Does anyone have good pointers on how to remineralise distilled water?

Just adding sea salt or such things doesnt seem right. I am currently trying sango coral which has optimimum calcium/magnesium ratio plus 70 trace minerals. Half a teaspoon or even less in 1liter brings ph to an alkaline level and tds to 50ppm but the water looks all milkey. iam wandering if anyone has some directions on how to remineralise to get the best possible outcome.

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Wholeness !

When I distill 1gallon of water, I then add ~15 drops of 'Trace Minerals Research' mineral drops and then to get the alkaline level (in and around 9.0) I add around 10 drops of 'alkazone ph drops'. I've also been thinking lately to add a pinch of sea salt too...

I think your on the right tracks here, but I'm sure someone mor experience than me will be able tto help you =]

Wholeness Wiliam! thanks for your reply!

I personally use the Bio-Chem Cell Salts for the month and alternate it at times with MMS and or Celtic Sea Salt.



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