Hello, I have been told that my soul group is small but is one whose intention is to bring about the 10,000 years of peace, similar to what was occurring before Atlantis. If anyone else connects to this on a vibratory level then please contact me. Aloha

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i definitely resonate, and i think a lot of people do too.


Awesome, the woman that told me has been instrumental in my life, her energy is so pure and unconditionally loving

How do you find out your soul group info. 

Aloha. Sounds spectacular to me ;) Let's extend that 10,000 year calculation towards wholeness and allow the peaces to come together

@Derek Elias meditate on it. Ask your higher self what your mission is. I am in a position where I met this amazing human who was one of the first humans to be created and she is an incredible seer. She has been quite the resource and has straight up told me that this is my soul group mission, to help bring about a 10,000 years of peace where people's DNA will be healed and we can begin to live in harmony. This was known by the ancients. It is however taking longer than the ancients expected. Just knowing about this 10,000 years of peace should not put us on an ego trip where we think we do not have to do the healing work on ourselves. There is so much information in the ether and the gnosis and the communication with all sentient beings. it is a matter sometimes of sheer will and determination, how badly do you want to know who you are and what your mission is that you motivate yourself enough to clean up the diet and what is coming through your portals to where you can get a clear enough connection to manifest answers to these questions



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