Wholeness to all! A close friend of mine has been diagnosed with this "no cure" cancer : Lupus. They say he only has about 15 years at the most to live. He is a good soul and his family and himself have officially given up on trying to find a cure for this. I always believe that there is a cure to everything. Unfortunately I don't know what that something is for his lupus. Can anyone give me recommendations or any natural healing remedies? There has to be something I know it. I just want to give him hope again and I completely understand why someone would loose hope of healing after so many failed attempts but I just know that he can be healed

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You know I have been diagnosed for over 20+ years with Lupus - never had the word cancer attached to the DX. There is no cure for Lupus, but there are plenty of ways to hold it at bay. First and foremost would be his own attitude about the disease and how he chooses to address it. He can "own" the disease or it can "own" him - there is always a major part of control that comes from us choosing not to let it "win."

The disease is what is called an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks itself, sometimes the skin, sometimes the organs sometimes the bones and even the brain. For me, it was more a disease of pain, it attacked the bones and caused a lot of destruction of the joints etc. But they NEVER gave me a limited time to live, they just don't do that anymore... Has he hooked up with a good rheumatologist? that is the beginning, they can monitor the enzymes in the blood to see what parts of the body are being attacked and usually come up with yet another drug to try and head off the attack.

I was there the day that Father God declared all contracts (both pre-birth and those here in 3D) were broken - meaning my pre-birth contract to endure this (and several other diseases) was no more. I believed him - the reduction in pain and the many other symptoms were gone by morning the next day. Call me crazy, but in the 6weeks since that happened my pain has not come back, my brain is slowly but surely returning (lupus fog) and I am gaining strength **and** my blood work is totally normal! Interesting thing don't you think? Maybe the miracles will continue!

That's an amazing story and wonderful experience. If thought is what drives this reality than I will believe the same. Thank you for the information. I'll ask about that but he is receiving some sort of treatment. I do hope you get cured also. I believe everything is not permanent. My step father cured his stomache cancer completely, with natural remedies. I know it can be cured

Thank you for sharing Auri!

There is a dr. robert morse, nd, you can find his video on vimeco, or his webb site he can help.

It would be good to start with the emotional body's beliefs, if he is open to it.  I read where Lupus at the emotional level says, "I give up, Its better to die than stand up for myself";  there is deep seated anger and judgment of self because after all, "he is a nice person". (outer self vs true inner nature) The dark stuff of life (disease) is where we put what we don't like about ourselves.  This would require counseling to identify the hidden beliefs, rerouting the subconscious to agree with the conscious mind and "tapping" the body to get the nervous system to believe the new program.  i have done this with a friend who found out recently he is in 4th stage lymphoma.  The doctors said, "let's wait until you need medication since there is no cure" so that gave us a window of opportunity because we were not directed by fear to do medical procedures and lo!!!  2 months later, his lump under his arm is half the size.  He relates this to believing in his own nature again, tapping (google tapping summit) and praying to Kwan Yin who stands in his living room, whom he didn't even know about.  (He is half Japanese)  He had been ignoring his own roots (identified with American)  and serving others, sabotaging his own radiant being, compromising etc.   This is where the counseling came in.  He also went inside and anchored deeply to his own Spirit energetically.  Let me know if you have questions.  It is a personal journey of self-recovery and one that most people do not make until they pass over,  when they have to.

Call and visit this site www.dhealthstore.com I'd start with The Full Body Detox and go from there. I got off 8 medications by doing this cleanse for 20 days. It saved my life!

Hello Sarai. If you research ... 'Rick Simpson's Oil' ... you will probably come to the same conclusion that he and many others (including myself) have reached. 'Rick Simpson's Oil' can cure almost anything! Rick does not take any credit for this natural product. He only helps to educate others. Please also research "Cannabinoid receptors, part of the cannabinoid receptor system in the brain" and then simply ask ourselves ... WHY do our brains have Cannabinoid receptors in the first place? Unfortunately, the Main Stream Medical system would collapse if they admitted that a Natural cure for cancer exists. Therefore, the Main Stream Medical system supports the prohibition of ... Natural cures for cancer. However, where there is a will, there is a way! Good Luck to you and your friend Sarai.  ... Cam                                                                                                                                                                                      



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