i understand there is a chakra located at your throat.. but that is really all i understand for now.

if someone could shed light on why, for the past two months or so, every so often ive felt this tingling in my throat. it lingers for only a couple seconds.

also.. for months now. at least 6 months or more.. ive had this tingling sensation in the same spot. its on my left side, in the middle of my back, right below the start of my rib cage. i figured it was a pinched nerve so i asked my father to crack my neck and back. ever since then he has cracked both at least 3 seperate times. the sensation still arises every now and then, pretty often. its not like it only happens when i bend over or go into a certain position. 

if anyone can shed some light on this id be delighted to hear it :) 


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