• owl please help if u know anything

    With my recent awakening I have experience a few things that I was prepared for but this is perplexing me ...first the other night while walking home I saw something in the sky that I was sure was not of this earth I asked it to give me some sort of sign that it was real and when I got home there…

    By magus

  • Eating for your Bloodtype

    Many have asked questions about what they should eat. This document explains what you should eat based on your bloodtype.Rated: Initiate

    By Sevan Bomar

  • Awakening the Third Eye Rated Adept

    This is not a game, many imagine it to be until they are screaming around a mental institution. What should you expect when your third eye is open? You will see other life forms in your "visible reality", this is very strange at first and sometimes frightening, however, it happens gradually so…

    By Sevan Bomar


    Wholeness, I was meditating over the plethora of information available to us on the resistance platform and was hit with a Eureka moment that broke down to me what I called the "Resistance system." I'd like to share my perspective with the family, but first and foremost understand that I am NOT an…

    By QuesMark

  • Prana to control the body

     I am in the process of activating.  I read this info and would LOVE to get other's opinin on this section.In the book, "The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga" by Swami Vishnu-devananda, page 223 says the following: "The finest and highest manifestation of all prana's action in the human being is…

    By Yvette Powell

  • De Switching Exercises

    With the increase of electrosmog and other disruptions to balance.  These deswitching exercises really work, instantaneously and by the time you do the fourth step you can tell that they are working. There is a link to this website below. …

    By Delphine Hill


    THE RESISTANCEDate of Creation: April 22, 2009 Mission StatementWelcome to the Resistance my name is Sevan and it is Our continuing mission to bring the final phases of true enlightenment to those who feel they are ready to ascend beyond in this lifetime. Our efforts are focused around the highest…

    By Sevan Bomar


    It is finished, a great work achieved, the Chakra tuner from bottom to top perfectly calibrated for the 7 Chakras.Just so everyone knows there are 7 of these and you will find them by going to the "first" page of the comments. You will find another post by me with the rest of the tones attached.

    By Sevan Bomar

  • Seeing Things Never Seen Before

    I had never seen anything like this before. This happened very early in to my awakening and search for knowledge. I was driving southeast on the highway and saw what appeared to be a water figure man passing through vehicles or playing dodge cars as the cars in front of me was passing by. It then…

    By C. Dvis

  • Whats Cause one not to recall all his dreams after he woke up from Sleep?

    This is my first time writing a post,but looking for help

    By Mvuzo Tafeni