The Real Occult System: Nature. What LIES and STANDS hidden in plain sight

Well, as I wish this to remain more of a disc us sion and a dis covery / un-veiling, i will keep it short: i believe all systems and man made al leg gories are "necessary evil" for covering and re-veiling/re-vealing nature's mysteries: my stories. 

(the self is all)

The simple and awesome RAW power and wonderful beauty of nature is apparently "too much" for us to take in on a stream of infintiy, and so we cycle things in PA-tterns, through MA-tter, octaves... 1's and 0's to begin with: yesses and nos. then maybe's; 3's. 4's; EL-e-mental forces, 5's; aetheric waves, 6's; merging of light bodies, 7's, visionary gate-ways/rainbows. 8's: double door ways; infinity hoops and loops, 9's, the spiral reaching out as far as it will go. 0+ any of these above mentioned numbers which i have play-fully de-scribed, a completion of that cycle. 

Can you imagine a number which you cannot?

Can you imagine a colour which you cannot see?

Yes, but i cannot see it, but i can imagine there are some i do not see... 

Let us find and bridge the vocabulary, key concepts, inter-disciplinary things which will help our world gain access to true innerstanding. 

It is of course up to nature to weigh our ambitions, intentions, sincerity and so on, but I believe we can un-ravel mystic-mumbo-jumbo and instead of making it "my-stick" make it ours-quick! :D

as i have noticed over and over again: Synchronicity ACCELERATES time, and bridging gaps between individuals and especially groups, well that just does WONDERS, literally.


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most of the systems of belief if not all have confused mankind. some who mostly teach salvation is in fact a game of certain degree of control. people wallow in most of the teachings. it will take a few  guys like sevan to synthesize the real esoteric wisdom from these teaching. DO YOU THINK WE NEED A NEW "MYTHOLOGY?" in order to compensate the LOSS.



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