Greetings and Good Day everyone,

I have discovered a fantastic way to cycle energy through all of my body using the mudras, not just singularly, but switching and alternating between them, filtering necessity by using intuition:

I find the mudra guide here at a fantastic guide and so far have managed to remember all of the 10 basic mudras by using one word and deeply imprinting and associating the hand pose/ gesture with that. 

Just now I noticed cycling the Aether content of my body, which gives me the feelings of goosebumps, in my head, first, then cycles it down to the chest, and now finally starting to cycle it down to the root! 

Also required me to start cycling my water, fire and air contents, I'm sure at some point it would also require earth to be re-arranged/ balanced/ cycled, but for now it did not feel necessary... So here are the poses I just used in my meditation and I really felt vast amounts of things shifting within and felt it could be highly beneficial for others to use this "Mudra Cycling meditation" also for personal growth! :)

Knowledge: Air + Fire fingers

Balancing Water:

Fire (thumb) + Water (little finger)

Balancing Aether/ "Emptiness"

Bent Middle finger (Aether) + Thumb (Fire)

So, that's the experience, as for the questions: are you having similar feelings & simulations? '
Do you find certain thoughts/ actions trigger these internal events also? 

And can you confirm that the 5 elements correspond to the 5 fingers the way that hindu / alchemical (planetary) philosophy says it does?

Thank you very much for reading, Wholeness! 

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Thanks Sam this is perfect!



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