Super Charged Smoothie Instructions from My "Alchemist Cook Book"

One Thing that Ive been Doing lately is Make Super Charged Super activated Smothie Blends

I try to Cover Every Chakra With the Colors of the Fruits and vegetables to match each Chakra group by they color they belong to. The Smoothie Came out great. it Covered all nutrition that the body needs as well as feed the Different Energy Center in your Body and keeps you Vibrant Ready and Activated..

Shock My Chakras: Ice,Distilled Sun Charged MMS Water and All Natural Jucie of your Choosing.

Main Ingrediants:

Root Chakra-Root/stability/Kundalini-Strawberries-Red-9 chopped up peices

Sacral Chakra-Sexual/creativity/inspiration-Mango or Peach-Orange-9 peices chopped

Solar Plexus--Power/energy self control-Pinapples/Banana-9 pecies chopped

Heart Chakra-Love/Convergance of other Chakras-Sun Warrior raw and organic greens includes 

                    Spinach also-Green-3 teaspoons

                   -Spirulina-Green 3 teaspoons(super protien, vitamins and minerals)

                   -The Heart Chakra is very important Thats why i Give it a Nice and Healty proportion

Throat Chakra--Communication/Dreaming/obe's/claivoyance-Blue BerriesBlue-Complete Hand Full=the 

                      number 9 energy

Brow/Third eye Chakra-Vision/To SEE/Psychic abilitys-Indigo-Nothing Really Specific for this Chakra

                                  But i May use a lil more blue berries to give it a deeper Blue for the color Indigo       

Crown Chakra-Connection with universe/Spiritual Inspiration-Blackberries-9 peices-Purple/Violet-To

                                  Recieve the Divine Transmission

And Then i top it off With 3 more pecies of pineapple to add a lil mor power to the Mix.

the Pieces of the fruit symbolize Mind Body and Spirit..

I can have this for breakfast lunch or dinner and feel perfectly ok You Get your Full veggie intake for the day and also and Amazing amout of Clean Protein from the spirulina alone.

 The websites i purchased my spirulina From is, sun warrior mix

Enjoy hope this Concoctions works for you because it definitly Works For ME lol

WBV...feel free to post your own concoctions as well i love trying new Smoothie's!

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I will be onto this one as soon as my Juicer arrives next week!!  Sounds great and thanks Ky_Three_O_Five!!




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