Any suggestions when it comes to ear candling, I watched a few youtube videos and it seems straight forward. Any one have any feedback or tips they would like to share?

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They clean your ears well and highten your senses.. I recommend it for astral hygiene

It is a feel good healthy thing to do. I found after wasting money on solutions that people had invented that helped to clear the wax that putting oregano oil & organic coconut butter behind the ears the night before or before you shower letting the steam penetrate, makes it an easier more bountiful cleanse. One tenth of the cost compared to the commerical or stuff at the health found stores.I made the recipe up, its okay I work with essential oils it is safe.

You know since i invested my savings on the colon cleansing kit and internal kit, after being 2/3 the way through the colon cleanse, my ears do not have the need to be cleaned feeling they had before. 




Is Ear Candeling something that I SHOULD do even if I don't seem to have any obvious issues and have never seemed to have a problem with ear wax?  I almost never see any on the Q-tip.

   I'm really serious about this question.... Is Ear Candeling recommended as a matter of course and that everyone should do it?  Especially for Astral Hygeine?  I am very curious about this, but, I guess I can go to to get some answers.  It seems lately, that no matter what the topic, I can find dozens, if not hundreds of uploaded videos on the subject, from personal experiencers. I have compiled about 50 playlists some with over 144 videos in them.  They even gave me my own channel.  I'll get back to this thread with some answers and video links, just in case anyone else is interested too.

Love, Taylor

Yes so on the topic of ear candling just go with when it feels best. For me its about every 4 months or so, if I notice "any" feeling of congestion (when wiggling ears or after showers etc) that seems noticeable throughout the course of the day then a candling will work wonders.

I candle about every 6 months. I have found it especially helpful for any long term irritations of the nose, throat, & have also found it helps with  "noise in my head" which I have struggled with for about 6 years (ever since a near death experience). Whether one struggles with ear wax or not, I feel so much better after having it done that the ear wax really is not an issue for me. I just do it because I feel better afterwards. 



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