“Alchemy” of the Soul - Part 1 - Magick and the 15 tests of the soul!

As we get Wicca, Christianity, etc. Magick is a religion in its own right. Most religions ban magick as evil and have severe penalties, either now, in the eternal, or both for practitioners of any form of magick, but to live a magical life, you have to treat it like part of who you are. It is most effective when you truly believe in yourself and what you are doing.

Magick is but a tool; it is not good / positive or evil / negative. All magick are neutral. The nature of the user is what determines the outcome or the use of this very useful tool, not the Magick itself. Some users like to be more aggressive in the use of their magick by attacking their enemies, or a friend's enemies. Other users use their magic to protect or shield themselves and their friends from their enemies.

A majority of users focus on just one line of magick, and they abandon the others as it does not catch their fancy. Some abandon the idea of combative magic all together and rather focus on enchantments to help lighten the burden on the lives of those they know, such as blessings and prosperity spells, etc.

Here are some of the major classes of magick

White Magician - Expert of Protective and Healing Spells.
Black Magician - Expert of Destructive Spells.
Mage - Expert at Psychic and Mental Control, and Spells of Willpower.
Druid / Shaman - Masters of Nature, Natural Forces and Animals.
Enchanter - Experts at Area Effect Magic (Curses/Blessings).
Divination - Experts of Future and Fortune telling.
Conjurer - Experts at Summoning Spirits or Entities.
Healer - Experts at Manipulating and Sustaining Life Force.
Necromancer - Experts at Manipulating Death and the Dead (souls).
Sorcerer - Freelance Offensive Casters of All Types; Mainly focused on black magic.
Wizard - Freelance Defensive Casters of All Types; Mainly focused on white magic.
Priest - Calls on God to defend them and to work with their situation as necessary (Christian Magick).
Satanist - Calls on Satan to indulge their desires.

Then you get what is called the Master or Arthan. This person has learned and mastered all of the above, and has also learned the largest secret of all magick. Greater Wisdom!

As users we all strive to achieve something, a desire that is within ourselves and by doing so there are certain rules that must be adhered to. Like in anything in life rules are the backbone of everything. Only those that have reached the Master or Arthan status can to some extent bend these rules, to achieve so much more.

The most important thing all users must remember is that, every action in magick has a reaction, especially on Karmic dept as well as your soul. In harming others for what ever reason, you are adding to your karmic dept as well as taking life force from your soul. So, in essence “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself!” This little phrase has a world of meaning.

Here are 15 ground rules / tests that every user should first master before the use of any magick. It teaches extreme values as backbone and corner stone for a user to become all they can be.

1. Power

This is the first and most important test for every user. This lesson is all about, either not owning enough power, or letting all that power go to your head. This is Personal Power the first and most important key to mental health and spiritual growth. By owning our own power all the time in a considerate way by never faltering you achieve self-mastery over your energies and in that way you become powerful in yourself, without giving your power away to others or your subconscious mind, negative ego, inner child, thoughts, emotions desires and physical body. In the end owning your personal power, allows you to be comfortable in whom you are, without forcing that power onto others. An example of this is “I am this good and you will never be as good as I am” this is an example of forcing your power onto another. When you can acknowledge your power without down playing others that show that you have learned that lesson well. Power is to be used with great responsibility, and respect.

2. Fame

The next great test for the users is Fame. The first 3 tests are the hardest to master and they are so interconnected that through mastering one, you will be able to master all three. The question here is what happens to the personality of the users when fame and worldly recognition is achieved? How does this change your personality? Do you start looking down on others, treating them like lowly beings? Does the fame go to your head and inflate your ego? Do the fame allow for an opening for the negative ego? Or do you use this fame for self glory or as an opportunity to be of greater service to the greater good of mankind?

The problem with the Earth life is that people who move into fame are not at all prepared for the mental effect this has on them. This also applied for many spiritual leaders as well. They are often highly developed spiritually or physically, but mentally they have very little control over the negative ego, inner child, body desires, emotional body, etc. Just look at King David, as well as King Solomon. They achieved all that could be desired, but in the end their desires, was their downfall. The key with all these tests is to remain exactly the same as you were before power, money and fame arrived in your life. These blessings by the Almighty should be used for His purposes, knowing that they are on loan to you and if you abuse or misuse them, they will be taken away. We are all here in service of the Almighty, and the greater good of all, not our own desires.

3. Money

This test is one so many fail, the power of Money / mula or as it is mostly called Mammon. The key question to all users is which do you worship, Mammon a lesser demi god or the Almighty. The Almighty must always be first and these lesser demi gods thereafter. My question to you are how attractive is money to you? It amazes me to see users who are very much in possession of the Christ Consciousness, change to really offensive people, the moment money are involved in any issue. It is as if they are this Christ Consciousness as long as you are paying them a client fee. This is not true spiritually.

What happen to you when someone rips you off over money? How do you respond? I am not saying money is not important, I am asking HOW important? If all your money and material possessions are stripped away NOW, how would you respond? Would you retain your faith and who you were before that?

How does your personality change when you suddenly receive large sums on money? Will you still treat people in the same loving manner you always have? Will you still care about those less fortunate and share your luck with others? If you don’t then the negative ego’s interpretation of money has a hold on you.

The Almighty wants everybody to have an abundant amount of money. It is not good to be poor, being poor is the product of negative ego poverty consciousness programming. There is no judgment in being poor. What does having a lot of money do to your personality? How does this interlock with the issue of power? You will pass or fail on the spiritual path with this kind of issues.

In the end we are taught this lesson, by being put in these kinds of situations in our lives. Loosing everything you have and hold dear. How you handle that, how it matter to you and how it change you. You must be the same person with or without millions. If you can master this lesson, it takes you up another step on your path to a better person or user as well as your spiritual path.

4. Sexuality

The next test is Sexuality, a word that gets many people to take an involuntary step back! Are you the master of your sexuality or is it the master of you? Does the flow of your sexuality serve the lower self or the higher self? Area you moderate in your sexual practices? Does your sexuality serve love and intimacy or just materialistic animal pleasure? Does your sexuality serve just a selfish purpose, or a selfless purpose? Is your sexuality being used also for the raising of your kundalini and brain illumination or just for a second chakra release?”

These very brutal questions are questions all users HAVE to ask themselves with absolute brutal honesty. There is no shame in being slightly misused, but by becoming aware of this helps you adjust the imbalance. Life is all about making continual adjustments to who we are and how we act, and constantly bringing ourselves back to inner peace and the appropriate Tao.

Sexuality is a wonderful thing that was made to be enjoyed as a communication device in service of love, and it is not bad. It however becomes negative when it is used by the lower self, or carnal self or the negative ego, just to satisfy a desire. Use your sexuality in the service of the Higher Self, and life, and then it becomes a most sacred consecration. One of the greatest tests of the spiritual path in regards sexuality comes when you achieve power, money and fame. How do you then deal with your sexuality? I have seen so many great spiritual leaders fall when they were confronted by this lesson, again, just look at King David and King Solomon. They abused their power to get sex from another’s wife and it does not stop there. In the end, this key also has to be used with great respect towards yourself and others.

As well as the use of Sex Magick, this alone should be handled with immense respect, if this is treated lightly, your karma dept can become severe. What very few people realize is that Sex Magick is not a pleasurable toy, in the right hands it can bind your soul to another, or kill you. When an inexperienced user gets tangled with someone with great skill, that person can take from you what ever they wish, and you would be helpless to prevent it. They can take all the good karma you have in exchange for their bad Karma, or they can take your very soul. This is very hard words to hear, but very true. All magick needs to be treated with great respect towards yourself and others, as in the end using it badly, will result in a very large karma dept.

5. Desire

The transcendence of desire, this is the next lesson we look at. This key is a very confusing step on the ladder of all users and the spiritual path. The meaning is that we must transcend our lower self desires, for it is the largest of all negative ego qualities. All lower self desires should be transformed into higher self desires. These issues cause a very large confusion and in the end the users block all desires. It is good to have a desire to ascend to achieve liberation or to be of service. Transform lower self desire for GOD-realization, this is the ticket to paradise.

6. Attachment

For us to achieve Self-realization, happiness, inner peace and success we must release all addictions and attachments. Buddha said a very true thing “All suffering comes from attachment.” When we look at our lives it is amazing to see all the things we get attached to. The negative emotions we experience can be directly linked to attachments of one form or the other. All failed relationships can be traced to attachments. To pass this part of the 15 tests we must live in this world, but not be off this world. Do that make sense at all, yes very much. We must live here, as if this is not really where we belong. We must be able to leave at the drop of the hat, without, regret, without longing for our time here and without regrets of everyone and everything we have left behind. We must achieve our dreams and goals or preferences with all our heart, soul, mind and will, but when you do not get them you must still be happy without it.

When it comes to the matter of love, releasing what you love allowing it to be with you in its own completeness, if it moves on, then it was only meant to be with you for a time, helping you with a lesson. This is the law of life. The things you cling the most desperately to will always be the things you will lose. This is also the key principal in understanding the laws of manifestation.

Whatever are your attachments in this life, people, material things, future events, sex, money, no matter what, releasing the attachment is the first step. Other go so far as to completely detach from everything without preferences, this however is not good either for they then detach from life, so they can’t experience the lessons they need to learn. The key is to be happy, have inner peace and be in complete harmony and balance, regardless of what happens in our lived, by fighting who we are, and our lives we make it harder than it needs to be.

7. Transcending Fear

This lesson is almost more important than power, as this one word describes the effect of the negative ego on us, FEAR! There are 2 very large and main emotions in our lives LOVE and FEAR! One is Positive and one negative. It is interesting to see how these two little four letter words can cause havoc in our lives. All emotions we experience have these 2 little words as a core element. To understand fear is to see it in a projected attack. When we attack others we live and act in fear by the Law of Karma, operating thought our lives. Here is where every action we do, incur a reaction. If the action is in love the reaction will be in love, yet if the action is in fear, the reaction will be in fear. Just remember, all reactions always return to you in three fold. The law of Karma, what you sow, you shall reap!

The greatest lesson a user can ever learn is to release all core fear and to replace it with core love. As you release the fear inside yourself you release the transcended negative ego consciousness, by releasing that fear it ties to having faith in the Almighty and yourself.

There is absolutely no lesson in life or in our spiritual path that is more important and rewarding than transcending negative ego consciousness and replacing it with positive or GOD-Consciousness!

In our lives and on our path to spiritual beings, FEAR is the only thing the darkness can use to control you and keep you from being all you are! FEAR is the only thing that keep us imprisoned in our own minds!

8. Selfishness

This part of the test it to transcend selfishness and self-centeredness to total unselfish love. We must learn to remove our own selfish glasses, and see the bigger picture out there! Embrace the opposite of selfishness which is selflessness in helping others. When you can truly and selflessly step out of your own perception and life and truly help another, without expecting anything in return, not even a thank you! This is when you have reached true spiritual mastery over this. If you are on your way to a meeting, and you are already a little late, will you help someone that is in distress? This is where selflessness comes in. When you as user see the NEED, your first call has to be help this person. At that point it is the only thing that matters, that persons needs, not your own. You were the angel send to help that person in need. Will you fail?

The true Master consciousness sees everything inside themselves in total balance and harmony without one part being more than the other. They also see that the greater good are selflessly served by each and every one of us.

9. False Pride

In the bible there is this powerful little verse “After pride cometh the fall!” This test blends between the first 3 tests and are equally important. Do you fill yourself with self glorification? I have seen so many users out there that have this self glorification tattooed on their fore heads. Oh you can’t teach them anything, they know everything. That is false pride and incredibly dangerous and we as users have to be very careful to keep this matter in hand. There is no such thing as a greater or lesser user; some of us are stronger or more advanced on one element while others are stronger on another. That does not make them less than you! If this is the way you think then you have a serious False Pride issue to address!

We are all learning and are on different levels as users, no-one is less, than another, and we can all learn something from another. If you believe yourself better than another, you are headed for a very serious and painful fall!

False Pride is negative humility and negative ego, rolled into one. It is a inferiority complex, low self-esteem, lack of self worth, poor self concept, feeling undeserving, etc, etc, etc. We must keep the balance between inferiority and superiority, that users are the golden paved way. This is something we all have to learn from and we all need to constantly be on guard for any sign of the negative ego, as it is incredibly tricky and self seductive, and can sneak in at the worst possible times.

10. Anger

The definition of anger is: “The lack of control and the attempt to regain it!” I believe those few word say just about everything. By misusing anger you are misusing your power! There are two kinds of anger Positive and negative anger! We all need positive anger in our lives; it can be used as a driving force in tough lessons. When you are a spiritual warrior, positive anger get you through battles, by manifesting tough love with self and others when needed.

Anger is a ego trait, but instead of ridding yourself of anger it could rather be channeled properly, as in anger there are an enormous power, that when used correctly can yield a lot of very good and positive results.

When you use anger in its true destructive form as an attack it can cause immense damage and pain to the person under attack. Users attacking a fellow brother or sister are a rather large NO, as in doing so you incur karmic dept, and it scars your soul. To hurt another is to hurt the Almighty and yourself.

People that are angry all the time are demonstrating a lack of personal power and self mastery! Anger creates separation between us and our life purpose is to achieve harmony.

11. Greed

This is one of the vilest qualities to learn to control. Instead of being satisfied with our little life, our negative ego yearns and long for the pieces that belong to another. This can be seen in relationships, money, power, fame and even greed in spiritual growth! Our negative ego and the spoiled inner child always want more and more and that is the product run by the ego or astral body!

Instead of focusing on what we have already achieved, we focus on what we do not have; we yearn for another's gift and believe your own not to be strong enough or good enough. Greed is a negative emotion; that ties with competition, jealousy and envy, and as you greedily grab and hold onto that, you will in the end loose it. Us as users can only retain that which we give away freely.

Have knowledge, abilities, gifts, etc. but share it with those on the same path as you, freely. We are all here to learn, and greedily keeping knowledge to only yourself, is a form of greed. There is however circumstances where a spell, that can cause great harm, is only shared with people that are deemed mature in spirit and responsible enough to know that certain spells in the hands of an inexperienced user, can mean death. This is not greed, but a healthy respect for your craft.

Healthy competition is a great form of kinmanship and learning, but again it must be love based not negative ego based. When you walk away from a competition that you as user lost, and feel angry and resentful, then you need to reassess your motives.

12. Jealousy

The ugly little green monster, that can rear its ugly head so very fast in our lives. Jealousy is born out of insecurity and attachments, making us compete with others instead of co-operate. Jealousy is the ugliest part of our negative ego. It connects with envy, greed and selfishness, this trait is something that really needs to be released.

We need to be connected to all out there, and our true identity that is our Eternal Self, not the physical body and our personalities. When any one of us suffers, others suffer with us and vice versa. This is why we are all here, to be in service of each other, not for you as user to serve another as if he is your master. We are all masters of our own lives.

We as users state our preference in life and then let go of it. Live to reach it, but do not let it consume you. Be happy for another’s joy when they achieve an ability they have tried to master. Do not let the negative ego, make you resentful, as you were not able to reach it yet. The key to our lives is to recognize our own unique puzzle pieces and to find them and add them onto the puzzle that is your own life. Each puzzle is designed in a unique way, and you as user have to find your own unique way, to assemble your puzzle pieces. Trying to fit another’s puzzle piece into your puzzle will cause you much anger and frustration. The key is your puzzle, your life, your power.

13. Vanity

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall who is the fairest of us all!” We all know this little statement, so nicely portrayed in the story of Snow white. Vanity is always followed by jealousy, greed and anger.

There is nothing wrong to look after our physical bodies and appearance, but ask yourself this do you do that in a loving and nurturing way or in a negative ego level. Having good grooming habits, being clean, neat and presentable is something to strive for. Wearing appropriate clothes, nothing wrong with that, but, here come the but, are you doing that to get noticed by others? Are you doing it as a seduction of some kind? Do you spend too much time looking in the mirror, or when choosing an outfit to wear for an occasion?

Some people spend too much time on these issues and others too little time, they are both mistakes of omission and commission! Be moderate in what you do! Be clear in what you are trying to present to others! Be very honest in this regard with no judgment and make appropriate adjustments where you deem it necessary!

14. Transcending Duality

In essence this is about much more than the top or under dog concept; it applies to all the aspects of the user’s lives. This concept is the absolute most difficult to understand for all users. The key to this is by seeing the 3rd and 4th dimensional consciousness focused on duality and polarity. As users we must move into the 5th dimensional consciousness and move beyond that, by thinking in the God-consciousness way, by doing that you are transcending dualistic, and are still involved in your life.

In other words, being a user on the physical plain, as well as for filling your higher life path in the Spiritual realms. Keeping balance between these two very different worlds is not easy, but achievable.

The Negative Ego also has two sides to it; you have profit and loss, pleasure and pain, sickness and health, victory and defeat, success and failure. Keeping balance in the negative Ego are just as challenging!

In learning to transcend duality we do not have to get tossed around like a little boat on the stormy sea of our lives, when we hit the emotional highs and lows. There is a way of thinking that allows us to be more in harmony, always in our power, always loving and always happy, always even minded, always in joy, inner peace, forgiveness and in short, always in harmony with our self, no matter how stormy our lives get. It is called the God self, and it allows the user to remain the same whether people praise you or are mean and hurtful to you!

Through all the storms and fluctuations of our outer life, it should not affect your even mindedness of your thinking process. In this way the Negative ego does not become engaged.

It is not about what is going on in the physical, that should be your concern, but what is going on the inside of your life. Your connection with the higher you, that should be a users only main concern at all times. In other words are you optimistic or pessimistic? Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? How will you react if you loose everything you own right NOW, jump out a window?

It is all about perception and interpretation of what you believe. It is to help you achieve a mindset shift, out of thinking from fear based thoughts and emotions, to love based thoughts and emotions. In the end the user are their own salvation! Your live is what you believe it to be, and not the cause of another, only the cause of your own belief’s and actions!

15. Egotism

Now the final and largest test for all users is egotism! Egotism goes way beyond pride and really is a direct link to the negative Ego and negative emotions. For a user to really become a master or Arthan, you have to transcend the negative ego with all its negative attributes, qualities and emotions to that of love and God self.

Your EGO is the source of all the above mentioned tests that was mentioned here, it is also the source of all lower self desires, all separation, fear and selfishness. This little word Ego is the ultimate lesson every single user and soul must learn.

The key to inner peace is to deny every thought that is not in harmony with your God self, only affirm and place your attention on every thought and emotion that is of love and your God self. The user’s subconscious mind is as happy to be programmed with the God-consciousness as it is to be programmed with the Negative Ego consciousness. It does not care, because it has no reasoning. It is the job of the user to use their conscious mind to reprogram their subconscious mind with the right program, which will be beneficial to the user.

Many users spend too much time focusing on the Ascended Masters and do not spend enough time cleansing their minds and emotions of the effects of the negative ego’s thoughts, emotions and attributes. The ascended masters and Angels will not get rid of the users negative Ego, that dear user is a lesson you have to master on your own. By not giving your negative ego any attention it will wither away, but when you get mad at it you focus on it and it will take over gradually. In reality the negative ego do not exist, you as user think it does, but it is nothing more that a bad dream. It is something that only manifest on the mental plane and this illusion we are currently living in. It further manifest on the astral planes as glamor and on the etheric plane as maya.

The ego has been called many things, lower self, ego, negative ego, but I believe calling it the Negative ego explain it the best. It can only be described in one way “separation consciousness” When we focus on the negative ego we get separated from our higher self or true self, and that voice get over shadowed by the voice of the negative Ego.

In the end the law of all magick is this: “What you believe will come to pass!” That is the only truth that matter in the lives of each user. Believe you can’t and you will not! Believe you can and you will soar. The little word “CAN’T” must be changed by removing ‘T, and suddenly you as user CAN achieve anything.

Following these 15 tests is a constant daily chore, which forces the users to be constantly aware of who they are and how they act. Each user and their circumstances change on continual bases, and we have to keep making tiny adjustments to ourselves. Not one of us can claim that we have perfected all these lessons. Every day we learn and achieve a little more control, over who we truly are.

When we use magick it needs to be in a positive way, taking in consideration the effect it will have on us as users as well as the greater good out there. By being responsible and taking responsibility for our own actions, we take control of our own lives, abilities and or path.

This is the fundamental ground rules that form the backbone or corner stone for each and every user, no matter on what level you are, or what your abilities is. These golden rules, teaches us as users the path to greater wisdom, that not only magical users wish to achieve, but every other person and light worker out there. These fundamental rules are the rules that should also be used to teach the young. Without this backbone and corner stone, many users will not achieve their goals, and those who constantly remind themselves of these rules, will truly grow and move forward on their own unique spiritual path.

Magick is a tool and we as users, the energy that makes or breaks that tool. The only people you can ever blame for a failure are you the user and not the tool. Therefore, go out and enjoy magick by learning and growing, and remember, treat your tools with respect and responsibility, if you neglect to respect it, the consequences can be far-reaching.

Next we will look at the different types of magic, and then how to choose which of them best suit you and your skills. 

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Comment by Anush on February 25, 2011 at 10:23pm
Etienne it takes years of dedication and reading up everything you can find on this subjects.  It also take a open mind.  This one is the first part you need to paster.  The corner stone. Have fun
Comment by cody etienne on February 25, 2011 at 5:48pm
is there any way to learn thesed magnificient powers
Comment by Anush on February 23, 2011 at 6:17am
@Antichrist2012 - What exactly do you mean by that? And to who was that addressed?
Comment by Antichrist2012 on February 23, 2011 at 5:37am
Do ask before you act like you know
Comment by Anush on February 23, 2011 at 3:01am

Kai - all you said is very true.  That is why I did this blog.  Energy is neutral what you do with that energy is up to the user.  That is the point.


There is so much more to this, but this is only the ground tests.  This is where you start and on what you have to work every day to keep you in balance.  I also use all the kinds mentioned including the Satanism, but it is in how it is used and the intentions.  The greatest law of magick / energy is to use it in such a way that you do not use it for personal gain, or to harm.  It asked for great responsibility.  It also take form your soul.


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