! So If I take myself out of the equation...AhA, no argument, I mean debate, no I mean conversation. LMAO Don't get me wrong, I love conversing. I love sharing thoughts and learning new techniques.
But this requires a respect for individual points of view. Most seem to lack this ability now-a-days. Which makes conversation like Japanese arithmetic. Compassion, Respect, Love...where have they all gone?

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Comment by Le-ul on January 10, 2010 at 8:24am
Thank You so much for the words of encouragement! Thanks to my ning fam I look forward to our next meeting should the universe permit. As challenging as this experience was I know that it is exactly what is needed to propel me into the next level. I love you ALL so much. Your Love, Support & Insight are exactly what I need right now! I Thank You for choosing to BE here with me. For without YOU I could not BE!
Love & Light
Comment by Le-ul on January 9, 2010 at 10:05pm
Your right I thought about that. During our first encounter I told him I was going to an interview at 9 and couldn't be late. It was a quarter to. He said oh you have plenty I'm going to pull over so we can continue talking. That's when he became disrespectful. He didn't like my views on the current administration. I gave supporting information to which he could not dispute only research, and he became unraveled.I apologized for offending him, because by his response I had. He dominated the entire convo. from the very beginning, everything I said he shot down. Telling me "No that's not true". I'd stay but It's true for me in My experience. It doesn't have to be true for you. He didn't like that response. He used a right and wrong analogy that had no place in the convo what so ever. I agreed to disagree but that wasn't enough for him. he wanted me to agree with his point of view. And when I didn't I became as he put it clueless! I wasn't really interested in what he might have to say the second time around honestly! I do however innerstand your point. I will make an honest effort to allow things to unfold rather than to assume the worst possible scenario. Thank you for the input!!!
Comment by Bmars on January 9, 2010 at 9:34pm
Hey Le maybe the cab driver has a message for you or maybe he thinks you have a message for him...there is no chance encounter everything happens for a reason. what is the reason, most of the time we don't know the reason...?


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