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Thirteen also has a lot to do with the discovery of immortality from several stances. The most advanced numerologist truly believe that the numbers 1,2,and 3 are the most important numbers since all other numbers can be formed with them except 0 which is not a number.


The number 13 lacks a 2 or dual component thus it does not perish or Die. "It does not have 2 DNA strings. Remember "Die" means 2. I believe there is a great deal of knowledge intentionally hidden and goes under the title "the serpents knowledge" in order to ward of unwanted dualistic students of esoteric knowledge. It becomes clear that those who live in duality have not penetrated a great deal of knowledge which is why religion offers very few applicable answers to true growth mental spiritual and physical.


Answers = Ansar  - Means helpers in Arabic and Serpents in the Enuma Elish

Solutions = The Sun 


Once again the Serpents and the Sun is heavily embedded in our language and is even more prevalent in ancient languages than in English. 



So it appears the number 13 gets the title of being the serpents number, the number related to the pyramids, the number related to the U.S. dollar bill. I think its finally time for the world to accept that we are sharing our existence with other life forms already and although most cannot see them they in fact can see us. Further it is obvious that there is more than just malicious intent going on here as David Icke is suggesting but a far more complex ever unfolding actuality that has been taking place longer than most people have been conscious of themselves. I'm what fear is afraid of, I am Truth.




Personally I will have to figure this whole thing out I believe that humanity is failing itself by allowing what is in plain site to cloak itself and elude them life after life. Any hidden mystery to me is nothing more than another missing piece of a puzzle that I must finish to feel complete. 

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13 has always been my favorite number since I was a small kid. Everyone I knew always complained and made fun of me saying 13 was a bad number, unlucky number, that I was unlucky for always choosing it, but I always knew deep down inside that it was a lucky number for me! I thoroughly enjoy all this knowledge and give infinite thanks for sharing it, and am eager for more. Ill have a good time reflecting on this today 8-)

Aye, I agree with you.  It has been a very useful tool for me as well.  Always helping me out when I needed help the most. 


this is amazing here.

Well, saying that numbers are to be negative it's not so grounded. I mean, numbers are numbers, they have their meanings, but the speculation of good and wrong is a mere human mental process, a beautiful process, but it does not lead to wholeness, because it only sees the superficial aspects of life, or the more primal. Up to what I know is that It also is in the tarot the dead card, which means cutting down old patterns to make the new come to be. The new being, so what I think Sevan is about to do, is to bring our cycle of beings into the new being, because we won't be able to see the new as long we still see our life with habit eyes (hobbit). But of course what I said is just a fraction (fractal) of what he's really gonna do. I see that we are all almost on the same journey as Sevan is like the star that shines showing the way. Thank you very, really, for taking so much effort on this.


This glyph also has 13 encoded as the horizontal line is now vertical.

When looking deeply into the fibonacci spiral 13 is the 7th number in that series

and the 7th letter of the alphabeta is the serpent "g". The 14 rays of the sun that

Akhenaton is opening his hands to refers to magnetism, the serpent in the sky.

13 can be reduced to 4 ( the inverse of 9 ) and is very stable. It can be referred to

as hidden although the accurate description is centered. The 13th tarot card is the hebrew

Da-ath, the hidden center of the 12 around 1 of the fractal dodecahedron as the 13th Mayan

day called B'en means growth. Synchromisticism of the 13 connected me to this video from

David Hudson, his first public statement in 15 years about monatomics:



Although Friday the 13th is considered unlucky because of the October 13, 1307 collapse date of the Templars,

a more scientific explanation is that Aluminum is the 13th element and we all know what happens if you have aluminum

in the amygadalae of the limbic brain!


The Egyptian statue that has eroded is of Anubis the god of the dead as canines prefer carrion to live food.

The Siriun dog stars at the foot of Orion is a celestial connection to the guardians that prevent the soul from going the wrong way! If we stay centered they will come to us, not the other way around.

I found my self drawing a snake around a dagger with the number 13, I find i download and draw and idea then others around are working on the meanings and breaking them down, so are you saying that moving out of a duality and into a "triality" would create in imortality by removing the "die"???



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