Could it be....that we are moving into a time of transparancy?  For we are evolving to Higher Understandings.  We see that which has been unseen. Hear that which had not been heard by us once. We know...perceive ... immense diverse and amazing wonders....and, as we experience more we discover more, when we link with others that are experiencing this too, we fuse....the One...One ness...Oneness grows. We become transparant. 
This....I pondered upon.  I just watched a TED talk about the next 5000 days The projection the the web/brain/One were all the same by 2030, everything about us was viewable on the WWW, life became transparant.  He hints at Higher Consciousness, but I found that a most ponderous all senses....transparant? The processes it would take form of?

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I want to say Needs - What you need enslaves you to a condition. Yet to be more balanced, needs you have no control over, and offer little or no life enhancing benefit.

Gosh Mark, Mike, most thought provoking......have taken a moment to ponder these things....  to be so honest with ourselves in asking ourselves these questions.....allows us to bring light and love into the areas o our heart that we had preferred to be kept hidden.   Old ways have their inner voices....that we let our sub conscious build a system of a reality with.  we access so many programmes via our subconsciousness......becoming aware of the many, is a brilliant start to changes that create new realities

All this light inside in the dark

Luminous xnsparency.

Polar bear fur is transparent yet milk white,

A fractal, the same as near as from afar

are all our thoughts transparent?

Well if you want transparency you have to know where to look for it and you have to want to know the truth, for instance lets look @ 911... how many of you know what really happened ?

"This transmission originated on April 23, 2006; and is addressed to the Future of America:

A Grand Master Chess Player can think 20 or more moves deep- in essence calculating a Googol of possibilities in his or her mind before making a move. Now, if I were to contend that I could sit down with 8 of the world’s master chess players, and using the aid of only a pencil and paper- or less- play them simultaneously, guaranteeing that I could win at least 4 out of the 8 games, and that I could repeat this feat at will, anytime… Would you bet for me, or against me? 

Keep that in mind. Now, what if I told you that by simply dividing the 8 expert strategists into 4 pairs, you could simply play the first player’s moves against the 3rd player, the 2nd player’s moves against the 4th, and so on, so that essentially the Grand Masters would all be playing each other, with only the illusion that you were making a mockery of their individual talent? Would it make any difference in how you perceive my abilities? Only if I disclosed how I did it, and when that disclosure was made, of course. You see, I’ve been studying illusions, but more to the point, I’ve been studying the illusionists… 

J. Edgar Hoover once said: “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous- he simply cannot believe it exists”… & he would know… as I believe that Hoover is someone who spoke from experience, not conjecture. 

In the spirit Hoover’s observation, I’m here to ask the question: What if such a monstrous conspiracy were broken down, processed, and then distilled into an easily comprehensible format, wherein it was effectively communicated to the audience by taking them behind the scenes- where the illusions could be easily understood by the all who wish to see, and perceived in a way that cannot be un-learned? What if the audience were shown the critical perspectives from which the illusions cease to hold any influence over their thoughts, feelings, and actions? 

In other words, I’m looking for someone else who sees the proverbial elephant in the middle of the room, someone who likewise senses that there’s too much not being talked about, events which affect all of our lives. 

That’s a major challenge that I’ve struggled with for the past several years, because I have solutions for the problems presented by the New Normalcy that has flooded our society post 9-11... But it’s next to impossible to communicate the solutions to the People, many of whom think that the illusions are indeed real. And the most horrifying reality of the illusions to which I am referring, is the pain that innocent people are suffering because so many people in our Country are congregated together in the 51st State- the State of Denial. 

On the other hand, I think that you probably have an idea that something is wrong; and that’s why you’re listening to this- and based on what I’m about to share, I think that you’ll feel both empowered and motivated by the overall feeling you’re left with after listening. 

The gravamen of what I have to share within this message outweighs any measure necessary in order to achieve a line of communication with you… So, thanks for taking the leap of faith necessary to grant me this impromptu meeting. 

After all, it’s not as simple as picking up the phone and calling people these days with this sort of information… because even if I had dialed your number, we wouldn’t be the only ones listening. Now, I say this not out of paranoia, but rather as a result of having been on the other side of information technology systems- and I’m familiar with how the data is collected, applied, and manipulated, and used against the American Public… and I think that more people would be interested, if only this information were to find its way to their attention. 

And though I wish that this message could find its way to all of the Voices, which are influential in Our Society- I’m thankful, that I’ve at least gained an audience with someone of influence, someone who has demonstrated a sincere interest in helping the Truth find its way into the Public Mind. 

What I’m asking for you to do is to lend me your attention and hear me through to the end, and if you do, I think that in HindSight, you’ll see your cognitive participation in this exercise as being time well invested. 

The events I’ll be discussing relate to the Who, How, and Whys of September 11th, why this information is being suppressed, who’s suppressing it, and how I came to make this recording- as an escalated measure to communicate this information to the people who can use it to heal America… people like Yourself. 

But first, I should ask: Do you really want to know what happened on 9-11? 

Moving forward under the assertion, that you do: I’ve taken the liberty to write out some of what I need to say, and I’ve done this as a precautionary measure- because the relations I make herein are complicated, dangerous revelations, and I think that we have a duty to make our best efforts to be specific and precise in what we say, and the language that we use to address the topic of September 11th. 

What brings me here to you today is my experience- a chain of events and causal consequences- which forged a foundation… from which sprung thousands of hours of research… and has led me to many hundreds of attempts to enlist the interest of people like yourself- people who have experience and resources, but not necessarily all of the information critical to catalyzing the American People into action. I’m going to challenge you to think, and since the only thing our leaders can recommend We do to help win the War on Terror is pay higher gas prices and look the other way while they plunder Our Future, I’m here to ask that you take what I have to say to heart, because you can do something about what’s going on. 

You see, I’ve found that there are few people left in our society, who have a voice and corresponding influence in the public arena… and even fewer who have the perspective from which they can accurately direct those who will listen to their message. And, still, even fewer, who are willing to shoulder the consequences of making outspoken statements in a society which now frowns on people who think for themselves or raise question and concern when they see innocent people being hurt. 


For the sake of making a formal introduction, my name is Richard Grove. I’ve been a National Security Whistleblower in two separate instances- both of which- intimately relate to the events of September 11th. 

It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and though I regret not being there in person, I’m hoping that this medium will provide the next best thing- a direct line of communication so that you can listen to me say this in my own words, and hear it for yourself, first-hand. 

The chronological path I’ve mapped may seem circuitous at first, but if you listen along at the end you will find the point; because in my humble opinion- you’re It. You see, the solution is getting this information to people like you, as it is my contention that when this information is introduced to an objective mind… it is inevitable that meaningful, benevolent and constructive causalities will manifest as a result. 

I’m looking for leaders who can help bring together the critical resources necessary to fight the fire of Tyranny, with communication- people who can help unite those who are also aware and see the danger, so that others may be given a chance to be Free, and it’s my desire to create a forum wherein we can teach others how to do likewise. 

If one were to look at the events of 9-11 as a battle-wound to the body that is our Nation, the current state of our union would be this: We’ve been ambushed by a yet-unidentified enemy, we’re critically injured, but we haven’t cleaned or dressed the wound, or found who is responsible. As you’re either aware, or about to learn, We were attacked by rogue factions using elements of Our own resources against our own people, but in response, We’ve invaded sovereign nations instead of addressing our own problems here, at home. 

We have allowed a gangrous administration to infect all corners of the Congress, and focus on profiting from 9-11, instead of finding the real terrorists. We, the People, are responsible for letting this wound fester into a life-or-death struggle for America, and We, the People, will have to be the first ones to take the steps necessary to localize and treat the infection, and create an environment wherein true healing can begin. 

I’m here, because I don’t have an established forum to introduce this information to the Public Mind, but quite possibly you have resources and/or experience at your disposal to successfully progress, or even possibly accomplish, that which I have not yet been able to achieve due to my limited resources. I envision this communication as the beginning of a constructive dialogue which reveals the granular details of widely suppressed evidence pertaining to the events of 9-11 and the consequential aftermath. 

I chose to create this message because there are too few who are able to articulate what happened on September 11th beyond the contention that “The Official Story is a Hoax”, and there are fewer still who see that the “Official Story” is actually a prime example of psychological warfare being used to deceive the public… but most people I talk to want to leave it at that, and when I ask them: “So what then do you think happened?” the question is followed by silence, and it’s in the presence of that silence that I wonder how much people really care, if they’re not actually willing to do some researching on their own and look for themselves. Certainly I can’t be the only person who is troubled by the fact that it’s been almost 5 years, and those allegedly seeking truth are still asking the same questions as they were on September 12th 2001. 


You may be wondering at this point, why I care so much about finding and sharing the Truth behind the events of September 11th… 

Well… I’ll shed some light… to begin with I experienced the New York-related events that morning first hand- and therefore my perspective and ideas about 9-11 are not based on what the Media has reported, rather they’re based on what I personally observed at “Ground Zero”, and what I’ve learned since then through my own study of the events. What’s more, I like many others, lost peers, coworkers, and friends on that horrific morning- all of whom were premeditatively murdered in cold blood, some of whom were actually working behind the scenes with me and attempting to help me blow the whistle... On what? Well, that’s the $7 Trillion Dollar Question, isn’t it? 

In the months preceding September 11th, I was not alone in sensing that something was amiss while I was working in the World Trade Center, but I was the only one (that I know of) to raise my voice- and in retaliation I was promptly terminated- to set an example. In many ways, it is only due to the fact that I was illegally terminated for blowing the whistle, that I am here today, alive, attempting to relate the hidden details of these events to you- & I’m doing this because the gift of consciousness should be used to save lives and improve our world, not take them and destroy it; and so this is what I can do to help those suffering at the hands of others. 

You see… on that particular morning, I was to present evidence, which I still possess, to my ex-coworkers at Marsh & McLennan, on the 98th floor of WTC 1- The North Tower, which exploded while I was in traffic on my way to this meeting, and I was only a few blocks north of the WTC Complex heading south on West St, just south of Canal at 8:45 AM, in the convertible with the top down. 

Aside from witnessing events which contradict the “Official Story”, I experienced the horror of bearing witness to a situation wherein my peers were trapped in a burning building and realizing that there was nothing that I could do to help them… As they lost hope and began to jump (in some cases hand in hand)… the flailing of their bodies as they were pulled helplessly toward the earth was almost the most disturbing part of my experience that morning. 

I was within 2 or 3 blocks of the North Tower when the South Tower exploded. 

Perhaps you can relate when I express how truly surreal it is to be trapped in an experience: wherein what you witnessed and what is shown to the world are night-and-day contrasts. 

For a long time after that morning, I knew that it was too risky to even engage with people who were interested- because the Media and the Administration had made it exceedingly clear that nothing but the official story would be tolerated- which meant that people who think for themselves, and/or think differently, became the new target in the birthing War on Terror. 

Anyone who has read the 300 + page Patriot Act can readily see that the actions being taken are for the purpose of dissolving the Constitution, deleting Constitutional Rights of privacy, speech, etc., and basically treating every American as a potential and plausible terrorist- because information is being collected on every single one of us. Giving up our Freedoms in order to attain alleged security can only result in a loss of both… 

And that’s why you have Halliburton building concentration camps in our backyards, and the constitution being neutered by the Patriots Act, I & II. If that’s news to you, Google on Oliver North’s REX-84 program or FEMA CAMPS, or the “civilian inmate labor program” being prepared by the Army for U.S. Citizens. 

It’s an unfortunate legacy that we’re all inheriting care of the current administration, which has used 9-11 as a springboard opportunity wherein trillions are spent (or lost) without question or consequence, countries are invaded without legitimate opposition and under provably contrived pretexts, and the Constitution is circumvented through coercion. Trillions of dollars of debt have been approved in addition to the loss of liberty that comes with the Patriot Act- and the combination of these remedies have produced not one legitimate investigatory outcome; be it trial by jury, victory in war, or un-objected support of domestic and foreign policies by an informed Public. 

Samuel Clemens said it best: “I guess the Government that robs its own people, earns the Future it is preparing for Itself”. 

You know, for many people out there, the whole 9-11 controversy is just too hard to think about, and that’s why it works- the Lie is simply too big for most to conceive of or realize- even in the face of so many blatantly irreconcilable contradictions- because the Theft is simply beyond their conception of what is real- so they end up reverting back to their hypocrisy-addicted habitual slothness, tuning into reality-conditioning sponsored by AIG, Lockheed Martin, or the Government Employee Insurance Company, better known as GEICO. 

As I’m sure you’re aware, the junk-media people consume everyday emboldens their denial, and as a result the American People have become so estranged from the Truth that they basically have to risk insanity to follow the diabolical machinations of the events to their source of origin. Fortunately, I’ve had a unique opportunity and the critical support necessary to do just that and return with the proverbial fire, if you will"

The rest of this article is found @ the address below, read it and see how little you really know.............

Thankyou Neil for posting your article gives us much to think about. 
  Inside of the cogs that are turning in this world, are many systems........we have in our own body, many systems all working at the same time.  they are not all visible but we know that they are there.....a system of cells, nerves, muscles, heart.....let alone mind.....mind patterns, emotion.....programmes.....

  aha...!  Programmes!  Now this is where I see the transparancy of world affairs pro gramming.  We may think that we are just little old us, and by ourself are nothing but a droplet in the vast ocean.....

hmmm...... droplets become ocean of droplets is most powerful

Now there are those who like the Official Resistance site, open up the mind.....the infinite possibilities of being limitless.......

i shall repeat this.......


we dont have to be ruled.  we dont have to go to thema camps.  We dont have to do what we are told to do.

We have a voice.  We can find our voice and speak.  If we are not heard...then link/join voices....

two voices are heard

three voices are heard

hundred..........are heard                       >   all are One Voice

thousand..........create change.......

million..........are the change      

we resonate in a vibration.  Yes, we know the hardcore stuff......some may not, but it is all coming out.  This day, the Russians have declared the Alien disclosure re Obama.
Much of the Lies and monitary and control systems have been openly disclosed by Russia Gov this week.  More to be coming out.  This is expected, and has been awaited. 

We are strong, when we link.......

when we link our sub conscious.....we create great and wonderful is limitless what we can do.

I believe in us as 'super beings'. 

Let it all be Transparant.......nothing to hide.  no reason to fear exposure.....for there is nothing dark/illusionary.  All is to be received

in Unconditional ~Love

 I say this again, and again and conditions....loving that sets no conditions.......pure......Love....

We have got strong blood running through our veins...........indeed Neil.....

Is Denial ~~~  a great river in Egypt?

No Mike, it is the blood that runs through an American's veins........

technically spuiituality has before been practiced but became an ancient unused art. are search fopr oneness and higher states of being might seem new but it had an ancient root. were just now understanding it ina a new light. ive been gone for a while searching for something.  ive found a method for true oneness but is the earth truly ready for peace. can everyone really understand the effects they have on others. how a rich man might feel the pain of being poor or a kid realizing his potential by knowing how older people spend there lives. its only a theory but ive found it is possible to create a lasting peace through a certain degree of oneness. transparency may be how we feel but its understanding what we are that is impotant. it is understanding how others feel too. transparency is a bit of a dangerous term. i mean if we saw ourselves as blanks would there still be need for emotions.

The Crusader:  Thankyou. Nice to meet you. None of us are having the same experiences, for each of us is unique, however when we are a person who has been through much,,,,,we have great empathy, or the capacaty to have great empathy.  Our times of adversity are great teachers.....It is up to us how we react, respond, all.

Being being..The Observer, as I like to put it....creates a needed detatchment sometimes, then, we can look at an emotion or energy we are aware of within us....and truly deal with it...acknowledge it...release it, love it....energise it.....but collectivelly, we are able to assist a collective consciousness, we are steering a focus.and intent, we are creating the foundations of a new world. 

In this kind of awareness....there is a degree....for the time of not needing words, to some, is already here.

Crossing that bridge between seeing the problem in others and realising its in you. Not in your physical body :) that is where I used to get hung up, but in you. I haven't crossed that bridge, yet but I am pushing.

I see their is so much confusion ( got to love that word con=cain=kahn=archon and sion = It is now time to give the  complete meaning of the word SION who is SONY as the "Y" and the "I" are always interchangeable. (SI)   Variation: PSI - The Greek 23rd letter with the numerical equivalent of 700. Variation: SAI - A Japanese Weapon. This weapon is also connected to the term Manji or the Japanese term for the reversed Swastika. Unicode encodings U+534D (12) 卍 (left-facing) and U+5350 (13) 卐 (right-facing). Keep in mind the it is composed of su- meaning "good, well" according to wiki however we see it only as the a connection to SU, as in ISU. Things get fishy starting now.     Variation:  SCI - Meaning according to Etymology to cut, divide, rend, split, or cleave.   Variation: PSY - Genralized term meaning "soul" or "mind".   Complete Definition of (SI)   Hybrid Symbol ($) key combination Shift Number 4 (Tetra) on the keyboard. Si is a quite odd word as it is the Latin word for Yes. It says right off the bat whatever it means many have already agreed to. We also see that in English the word YES could be then made IES which would give you SIE, still pronounced Si. Tumbling the words of course will give the best results.   Next the word becomes IS , which was derived from the word ES which means "to be". 

7                                                    THE ARCHONS - A WHOLE NEW PARADIGM OR THE SAME OLD THING Definition of ARCHON:   ARC = Storage places for information as in Archives. Humans are ARC's/CAR's or vehicles for the Spirit Energy. CHON - Pronounced KHAN = All of these words are the same in etymology CAIN - KHAN - KING - CON. So in essence Archons are masters at removing energy from humans. There is a major reason many that deliver knowledge about the Anunakki seem to have very little information in regards to where they are from and what was happening on Earth before they got here. This is because the Anunakki are part of group better known as Archons. Tracking the Archons will give the Seeker much more data in regards to these Beings and what is taking place on Earth along with who is managing its system of control.

It is highly possibly that "Solomon's Temple" may be in fact the whole world. I have come to this conclusion is for various reasons. The first being that Solomon is as we know a reference to the three ruling Suns/Sons. Sol Invictvs, OM, and ON which are powerful vibrations of energy obviously in dominion. Let us keep in mind the Latin word for Sunday is Domingo which has the root (DOM) which means to lord over or "dom"inate as the day of worship is Sunday for most.    You will find those with extensive knowledge in regards to Solomon's magical works account his greatest teachings to his ability to trap Spirits in jars while commanding and questioning them as he wished. Solomon's Seal is actually the Pentagram, not the Star of David.

find the etymology and definition of Pentagram thus. PEN - To hold down or in. GRAM - A unit of weight in this case the weight of the soul. Notice the word TETRA - GRAM - ATON, which is connected to the Priests of Aton, contains "GRAM" also meaning a word to contact ATON the Spirit. If this seems far fetched the units of weight are always used to refer to Beings in many cases.   OZ, an abbreviation for ounces, is a hint towards another unit of measurement mainly for gold. Yellow brick roads coming to mind? More on that later.(THE WIZARD OF OZ "THE WIZARD OF GOLD") "A perverted Alchemist is more concerned with turning gold into dirt, while attempting to remain noble." 7 THE PENTAGRAM IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE SWORD   A further definition lends that basically humans are in a Pentagram, possibly several layers, as shown by Leonardo DiVinchi. For many until they learn all of this they cannot even begin to navigate their way out such a divisive trap that uses music to lure its prey into it before it traps them using their own energy. That was Sevan writings from one of his posts aboout Archons Aliens and the physical prison... so I hate to burst any bubbles here but nothing is tranparent :


a transparent or translucent plastic, any of a class of methyl methacrylate ester polymers. Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2013. 
Cite This Source   Link To Lucite
Word Origin & History

1937, proprietary name (E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co., Wilmington, Del., U.S.) for a solid, transparent plastic, from L. luc(i)- "light."
Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper 
So since we crossing and bringing forth not Knowing who our parents are is the only issue resolving instead of revolving around and around the merry go round.....



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