In reaching this point where typing and interfacing with this Machine is becoming more and more challenging I have now taken to making recordings, it is much better for me. If you have something you want me to address, just write about it below and if it is proper I will include a response in my daily recordings. :-) Thank you all!

The are date and time stamped for order of replay.

(right click and select save target as)

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Yes I like this much better, if the people don't here my voice when I'm talking they at times they can take what I say as sarcasm or conceit when in all actuality it is just urgency. Plus typing is just about obsolete as a form of communicating higher knowledge. By the way if anything was said that may have seemed offensive you have been with Us long enough to know that this is not Our intent however people who are new see it another way thus Audio is the perfect cure, plus I can get a lot more out of my brain and into yours. I did detail in the book about the significant other, many times its better to grow alone inwardly until one becomes effective enough to show that true spirituality exists vividly to the other partner. Also one should not confuse The Resistance as another course with Ms. Nature from the light network of love, they can get that on youtube in abundance, I care nothing for how the truth is accepted by people I only care that it gets out. As far as feelings and being afraid of how people respond that is the Ego always scarred if it came across the right way thus it is always pretending, We do not have time for that here, this is something more of a spiritual bootcamp. Meet you in the sky. 7
I actually know where the confusion came from by last night when I was in "communion" I was showed the scenario and it was actually all funny. First there is one member who came off balance, a little agent action, thus that person was warned and if it persist they will be banned. We are attempting to accomplish something very big here, for all of Us, there is no time for dualistic quarells and egos, it will not be tolerated in The Resistance. Furthermore one must always read instructions. Those meditations are not music they are fractulated holophonic frequencies and PHI3 will, as explained, manifest fear first in the Neophyte as it is pulling one through 4th Astral as fast as possible to dampen the experience but one cannot avoid it altogether so there will be some type of interaction. When I pass through 4th astral now it is like a white light walking through hell, everything there wishes now to be taken higher, however, there judgment is Set, that has nothing to do with me nor do I enquire what is going on or why it happened, I just keep it moving One has to make preparations before they even begin the meditation to be available to sit for about 1 hour 30 minutes. But you can't say I didn't warn you, lol. I can imagine his face.
Fear is at times a great motivator. My heaviest advent into spirituality came out of fear, this is the case for many. When some type of accident happens you hear a person say "God help me"! That fear them morphs to respect, purpose, and determination.
thank you for this its really starting to hit home
Excellent opus Sevan much respect wholeness onelove!!

In Lak'ech Ala K'in



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