Hello all has anyone here had any experience with the Rna drops being advertised on various alternitave media sites? Any thoughts or experience with this product?

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"These difficulties have led some scientists to hypothesize that RNA was preceded by other RNA-like molecules that were more stable and readily synthesized under prebiotic conditions. Based on analyses of meteorites, such as theMurchison meteorite, other scientists contest that some components of RNA may have formed in space and arrived on Earth rather than being formed de novo on the Earth."

"Assuming the presence of pools of RNA nucleotides, how did long strands of RNA form on the early Earth?  Ribozyme function is likely to require strands of RNAs that are composed of at least 30-40 nucleotides.  Research from James Ferris' group at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute suggests that the formation of long strands of RNA may have been catalyzed by clays such as montmorillonite.  The charged clay surface attracts the nucleotides and the increased local concentration of nucleotides causes bond formation between nucleotides, forming a polymer of RNA (illustrated in the animation on left). "

Now work with me here people..... are you reading this cos im not posting cos Im bored here.... or that I've nothing better to do...

What is Bentonite? What is montmorillonite?

A VOLCANIC DETOXIFIER—Bentonite, a medicinal powdered clay which is also known as montmorillonite, derives from deposits of weathered volcanic ash.

It is one of the most effective natural intestinal detoxifying agents available and has been recognized as such for centuries by native peoples around the world. Whatever the name, liquid clay contains minerals that, once inside the gastrointestinal tract, are able to absorb toxins and deliver mineral nutrients to an impressive degree, says Knishinsky. Liquid clay is inert which means it passes through the body undigested.

Technically, the clay first adsorbs toxins (heavy metals, free radicals, pesticides), attracting them to its extensive surface area where they adhere like flies to sticky paper; then it absorbs the toxins, taking them in the way a sponge mops up a kitchen counter mess.

There is an electrical aspect to bentonite’s ability to bind and absorb toxins. According to Yerba Prima, a company based in Ashland, Oregon, which markets Great Plains® Bentonite, the clay’s minerals are negatively charged while toxins tend to be positively charged; hence the clay’s attraction works like a magnet drawing metal shavings. But it’s even more involved than that.

Once hydrated (combined with water), Bentonite has an enormous surface area. According to Yerba Prima, a single quart bottle can represent a total surface area of 960 square yards or 12 American football fields. Bentonite is made of a great number of tiny platelets, with negative electrical charges on their flat surfaces and positive charges on their edges.

When bentonite absorbs water and swells, it is stretched open like a highly porous sponge; the toxins are drawn into these spaces by electrical attraction and bound fast. In fact, according to the Canadian Journal of Microbiology (31 [1985], 50-53), bentonite can absorb pathogenic viruses, aflatoxin (a mold), and pesticides and herbicides including Paraquat and Roundup. The clay is eventually eliminated from the body with the toxins bound to its multiple surfaces.

According to Sonne’s Organic Foods of North Kansas City, Missouri, a company that markets Detoxificant (a liquid montmorillonite), “There is no evidence that bentonite has any chemical action in the body. Its power is purely physical.”

Clay’s adsorptive and absorptive qualities may be the key to its multifaceted healing abilities. Knishinsky reports that drinking clay helped him eliminate painful ganglion cysts (tumors attached to joints and tendons, in his case, in his wrist) in two months, without surgery.

According to Knishinsky, benefits reported by people using liquid clay for a period of two to four weeks include: improved intestinal regularity; relief from chronic constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, and ulcers; a surge in physical energy; clearer complexion; brighter, whiter eyes; enhanced alertness; emotional uplift; improved tissue and gum repair; and increased resistance to infections. “Clay works on the entire organism. No part of the body is left untouched by its healing energies,” he notes.

A medical study by Frederic Damrau, M.D., in 1961 (Medical Annals of the District of Columbia) established clearly that bentonite can end bouts of diarrhea. When 35 individuals (average age 51) suffering from diarrhea took two tablespoons of bentonite in distilled water daily, the diarrhea was relieved in 97% (34 of the 35 patients) in 3.8 days, regardless of the original cause of the problem (allergies, virus infection, spastic colitis, or food poisoning). According to Dr. Damrau, bentonite is “safe and highly effective” in treating acute diarrhea.

Knishinsky’s research suggests that the regular intake of liquid clay (typically one to three tablespoons daily, in divided doses) can produce other benefits including parasite removal from the intestines, allergy and hay fever relief, and elimination of anemia and acne. For example, clay helps anemia because it contains both types of dietary iron (ferrous and ferric) in an easily assimilated form; it reduces discomfort from allergies by quickly neutralizing allergens that would otherwise produce allergic reactions; and it reduces heartburn and indigestion by absorbing excess stomach acids.

However, clay’s forte is probably its role as a general internal detoxification and cleansing agent. According to Keith Payne of White Rock Mineral Corporation in Springville, Utah, clay scrapes and cleans the lining of the colon. “As the colon becomes cleaner, its ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients increases, making the minerals even more bioavailable, thus giving more energy.”

White Rock’s clay, called Bentonite Minerals™, contains 71 trace and ultra-trace minerals, including many that are probably unknown to most consumers, such as ruthenium, tellurium, and thulium. Trace minerals enable the body to absorb nutrients—“they are the bonding agents in and between you and food,” explains Payne.

Bentonite Minerals are derived from an ancient seabed formation in Utah; according to geologists, the clay formed when a layer of volcanic ash fell into what was, long ago, a shallow inland sea. “As the ash filtered through the seawater, it collected pure minerals, forming a layer of highly mineralized clay,” says Payne.

The best way to drink clay is on an empty stomach, or at least an hour before or after a meal or immediately before sleeping at night, says Knishinsky. Typically, clay is available as a thick tasteless, pale-grey gel, but it also comes as a powder or encapsulated.

Generally, it is advisable to start with one tablespoon daily, mixed with a small amount of juice; observe the results for a week, then gradually increase the dosage to no more than four tablespoons daily, in divided doses. Drinking clay can be an annual spring cleaning of your gastrointestinal tract or it can be a symptom-focused, self-care method.

So who's your Mommy ???? Who's your ma ???? rna drops anyone !!!

Everything is connected Bro :-)

No need to apologise Elon :-)

(NaturalNews) When I attended Codex Alimentarius meetings in Bonn, 2004, and Rome, 2005, I learned several important lessons.

1. Human beings are always going to be manipulated by forces of Authority if they don't take their own Power back.

2. The pharmaceutical industry is pulling out all the stops in their bid to take over the supplement business. The supplement dosages and brands favored by Codex are low potency and synthetic, like Centrum by Wyeth.

4. Products that are patented will be "protected" because that's how Big Pharma protects itself. Patenting "natural" products confers protected status as well.

Therefore, I wasn't surprised when in early July, 2012, I saw several headlines about a new patented medical food. It's called Souvenaid and it combines several nutrients that "appear to improve memory in people with very early and early Alzheimer's disease." I dug further and saw that it's a milk-based drink containing a patented combination of ingredients, some in very low dosages, including: Fish oil, choline, uridine, and vitamins E, B12, B6 and folic acid.

I could not find the origin of their choline, although it's either synthetic or GMO soy; or their uridine (a precursor to RNA), which is found in Brewer's yeast. This, line up of ingredients, of course, means that if you are allergic to dairy, soy or yeast - this is not the product for you! Meanwhile, it won't even be available for another few years!

I mention Souvenaid and this push to patent medicinal foods because, for the past two years, I've been working intently on a "medicinal" food product that I was introduced to over 40 years ago. At that time it was marketed as a water purifier grown from grains that were then trapped inside a cement matrix. That's Right! Science Fiction! Twenty-two years later, I was given the formula by the owner.

And now I'm ready to share one of the many outcomes of what we call "The Living Water" Project: RnA Drops - a technology, both old (referred to in the Bible) and new - (unique enough to qualify for patent status). The iCell patent, that I co-authored, was published in March 2012. It describes the iCell, which is the main ingredient in RnA Drops. The RnA Drops are also referred to in a patent pending called Insulinose. You can google my name and iCell Patent and see that the base ingredient is sprouted barley.

RnA Drops are a food-based product that have a direct connection to what the Bible calls Shewbread but are also referenced as "The Bread of Life", in association with "Living Water". RnA Drops were discovered serendipitously while working on the initial stages of the Living Water project as an early byproduct of the process. When the people working on this project noticed their health and environment improving dramatically by just being close to the process, we took note and explored what was happening.

We had a test group use the RnA Drops and documented the effects. Participants each tasted something different when putting the drops in their mouth. Taste varied from Doritos to dirt; from tobacco to vinegar; from peanut butter to lemons. It was bizarre, as if the Drops would accommodate every individual's gustatory projection. I tasted tobacco at first and I've never smoked. But I immediately realized I might be "detoxifying" all the secondhand smoke from my father when I was growing up. Now I taste lemons.

As we began offering the drops to more people, someone grew an inch; another person got rid of their genital herpes lesions; diabetic blood sugars dropped; and several people had surprisingly rapid recovery after near-fatal accidents. After a heart attack a man with 20% heart function said his heart is back to normal after a year of taking RnA Drops.

What's amazing about RnA Drops, and like no other that I know, is that they are not just active at the level of the physical body. People comment on their heightened state of bliss and feeling like they are in a state of strength, confidence, and poise as their world moves in the direction they want to go. People take back their Power.

Something that may be difficult to fathom is that our inspiration for the Living Water Project came from a Non-Physical source called iON. We don't call iON a medium but a non-physical environment. I know I'm going out on a huge limb here with this revelation but I consider this limb very solid. We think we're living in a 3-D world but even our physicists have discovered what some call "The God Particle" (Higgs boson) with their $10 Billion Hadron Collider.

I, personally, like to consider the possibility that there are more than 3 dimensions and that medicine is more than just treating the physical body. We are living in very interesting times yet many claim that the world is coming off its hinges, that there are no answers and everything is falling apart. So, I say, why not add some miracles and answers to the mix?

iON, in describing the RnA Drops, says that the drops give new information to our RNA which affects our DNA via an improved tuning function of Chromosome14, allowing the replication of perfect cells. Imagine a photocopier that's duplicating a faded master text and the toner is also running low. RnA Drops "enhance the master text" and "replenish the toner" allowing the new master copy to make refreshed, perfect cells.

There is also the matter of increasing our one double-strand of DNA to the numbers that we were created with. Here's a hint. According to iON, we were originally created with 144,000 double-strands of DNA. If this is "true" it goes a long way to explain why we have been living in a perpetual "less than" state and Authority figures have no trouble "keeping us down." To me, this information gives some rationale to the unfortunately familiar lack of ability to come into our own Power. Our 65 hours of in-depth discussion of the Book of Revelation helps sort out the Power versus Authority battle through the ages. Information about iON, the RnA Drops and the first several hours of the Revelation series are available for free under the iON link at Information Farm (www.informationfarm.blogspot.com).



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