i usually dont need 2 ask 4 help interpreting my dreams they r always so easy...lol.  but i kno this one was important and i want 2 get a full spectrum of  ideas if anyone has any :) i rarely have lucid dreams, and this one was not, i was 'watching' 

the cops have pulled me over but somehow i am on a country road AND in my house at the same time. even tho they have pulled me over they dont quite 'see' me 4 awhile, but eventually they do and they come over and begin their usual nazi protocol with the ID.  i am terrified of them, as i am in 'awake' life, but they really dont seem like they r gonna do anything.  i ask them can i check on my kids, and they say no, but they let this weird scary dwarf lady with a big pistol, and with the face of one of my favorite actresses, michele rodriguez, go in and check the kids. this sends me in2 a panic and i yell at them.  then it switches, and the fear is greatly reduced, but the cops r standing around my house with their shirts off, AND THEY ALL HAVE 3 NIPPLES!!!  LOLOL.  uh, does anyone c anything here of interest? and what r some of the concepts behind the 3 nipple thing?  thanx fam

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This is a classic soul warrior scenario. You are confronted with the self who you let people see in the world and you do not feel empowered by it anymore. The nightmare is letting that world into the place where you live move and have your being. You are aware of your true self and it is taking a major role in your awareness now. You are aware that you are your higher self. You don't completely accept yourself as Divine with a trace of that left, but you are aware that the infatuation with the outer heros are dangerous and can do harm to you. You have decided to defend your inner multi-dimensional selves who are somewhat hidden from you but growing in power by your awareness. You are living as your true immortal self now. You know that artificial authority is not only unnatural but even humorous.

sylvia WOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!  wow.  wow.  tears of recognition.  i knew i would get some awesome feedback, but wow.  u went BEYOND.  just wow sylvia.  thank u. thank u.  every word u said rang like a bell in my soul.  thank u.

Kudos Aurora, I am so proud of you. Sylvia

Sylvia I am amazed by your response and clever interpretation!!!! congratulations!!!

You did not bow down to authority, or accept the notion that they have your best interests, or those of your children, at heart.  



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