“Alchemy” of the Soul - Part 2 - Balance Healing

At times in healing we tend to find that a person has a very difficult time in achieving balance and keeping it. Mostly this can be adjusted by the person themselves. There is however times when a soul needs an extra helping hand.

By understanding where the problem is, it can be adjusted, but this type of healing should only be used as a absolute last resort, and by someone that has experience in these matters, and only when all else has failed to restore the balance of that soul.


Most unbalanced souls can be adjusted with meditation and changing the persons behavior by positive thinking, other methods and also by manually adjusting the balance in the soul gently. There are however other times when all that



We all know the Yin-Yang sign, but few understand what it is used for. It is the Master key of balance, all balance.


Balance in mind, body and spirit, but also balance in soul. All souls have a light and dark side, yet there are different “levels” of souls. With this is meant the level of consciousness achieved by that soul on its life journey.


Light and dark, has to co-exist in complete harmony at all times. If either are allowed to become more than the other, it distorts the balance of that soul. A soul that has an increase of dark energy, display a lot of Negative Ego traits, with increased light energy, you find that the person is in a euphoric state of complete bliss, they look like someone
suffering the effects of a drug.

Neither of these states is at all healthy for soul growth. In our universe, balance has to be achieved by equal light and equal dark. This is called harmony. All souls have to be in harmony to grow. Most people say “We have to face our own demons” this is what is meant by this. Through increasing the light inside your soul, it decreases the dark, bringing balance and harmony to that soul.


Completely destroying the dark inside a soul creates instability and can not be maintained indefinitely. This can be seen in a person that is blissfully happy and nothing can upset them, this usually never last very long as the soul rebel and tries to restore the balance on its own.


Normal and young souls are easily adjusted back to balance without extreme healing. Even the higher souls only need slight changes made to achieve this balance, but the Diamond and Diamond Prismatic souls tend to really fall apart
when they loose balance.


It does not happen often, usually after a shattered soul is repaired or these souls suffered intense trauma, will this occur. The symptoms are an increase in negative ego traits, in such an extreme fashion that the person seems all dark.

This is when normal treatment will fail, and the only way to repair this would be to balance and lock that soul back into harmony. There are different types of locks as well. Most will use a light lock that fall away when the person comes back into harmony and stay there for a certain time. There is also the total lock; this is rarely used as those locks have to be removed manually. When such people keep loosing their soul balance and are struggling to retain and keep it, it is a good idea to do that for a longer period in time. This gives the soul time to heal, stabilize and memorize the balance. Usually when the lock is then removed it is replaced with a light lock, which will then fall away easily.


Normally a soul restores its balance on its own, yet sometimes in severe trauma, they do need a little assistance.

The process of healing such a badly unbalanced soul is very time consuming and takes a lot of concentration and energy. It is also very dangerous for the person doing the healing and the one receiving it. The Healer has to be an even tempered person that is able to concentrate for extremely long periods of time. They must also be able to sense a change happening and be able to adjust the changes before it become a problem. It take a lot of self restraint and absolute control.

What does work well is the Alchemy ring for healing, with the healing symbols written in the ring. Inside that ring would be another ring and inside this ring is written the names of the spirits you ask for assistance. You have to choose them
well, as some spirits can be very spiteful and malicious. So your choice in spirits is incredibly important. There are so many spirits that is useful, but picking the wrong one, can result in a very bad result. Spirits should never be used, without respect and proper protection.


Inside the second ring is placed the Yin-Yang symbol.

This is but the start of all that needs to be done, there are ancient incantations that has to be said, also the incantation for each spirit. Those spirits has to be in harmony with you, the magick user and the soul you are helping. If not the consequences are severe.

Now you are ready to start the process.

  1. Firstly the person has to lay quietly, this work much better when the person sleep.
  2. This can also not be done in the physical only in the spiritual.
  3. Ask the body permission to do this, as some bodies tend to refuse a user if they do not feel secure in your presence. When the body gives clear consent, bless the body, spirit and soul with another
  4. Remove the Aura field and cleanse the body with healing energy. When the body is glowing it is time for the next step.
  5. Now open the heart chakra and pull the energy whorl out of the body. Inside the whorl you will find a glowing blue/white light, this is the soul.
  6. When you look at the whorl, when it is in balance, the energy flow steadily and the spaces between the whorl lines are stable and of equal distance apart. An unbalanced soul’s whorl will look like a mess and the energy would be broken and very unstable.
  7. The alchemy ring, spirit ring and Yin-Yang symbol, will be written in energy and be floating close to your left side (This is important, all energy added must always be done from left to right, NEVER from right to left)
  8. Place both hands on either side of the whorl, and gently untangle this energy until the whorl energy flow smoothly and is stable with even spacing between the spiraling flows. Now place vertical braces of energy at various places to keep it stabilized, because if you remove your hands now, you will have to start all over.  (Starting over mean you have hurt the body and it will likely not trust you again. So mistakes are not recommended.) When it is holding and stable, let it rest for 2 minutes. This will give you room to breathe deeply and release any tension.
  9. Now place your left hand over the symbols and gently move it over the top of the whorl, facing upwards. Let it rest there for a minute, it gives the whorl energy and the symbols time to adapt to the vibrations.
  10. Gently place a hand on either side of the whorl and gently merge the whorl with the symbols. When this is successful the soul that is in the center will start to flicker and then increase in brightness.
  11. To permanently lock this together, say the incantation while touching the symbols in a very specific combination, between the letters of the name of each spirit and the Alchemy symbols inside the outer ring. At the end place your hand in the center of the Yin-Yang symbol and gently push it down back into the heart chakra. All the time saying another incantation that blesses the spirits as well as the healing.
  12. When the soul is back into place, seal the heart chakra. When you do that and the body accepts the changes a light blue energy would spread from the heart chakra all though the body. This mean the process was successful.
  13. Now re-knit the Aura and fill it with love and light to charge it with positive energy. Then re-activate all the chakra's and link them together, when they are all activated, the aura will settle and reconnect with all.

This healing is very intense and not recommended for a beginner to try. I have also not included the incantations, or the names of the spirits. Those things can only be taught by a master, to a student that has dedicated their lives to learning.


The amount of danger this brings to the Magick user and the soul is immense, so never use any of this high level healing without the utmost respect.

What was used there is a combination of the Key Magick, Alchemy, Sacred Geometry, Dragon magick, Soul and Spirit Magick. This is why it is incredibly dangerous, if the combination is not used right, and the right incantation not
said in the right tone and voice, at the right time, it will kill you both.


And as with all magick and Alchemy something has to be sacrificed to gain something. Remember that! When you do this level of magick, the only sacrifice the spirits and the soul would take is something of equal value!


If you have not prepared and your sacrifice is not accepted, the sacrifice taken will be your soul or someone you love! In magick something need to be given to be able to receive, just be aware of the consequences of any sacrifice you make.


This is an example of how effective healing magick can be, in the right hands! It can also be equally as destructive when you choose the wrong combination or spirits.


When it come to souls, you need to be incredibly careful, and work with extreme respect towards the soul you are helping, your own, the spirits and the magick.


All actions have reactions! Never forget that!

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Comment by Anush on January 8, 2013 at 12:02am

I know what you mean my friend! The more I read the more I go, but I know this.  Most of the time I just act and do things but never really think about what I do.  Many of my friends get very anoyed with me because of this.

If you want to we could have a few work sessions, on skype.  We are a great group of a range of people working on self and more.  I belive in the all path, not just shamanism bu that shamanism and druidism is the basis of any energy work or healing.  As the basis of all magick lay in the self, and if the self is un stable or not kown, you cant reach higher.

Some of the others in the group dont belive in shamanism, but unknowingly they are learning to use it.  My first gift from my guardians was a very old tooth, of a horse.  I found it in a stream.  At my initiation, I founf the knee bone of a horse, which i took and carved a rune on.  To me its sacred, with various other bits, pieces, stones and more.

Your welcome to youn in, in learning come shring, and we are a family that look out for each other.

Comment by Jeffery James McMullan on January 7, 2013 at 8:14am

That also is very true, I also follow a shamanic path, my initial training came from a Navajo Medicine Man.  But since distance and time were factors we lost touch.  So now i follow the daunting task of the "first shaman". Using what i have already been taught, to further my knowledge.  Much of what i have seen in the postings here I had to discover for myself, yet the knowledge is strangely familiar to me.  Like a coming home so to speak.

I know i have a great deal to learn, but i enjoy the journey.

Comment by Anush on January 7, 2013 at 12:34am

Your right a portion, it however go uch deeper and much further.

In a way it is soul retrieval, but also more.  The driven insane bit, no kidding!!!

I an a shaman and Druid, so I guess its easier for me, the thing is that touching a persons soul, is something not lightly done, and must always be done with respect.  Not all souls like being touched, even if they did ask for help.

Comment by Jeffery James McMullan on January 6, 2013 at 9:31am

Very interesting, what you discussed in this portion of your postings sounds very much like Native American Soul retrieval ritual.  Which again as you have mentioned, is very dangerous both for the Medicine Man, and the person who is being worked on.

I fully agree with your warning, it is not for the novice.  For even them most experienced have died or been driven insane.


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