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This year, 2011, has already started with the energy that promises we will be entering the new paradigm right on schedule. Since the advent of higher knowledge into the community, once more the fertile minds have discovered yet another vista in the ever quest of spiritual transformation for the human species.

This plateau of Frequency, which existed before man, promises to bring cures to the various ailments that plague fragile life. This includes disease, improper communication, and unbalanced Harmonics.
Through our research, we feel that the correct application of Frequency to the above mentioned ailments will produce major advancements to humanity in relatively a short amount of time. We will address directly and briefly each act we wish to accomplish in these sectors.

There have been major advancements in the application of Frequency, including Rife’s techniques. However, there has been very little step-by-step documentation on the proper method of application of Frequency.

Since Frequency application ranges greatly on the spectrum depending upon the infirmity, many are unaware if they are using the correct methods of application to get the desired result during treatment of ailments. In addition, old methods have now been debunked and shown to not be effective due to errors in the translations of scientific work. Much of the work on Frequency has been done in foreign countries such as Russia and with that there’s a language barrier.

An example of this would be the introduction of the “carrier signal” necessary to apply High Frequency to the body down to a cellular level. Failing to do so will cause no major penetration and thus improper application of the frequency.

In addition, there have been major advancements in the area pertaining to interfacing with Frequencies. Tools such as M.O.P.A (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) accompanied with Photon Tubes along with devices such as Emotiv’s Brainwave headset have changed the field dynamically.
Now you can actually record EEG signals along with the accompanying brainwaves from the comfort of your home.

This is paramount as much of the advancements and information hidden within laboratories and third party organizations will now be at the disposal of the common citizen. Expensive lab equipment has now been consolidated with the new advancements in technology.

Since our faction is by no way limited to one single arena we have discovered through the esoteric work that language plays a great part in the limitation we often experience on this dimension.


It is a fact that every word is a vibration that brings forth energies often unknown to the speaker. We have discovered languages such as English have an extreme limitation when it comes to the comprehension of higher things.

This has not just been found true in English, but in every language that does not have a vibratory resonance that mirrors that universal law. This law of sound, shape, and color all adhere to each other in perfection. Many tones from various languages have been shown to be distorted. This produces fractal thought and activity within the user.

This brings us to a major question. How can we ever wish to make contact with anything harmonic using a distorted level of communication? It is a fact that the languages on this Planet would most certainly not be the language of communication throughout the Galaxy.

Now the impediment of not knowing a harmonic universal language can be corrected. Research in Cymatics is showing that there has been a great deal of data overlooked in relation to sacred geometry, the stages of gestation, and the images behind sound which correspond to life.


We believe that through the proper methods we can teach an individual the Universal Language in a much shorter time than it usually takes for a person to become fluent in any basic language. This is due to the fact the Universal Language resonates with a person within and is the language used by the essence of our very Being.

This is done by flashing the image, sound, and color in the proper scales that correspond to the language of the DNA/RNA membrane. The membrane is the environment, so in changing your environmental experience momentary the mind, body, and soul will then experience a gradual re-membering or a return of their lost members. This is in regards to the missing abilities that are often documented, abilities that the humans once had naturally and are seeking to reactivate.


This is the ability to communicate over large distances with the mind, regenerate the cellular structure, leave the physical body at will, and many more things much to lengthy to document here in this short dossier. The Universal Language can accomplish all of this and when we move out of Beta the whole world can benefit from what is brought forth.




We are very clear that the human organism is organic in nature and very orderly. It is no doubt that if not organized, the Harmonics of the mind, body, and soul will be off. This begins a downward spiral of side effects that include poor health, lack of clear spiritual ability, and a partial often bias view of actuality, to name just a few things.

Once Harmonics is restored to the organs, then the body returns to its proper tone. The body is a fractal of the Earth so whether it is done to the people or the Planet it will sync accordingly. Harmonic Beings stationed around the Planet can turn the Earth and the life forms within it into fully conscious Beings awaken from long slumber.

There can be nothing more important now than being balanced and prepared for all of the new energies merging into our World. We have a continuing obligation to the life forms here, to see them make a smooth transition into this next age of Ether.

In this time we need you more than ever. There has been thorough research in the subjects mentioned and what remains is only to execute. We have the capability to produce viable results in this field. We are only in need of continuous funding to finish our projects. We ask that you assist us, as you have already done in the past in finishing what we have already set out to do.

I have only this final note. I have come to innerstand a great deal of the situations causing imbalance in this Planet and in many cases the term “you cannot handle the truth” always comes to mind. The shear complexity of life alone seems to say there will be no simple answer for our complex problems. This is why some of what we speak of may seem like fringe, but it is a tailored cure for the situation at hand when factoring in all things of importance.

The truth is many are just not equipped with the proper instructions in the correct format. There has been a case of intentional world wide amnesia inflicting the inhabitants of this Planet. This has made the Spirit Being inside of the body forget its many existences and the knowledge accompanied with those experiences. We can correct this.

Some ask me how do I know all of this. Now here is the simple answer. I have applied what has been discovered and from that I have been re-membered. As spiritual non-linear Beings we have already lived in highly advanced societies and often dreamt of the future. In my case, I remembered the most important thing, which is how we should communicate with one another. That is everything, when we are all connected. We must return to the original language to become whole once more.

                              JAMES EVANS BOMAR III - RESISTANCE DEVELOPER

We are asking members to consider making a contribution to the Resistance once more. Support is not always monetary you positive thoughts, input, and ability is welcome. It is clear things are speeding up and we must move as fast as the information and direction. It is your help that allows us to do that.







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I will try my best to donate soon :D

since November 2010 I often, periodically have dreams or dream-like states, where I am absolutely conscientious, like out of body experience - the only thing is that I am in the body, but can observe what is around - walls, window, bed etc.. In that state the room is always a little bit brighter in contrast than when I wake up (at night). And then almost every time I am in that state I suddenly start to observe vast frequency 500 - 1000 - 2000Hz.. Audio-like sound. THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE BETA It goes thru my body and my spiritual body starts wobbling around the physical body.. Shooting from one side to another, until bright light starts appearing everywhere. The sound or the vibrations come into my ears - almost feeling pain, while still being scattered around the body. Like a motor spinning 1500rpm I feel myself scattering from the left - to the right side of my body. It goes on an the frequency goes higher, and I scatter faster until I wake up. Or wake up in the morning having memory only about the state and frequency.


I also some times wake up in nothingness, floating - observing only micro size - nonsensical geometrical figures everywhere. When I also experience the frequencies. I went thru a wormhole or a 'rabbit hole. until I woke up. That time I felt going thru very high frequencies.





I agree with you about the language barriers

In my Everyday life I am involved with 3 languages.  Distorted levels of communication is what I observe in my life. For instance In Latvian or Russian you cannot talk about spirituality - not involving christianity. Being firm and correct here,  the same as in other societies is a distortion. Language is hardly manipulated in this reality. People use evil words (demonic names) in their common sentences.I am also sure that the vibrations wich come out from these words are absolutely not harmonic..


wholeness. this is indeed very exciting. the ability 2 communicate -will be telepathically using the frequencies? i can conceptialize it, but i haven't grasped fully the ability 2 innerstand it, but i know i will in the future. the sacred geometry, cymatics, etc. is all very new 2 me, but on a level buried it makes sense (i  don't know if i am expressing it the way i would like, it is like trying 2 express something in another "language", but i know what i want 2 say. 



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