Hi all, greetings from Israel.

I am new here and I hope to get to know all the people I am meant to meet.

Last night, just before I got accepted into the resistence, I was in a usual dreamscape when all of a sudden the vibrations start, I remember trying to move my arms and head but could only submit to the buzz and my chattering teeth lol.....I got the feeling of falling out of myself, and I flew above the dream and headed for the top of the dreamscape which looked like an olden day pressed metal ceiling, I couldnt fly straight, I had a sense of being on a child's swing, swinging back and forth and each time moving higher. I felt a bit queasy from the sensation but I allowed it to continue. I reached the ceiling and told myself I must go beyond it, I thought I might collide with the metal and stop but then something strange happened. I went through the ceiling and immediately I saw an image of a mans face, an older gentleman with war hardened face and features yet a great wisdom and understanding in his eyes. He was wearing a uniform of somekind but I could only see his bust, I said hello to him, he smiled slightly and then I woke suddenly, breathing heavily and my heart pounding, the image of his face was still in my vision, I blinked a few times but it took a long time to fade. I was boiling hot and I had thrown all the blankets on the floor. I could just lay still with the image of the man burned in my inner vision. I eventully started to move and looked at the clock expecting it to be morning already......an hour and a half had passed since I went to bed that night. I thought to myself...yay, more time to sleep lol.

would love your thoughts, I must add that this episode follows after my recent discovery of the language of light and my attempts to speak it. I guess the frequecy of the language must have hit a cord (excuse the pun)



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Welcome Deborah!

What is the language of Light? Your dream sounds amazing. Hopefully someone soon will help with the interpretation.



Hey Deborah

Interesting dream/oobe.  I'd love to here more about the language of light.  Do you have any resources to share on it?  What were you attempting to speak prior?



Here is a page I read in my journey to discover the language of light


I started speaking it when I was younger, my mother said I would speak to unseen entities, after my son heard me speak it, he decided to try and it flowed immediately. He is age 7 and very intune to his inner self..makes a mom proud :)

here are some example of the written scripts


there are loads of videos on Youtube, I think if you really want to know, ask you inner self to guide you to the right vids and pages, there are a lot of fakes out there too so discernment is needed.



Here is a recorded session of me speaking the language of light, for each person individually it is different and I will never sell it like some people are doing, it is a tool for enlightenment, healing, balance and mostly for self edification. I wish to anyone who wants to try this for themselves that they do so with a sense of seeking for the truth and innerstanding. It is said that the frequencies produced by the self when speaking this help upgrade the DNA and establish new light paths in the brain, perhaps by listening to others speak this can accomlish the same thing.....let me know if your dreams improve or you have some experiences after hearing this, I would love to know! my sister suffers from MS and I let her listen to this, she is going for a checkup soon and I am hoping to hear good news



I have similar dreams as yours. I am unfamiliar with what you call the language of light. I seem to try to communicate with figures similar to the one you described with little spheres filled with sparkling lights. There are no words spoken, and in fact my mouth is glued shut. I intentionally try to break through the ceiling if I am indoors and fly up into space. Once when I was successful, I met with a man similar to what you described. I tried to speak with him, but my mouth was glued shut. Instead I gave him the sphere filled with sparkling lights.



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