I had a dream yesterday that had me wakin

g up with a fast heartbeat and a sweat! 


Tell me what you think ? :

I was in a dark basement and in the middle of the basement was a spiral staircase that led up to a light room. I was trying to get out of the basement but something was following me and not allowing me to move. . . It wasn't physical. It actually had no shape at all. It was like a dark cloud. (I'll try to find a picture and post it). It kept saying it was going to get me so I finally reached the stairs and crawled down because the sense of fear took over. I started to pray and say, "God please help me please". Nothing happened though. I felt so alone. The cloud started laughing and surrounded me. I didn't like this so when I 'realized' it was a dream I kept saying and picturing me turning on the screen to my laptop (I sleep right next to it) I kept repeating it and the image of me opening my laptop kept becoming clearer and clearer but the cloud also grew and grew around me. Finally I woke up with my heart racing! I opened my laptop for light and I was in my room.

 ^ "cloud" the whole room was already very dark but the cloud was black but with a thickness?

This is the first time I bring "real thoughts" to a dream. 


I think this dream is just my worries? 

cloud = worries

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I think you have a lot of fear built up inside of you, worry can be it too but it is also a form of fear. What I've come to learn through my dreams is the moment I show fear is the moment my dream feels less in my control. We have to remember that we control everything in our dreams. What I've been doing is working on my will to face what I am afraid of. Every night is different. I used to be chased by monster like things but one night I stopped and faced it. I stood in place and turned and faced it unwilling to let it scare me. I did this twice. And since then I haven't been chased. I know you put this up a while ago but if you ever come to face something like this again try asking yourself for help and feeding yourself the courage and will we all know you have.

Peace and wholeness.

~ Star

Thank you for the response, this is very helpful

You say you felt paralysed, unable to move and do what you wanted to do (get out of the basement) pent up fears and anxieties often leave us feeling helpless and victimised by our situations. The dark cloud is also a figure of something unknown. Do you fear what you dont know, the unexpected, do you perhaps like to be in control of your waking life, can you easily accept changes? Being unable to move and darkness all have to do with having a sense of being out of control. Perhaps there is something in your waking life you are not taking charge of, be it at work, school, family, business....a job you are avoiding for fear of not being able to handle it. Usually with these "I am going to get you" dreams, the best thing to do is to turn around and stare your fear in the face, no matter how hard that may seem. Accept that you cannot control everything and there are unexplained things in our journey of life that we must face boldy, not fighting fear, but accepting it and allowing ourselves to feel it yet move through it.....sorry about the book and a half here but that is what I felt needed to be said :)

sweet dreams but most of all I wish you courage to overcome your fears.




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