With my recent awakening I have experience a few things that I was prepared for but this is perplexing me ...first the other night while walking home I saw something in the sky that I was sure was not of this earth I asked it to give me some sort of sign that it was real and when I got home there was a beautiful owl pendant just laying there on my porch so today I'm walking and taking selfies and when I got home I looked at the pictures I took there is a huge what looks like an owl hovering in the sky just watching me it isn't flying its head is turned and looking directly at me like its watching me taking pictures of myself I wish I could post the picture if there is a way let me know and I will do so anyways I took pictures one after the other seconds apart and this owl is nowhere to be found in any other pictures I heard the owl means death is that true what doea this mean I'm not afraid qoups just like to know if u can help please contact me thanks

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I've had a friend send a few pictures where an owl trinket had appeared out of nowhere , this was around the easter season , i would do some resistance searching on ishtar the owl god , inanna , astarte , also check out the forlong rivers of life pdf in reference to the pendants/trinkets and when they came into the game , this could possibly make some connections for you . 

I would "take" pendant since the owl is a "good, powerful" symbol. I think it a way it opposes the symbol of raven, but none of them are necessarily scary. If u like, look through this vid


Seeing an owl is an evil omen in arabic culture, like seeing it in your house means that the death of someone dear to you is near, but seeing it following you means you're about to get backstabbed. Whatever it may be, be more careful these days and be wary of the people around you.

Signs :  Walking equals traveling to seek destination ( seek and you shall find) .

             In the sky equals looking above your material support system ( physical) .

             I was sure equals I Am Convinced .

             Owl pendent equals the Wisdom of gravity that circles the plan net in the number eight  motion that                     holds your  spirit  in your universe ( unique verse ) ???????????????????????

             The appearance of the owl is the moment captured once and " framed " into the physical rhelm is in a

             " fleeting "  moment , bound by time , Hence a pause to acknowledge Your Spirit ,                                                 : a Greeting????????????????? 

              You Heard the Herd screaming death and want to know if it is True ?????????

              Your not afraid or meaning: " un a frayed in your what seams " to weave the answer to your question ?

               Death is not :" Being " in the Moment , Hence what has come from your experience ??????????

               Did it lead you into the number 8 going a round the round Looking through the owls eyes for your

               answer ?

               Like to know if  Why Oh You ) (  u ) can help ?

               You experienced the positive action and you have just met this post that grounded Your " NOW ""                        Moment .

               My Post reflects your Words Or They Mirror another Matter in Perspective .

               Death is looking back and forward ( for word )  on the time lying in wait for its next prey ?

               What has the experience done to your " present " called the moment ?

                To read the signs in your times your dueling eyes must become one inside the third eye .



Been hearing Owls all around for quite some time as well . The other night i saw one for the second time swooped down out of the tree and headed right for me , tilted up side ways and swooped past my head and disappeared . He could have crashed through the  windshield of the escape and took me out , he made that blatantly clear ! Whew



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