So, before I went to sleep one night I remember vividly looking at the time and it said 11:22pm. For some reason I was entertained by the fact that it was coded as six. 11:22, 1+1+2+2=6. When I went to bed I remember laying down and having the intent to ask all that is to show me another world. However what came out when i said it was show me the underworld. I remember being in a big city , Reminded me of Florida, specifically Miami. I never been there but what I've seen it looked similar. It was dark throughout the whole dream and I remember being on the lookout for negativityy to arise at any moment. As if negativity was expected to occur spontaneously consistent. My mother was talking to me concerned about the circumstances we were facing. I remember being on a balcony in a building on like the 53rd floor by myself looking at the sky. The scene was the same set up as a porn I saw in the past. Yes right on a balcony, It's wild that the soul will store the negative images you've seen in the past and will connect to a similar frequency elsewhere. It was dark but not alot of stars and no moon in sight. I checked the time on my watch and it said 3:51pm. 3+5+1=9. As soon as I checked the time on my clock I instantly remembered that it was a dream and that I had asked to be in this underworld. I jumped off the balcony upward into flight and held a steady flow up to the top of the building. When I reached the top I began to question my capability and the flying power began to slightly fade. However , I was able to maintain and once I arrived on the roof I began to take giant flying leaps across to the other side. Note the times of each equaled out to be 69. 11:22 =6 3:51=9. It was very interesting. Coincidence? Never!!

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i live in  miami and ALOT ALOT of weird stuff goes on here in other 'planes', (and right here in ors) your sol prolly wanted 2 come c wut all the weird vibe was about...yea, no coincidences....



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