Please advise I am very confused about organic v inorganic minerals/supplements

Hi all I am hoping that those with greater knowledge and innerstanding can shed some light on some info I have just come across. I am just about to start a juice fast + MMS then looking at urine therapy as tools for aiding ascension. Also I had up until a few mins ago assumed that biochemical cell salts were an aid to a raw food diet. However I have just read the following from;

I'll just share a key sectionj below. Please note these are not my words but those of a raw food expert on the afore mentioned site:-

"Most knowledgeable people today recognize that the body must have certain minerals to accomplish its work and preserve its health. However, only a few realize that these minerals must be in their organic state to do us any good at all.

Please understand these facts:

  1. Minerals are inorganic as they exist naturally in the soil and water.
  2. Minerals are organic as they exist in plants and animals.
  3. Only plants can transform inorganic minerals into organic minerals.
  4. Animals must eat plants or plant-eating animals to obtain their organic minerals.
  5. Inorganic minerals are useless and injurious to the animal organism.

3.2 How the Confusion Began

Because inorganic minerals and organic minerals have the same chemical compositions, they were confused by the early nutritionists. The mineral, iron, in the bloodstream has the same chemical composition as the mineral, iron, in a nail—iron is iron, after all. However, these nutritionists incorrectly reasoned that there were no other differences between these two forms of iron. As a consequence, there actually were iron mineral supplements that consisted of surplus powdered nails.

Perhaps you have heard the expression, "mad enough to chew nails." In this case, mad or unbalanced is certainly the correct word.

These nutritionists made an error in reasoning by assuming that a chemical similarity in minerals also meant there was a nutritive similarity between organic and inorganic minerals. While it is true that the same minerals found in the human body are also found in the soil and water it is wrong to assume that the minerals in the soil are food for man. We are not soil eaters—we are plant eaters.

It is necessary that the minerals in the soil be elaborated into organic compounds by the plant before they can be |assimilated by the body. The various mineral compounds produced by the chemist differ in their structure and in the relative positions of their component molecules than those produced in the plant.

Over sixty years ago a German scientist named Abderhalden conducted a series of experiments comparing how several species absorbed different forms of iron. He found that animals fed with food poor in iron, plus in addition of inorganic iron, were unable in the long run to produce as much hemoglobin as those, receiving a natural iron-sufficient diet.

While the inorganic iron may be absorbed into the body, it is not utilized in the formation of hemoglobin, but remains unused within the tissues. Abderhalden also concluded that any apparent benefit of the inorganic iron resulted from its stimulating effect.

Chemically, it is true that iron in the bloodstream and iron in nails are the same and that calcium in rocks (known as dolomite) is identical to calcium in the bones.

However, it is a grave error to believe that the body can digest and assimilate and utilize powdered nails and crushed rocks.

3.3 Mineral Supplements

The idea of administering inorganic minerals as foods and remedies for man started with the German scientist Hensel in the early twentieth century. Later the homeopaths expanded upon his idea and made numerous artificial mineral preparations called cell salts, which are still sold today as popular "cures" for mineral deficiencies. Today mineral supplements exist in many forms and come from many sources. They are all useless."

I am now very concerned about the fact that I and others who take biuochemical cell salts are actually not helping out bodies but just stimulating a defence mechanism as the body seeks to rid itself of inorganic minerals from the cell salts. This is NOT propaganda of anysort I am a great advocate of anything that helps us all to be whole again. I just felt having found such direct information which seems to make some kind of sense that I should ask for the opinions of those further down the path. I hope that some innerstanding can be shared so we all know what is best to take when trying to activate.  To add it appears that the information given above in the quote although shared by a raw food expert called Swayze Foster actually came directly from T.C. Fry's Life Science Health System which I had never hear of. Obviously I innerstand that it all starts with a raw food diet which is vital and also plan to include semde and agar35 which appears to source all its minerals from organic sources. I would just really really appreciate some feedback from others re cell salts and whether a raw food diet mms and organic sources of minerals perhaps in combination with urine therapy (allowing re-absorption of organic minerals particularly needed by each individual) is all that is needed. I and many other people here have limited financial resources so before I spend money on something I really want to know that it is going to help not hinder. Just a quick note re the source of this info it seems very commercial and costs a great deal to buy this this raw food course. Also looking at the top it mentions eating animals which I don't think is a good plan.

Please advise many many thanks and wholeness to all

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Hello Sam,

I have tried cell or tissue salts myself when I have episodes of acid reflux. I had to take a combination of four of them to repair my stomach. The cell or tissue salts ( ill call them tissue from now on) helped my acid reflux right away. As for synthetic vitamins like you see on the store shelves thoses one cannot complete the hemoglobin process the same way minerals from leafy green would. leafy greens have the same composition as blood but as we see they're more effective than eating rock because we are organic beings. You be best off to take your vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruits, but starting off with whole food vitamins that stimulate calmness like magnesium in food would be a great start. Try growing your own food to get the most nutritions as possible or go local. The food in the supermarket is difficult to tell how long it has been sitting there. Plus you need to see how the farmer/gardener treats his soil.

A juice fast is a great idea to start before the raw food diet, I would recommend reading the 80/10/10 book by Dr Graham as a starting point. He can explain to you how the body's toxic must be flushed in order to absorb the vitamins and minerals effectively, but you seem to already know that :) .

As for the raw food courses try to avoid anything that suggests eating lots of nuts and seeds as they contain too much fat and protein as we can see in the traditional diet. You want to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and certain wheat ( if you want) that will provide enough carbs. You will find yourself hungry alot and need to force yourself to eat. It takes a long time to get used to the raw food diet so you'll need a lot of strategies. youtube channels I recommend are okraw, the banana girl or freelea, and fullyrawkristina and any channels they subscribe too.

Lastly, for the urine therapy I have given a go myself and found my skin to shine more so than not. I have heard of people drinking it which doesn't make all that much sense because if you're peeing out excess minerals and vitamins that the body didn't need at the time, then why pour it back in if you're clearly doing a good job. Anyhow I hope this helped, if you find that I did not explain myself fully or any confusion in any of these section please reply back and I will be able to help out. Wholeness

Thankyou so much for the response White Knight :) amazingly helpful I will certainly check out the raw food youtube channels they sound great. As well as the raw food diet book mentioned  I am so thankful that the resistance is here. So many generous and wise souls it gives hope for the future. Wholeness to all. Every time I weaken I always focus on the resistance family in my mind for strength.Together we are strong I wish us all luck on our quests from the bottom of my heart :)

No problem, Sam. The core of our strenght is definitely in our family, whereas generiousity is what fuels us to be more. I wish you best on your endeavours, keep in touch if any the information you feel doesn't make sense to you but also you're your own best teacher, so experiments and make many mistakes as possible, thats where learning comes from.

also Ill check out the raw food course link later and give you my opinion Natural Hygiene philosophy. The article is correct about minerals, though.

Here's an article on minerals not only from a non-ridiculous site, but that is also full of citations: The Truth About Minerals in Nutritional Supplements. Robert Thiel, ...

One thing that article fails to mention is that fulvic & humic acids, sea salt, and algaes & planktons are the most efficient ways to get all the minerals.

I'm intrigued by the following comments that relate to this topic.

Today foods are grown in mineral depleted soils, which yield mineral-deficient plants, which when eaten always have to result in mineral deficient bodies. You get enough minerals to live, but not enough to run everything in you perfectly, in our well-researched opinion. Because of the deficiency in the soil, it now takes 75 bowls of spinach to equal the iron that was in one bowl of spinach over fifty years ago.

Ed McCabe, part of product description for OxyMins™ Liquid Fulvic & Humic Mineral Complex.

Note to staff: I do not intend to advertise these products, but rather to be completely descriptive with my sources.

When farmers use pesticides, the bacteria and fungi that break down organic material and produce the Humic and Fulvic acids are stunted or killed. Thus, nutrients cannot enter the cells of the plant. To overcome this deficiency, farmers apply fertilizers containing phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. The plant will grow with these, but it will contain essentially no nutrition.

CareyLyn Carter. Mother Earth Labs Inc. Part of product description for her super concentrated fulvic acid product:

Fulvic acids are a natural part of the water in streams and rivers. They are prevalent at the ocean floor. Unfortunately, fulvic acids are removed from water, as impurities, before water treatment because they combine with chlorine to form toxic by-products called trihalomethanes (THMs). Chlorination destroys Nature’s way of providing minerals in water in an organic (biologically available) form.
Website owned by authors of Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water, MJ Pangman & Melanie Evans (2011). Part of product description for a fulvic acid product.

And in the following video, David Wolfe proposes a fascinating theory for minerals:


dig the info thanks Jay



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