I realized tonight that I may have herpes simplex 1.

  Supposedly Im supposed to accept it because 90 percent of people have it and theres "no cure."

  frankly any time someone tells me im sick and theres no cure, Im skeptical and honestly kind of angry. With all the technological progress humanity has made we still have no clue how to cure such a simple virus?

  So I was researching MMS, and theres tons of reviews and accounts by people who say its an amazing substance and has cured them of viruses like herpes. But the wiki article about it is scathing, and says that people have died taking it. And theres also a lot of really negative reviews but none of them are actually about problems caused by taking it.

  Someone was saying that the FDA classifies it as "fraudulent", but I have never been one to believe a word they say.

Is there anyone here who can explain to me the chemistry of how it works and whether its legimitate?



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Hi GG,

MMS is quite legitimate I can assure you.  I have been taking it for years and have seen results that are second to none.  Keep in mind that the FDA(who work for the interests of big pharma and bio tech companies to name a couple)are not in the business of health, they are in the business of sickness because there is monumental money to be made in that arena.  Obviously a cheap cure that replaces many types of expensive medicine is certainly not in their best interests.

As long as you are responsible when taking MMS you will be just fine.  Be sure to look at Dr Jim Humble's website for specifics but at first it's best to always start with 1 to 1 drops of MMS.  That is one drop of the sodium chlorite and one of the citrus concentrate.  I recommend never smelling it.  Personally for me it's tough to swallow but if you hold your nose at all times, even after you've finished for about 10-20 seconds it makes the experience much easier imho.  Don't use an alkaline water because that will throw off the ph.  If you find that you feel sweaty, have headaches, diarrhea etc.  it simply means that you are detoxing which is a good thing.  If you feel fine then move to two and two drops, then three and three, you get the idea.

Hope this helps  :)


Hey GG. Go to genesis2church.org for information and testimonials regarding MMS. Jim Humble is the guy who discovered it and created an entire church around it in order to better elude the 'authorities' including the FDA who are attempting to shut down any natural cure they cannot control.



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