Does anyone have any insight or recommended reading for this subject i have found that learning its members (which included Jesus) and practices seem to stimulate my dna  & my archetypal memory on higher things. It seems this order has an innerstanding about the concept of the soul being self sustained and opposed to the body which needs the soul. These people were able to reconnect with their soul and "conquer" the illusion of death...meaning they could reconnect with their soul or true self and leave their bodies to study with the ascended masters and return to the body (resurrection) to teach and spread the knowledge of purpose and harmony. if anyone has anything interesting on this subject Let Me Kno! 

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The only references to the Order of Melchizedek that I've read are in the Urantia Book...I'll keep searching and let you know if I find anything else.
Referring OF COURSE to other than THE CODE TO THE MATRIX...
(just clarifying)
First you may need to take a thorough look at the Code to the Matrix. These Orders are still the Beings who are the orchestrators of the situation this planet finds itself in. The numbers tell everything. 12 on one side 12 on another.
Dr. York spoke of this organization in a few of his older books. I believe it's in "The Year 2000 and what to expect".
Hi BquanVoltron! I have studied the Flower of Life with people from Australia. the founder Alton Kamadon passed over in 2003. He studied with Drunvalo whose books The Flower of Life Vol I and II really inspired me and helped me remember Egypt. Alton's website used to have some wonderful art! truly beautiful, I'll see if I can find it ( Google "Hologram of Love"). I still use the course manuals as they are very well illustrated. I have heard melchizedek is sometimes referenced as Mok Z Dok from a time when language was simpler and more gutteral - Sumerian. Melchizedeks are all about the merkaba training, Light Energy Body among many definitions. Cheers! Darren
"""The allegorical story about coming out of Egypt and meeting Melchizedek (Lord Zedek,
and in its original form, Baal Molock Zedek) is very important. Why? Because
Melchizedek was worshipped as a ‘living god on earth’. They gave him the full
worshipping rights of a deity, a god, by these supposed slaves that came out of Egypt.
In the lodges, they have a statue they call Melchizedek, it stands for – ‘a god on earth’.
The Seat of Zedek, Lord Mel and Lord of the Seat. Lord (Mel) of Zedek or Jupiter gets
softened to Sadducee and also was said to be self-created.
Hmm, what kind of creature can self-create?
For the wisest of men, they get an apprentice and this is the highest achievement in
creativity, closer than a wife.
In the Stephen King movie, Storm of the Century has a Melchizedek figure, and that’s
what he’s after, an apprentice; a young boy.
The KEY is that every illumined man who works up through the degrees and goes round
the clock becomes a ‘god on earth’. Every illumined man in their system who comes up
through the degrees becomes a god. That’s what they tell them and the suckers believe it.
When in fact, the top of their system believes, only they, the elite bloodlines have spirit
and can truly progress since they are of original spirit.
The esoteric meaning of Jehovah is actually four words. It’s Yod He Vah Hey, or earth,
air, fire and water. Yehaveh. All to do with the physical world, to obtain wealth and
happiness in this life before you lie with your father in the earth."""

"The “Baals” (of Chaldea) show the main Zodiac at crucial points where the sun enters
each constellation. These become the 12 tribes, 12 disciples, 12 months, etc. where the
sun of god journeyed. (Baal means Lord, or, The Lord.)

Baal Tsaddi God Almighty
Baal Aitum The Mighty Lord
Baal Geh Lord of Health
Baal Ial (Belial) Lord of the Opposite
Baal Zebub (Belzebub) Lord of the Scorpion
Baal Berith Lord of the Covenant
Baal Peor Lord of the Opening
Baal Perazim Lord of the Divisions
Baal Zephon Lord of the North
Baal Samen Lord of Heaven
Baal Adoni-Bezek Lord of Glory
Baal Molock Zedec Lord of Righteousness

-from "Hidden Meanings in English"

Check the Code Again and these notes in the Library

Here's a blog post about dna from "Soloman":
I just watched Sevan's film here:
A Sirius Spell II News, he said that Melchizedeks have centered in the Mormon church in Salt Lake City. I know tha merkaba is written of extensively in JJ Hurtak's book, Keys of Enoch. It seems like we are into the Old Testament big time!



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