New information was revealed to me about this life. . . Now my head is in a whirlpool of confusion : /

So recently I have had an experience were I guess you could say I "awakened". Now tons of questions are popping in my head like : If God is everyone and everything & we are everyoneone and everything, why does society now, or why has society for so many years tried to make that statement seem "wrong". In the bible, the first story actually claims this thought to be so wrong that Adam and Eve were banished from paradise because they had "awoken" & the snake had promised them that they would be like Gods. I feel like this story and many other views are just ways that corrupted people have tried to force everyone to think a certain way. . . Idk am I wrong? I feel like everything I thought was true before is a lie, well most of it. That death is not something we should fear and that what we see physically is not all that's there because this universe is endless and endless in dimensions and possibilities. We are literally an endless cycle. Please do not take offense if your religion believes in the one God btw! I am not saying that the God concept does not exist. I just think that instead of seeing him as a man on a thrown controlling everything, he is us and everyone and everything (vise/versa) and WE control what happens to us and everyone and everything. Our thoughts just move at a much slower rate in this dimension. . . . . 

Okay, back to the beginning, what is toying with me are my past beliefs. My whole life I have been with the idea of a God above me in a chair. . . . I am sinning thinking this other way? Why can't I just accept it?

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You're beginning to question the credibility of this reality. people have been taught incorrectly thru influences that were intentionally trying to control them. (i.e. politicians, high priests) There seems to be an awakening because the nonsense has been taking place so long. People have rationalized this "awakening" because of the shift in our age from pisces to our current aquarius. You can begin to break down how you have been essentially "programed" by studying etymology and where words come from. You start to see that the original meanings behind words you use on a day to day basis come from things you would think are from fairytales. huh hah! words that you thought were "good" might come from a "bad" source. So you see that the truth is there. However its on a subconscious level IF you are unaware of whats happening. I think you are beginning to question whats happening. But, the shift doesnt just happen overnite its gradual and can span for years. The so called "controllers"  of this world (i.e. Illuminati, Freemasons, the wealthy) have an understanding of all of this. That is why they have "secret" societies in the first place, to keep certain information away from you and others. Not so secret anymore haha. We are in a age where all of the information is of access to us where we can now study our history, and the history of past influnces etc. 200 years back, We'd probably get stoned and burned to death by mobs for even questioning current belief systems. Awe...ya see? So, its a privilege, it really is. To be alive during this time. no matter how much chaos the influences might portray as if its the "end", in all actuality its really THEIR end.. Not ours..religions are falling apart, Vaticans being exposed, The middle east is out of control, the government is obviously corrupt all for us to REMEMBER...that this type of behavior is not where we came from...Peep it gets deeper try this video to get a better understanding astral quest season 1 episode 1 

Ahh and can you tell me more about the aquarius age? A psychic told me i was an "Indigo Child". I don't understand that? I am glad that so much people know what is really going on. On this website I have gotten so much insight. I never understood life until my recent experience and it's just amazing to me that so many people are on the same page! About wording, I totally agree. They try to make life seem like it's just black and white. Nothing in-between. Thanks for the link and for your opinions, I will check out the video as soon as I can!

Welcome to the resistance.

You are Undivided Consciousness, you come from the Source, Sarai is your Avatar.

You could be an indigo child but that's only a limitation, a fragment of what you really are. It's all part of the process tho to discover who you really are, your identity has many layers, like an  onion.

Always make sure if you get information from outside it also  resonates inside you as Truth.

Balanced vibrations and wholeness on your journey.

Thank you!

It's hard to live free when we've spent our lives strapped down to one way of thinking. Blinkers on, society and TV blaring away in front of us with the script. Even knowing what the word -free- actually means is a struggle, people think it means being able to follow the programmed way of life free of hindrance.

Free actually means you now have your hands on the wheel. You're going off into the unknown, without the map, it'll come to you one day at a time, one experience at a time. It might not be the same as before, because the more free you are, the more responsible for yourself/others you are, things will change naturally. The definitions are free to change, the meaning you derive from life.

Bit of Ego if you don't mind here, as it feels the place to post it. Biggest frustration for Me continuously is, that we are constantly held back, a lack of speed, you put it rightly. In the innerverse, in the world, by our friends/neighbors, by society, by the systems we are stuck in. (This includes the notion of a ladder or a cycle) The more you learn the more you'll see, and the only way to tackle it, for me, is to take small, baby steps. Sure you can do large shocks to your life, like switching from fast food to vegan, but you'll probably get massive discomfort if not make yourself ill for a while. - This again equates to a lack of speed. It makes more sense to look at all of this, not dismiss anything, and see what makes sense to change each season, or each month etc. So you'd go fast food - meat - vegetarian - vegan to achieve a much more measured result.

It is the same with belief systems, as they control your diet, they control your perception of consciousness, or energy. Even the one we are moving into will be upgraded sometime.  Who knows maybe one day we will go beyond belief systems entirely.

 On this site and another amazing one, people have been giving me great advice on this post. I'm doing your advice of taking things slow. I was getting more confused trying to find the " now " answer and rushing/researching every single question I had in my head. Even if I read the answer I still wouldn't understand. Now everything is coming naturally though. It seems like everyday I get led to a place of new information or more information about the universe or how this world works. Or I see or hear a message about what I am supposed to do. Funny how a reality can just shift like that haha

Thank you for the advice!

Check what the people you apparently vote for have been up to....

It saddens me to know that this society has made people feel as though THINKING is a sin! Whether it's the contemplation of the god concept, thoughts of a sexual nature, and even what food we eat. A person can't even be comfortable in their own mind. It seems as if many have endeavored to capitalize on spirituality by introducing fear to get a desired response from the masses. Personally, I have chosen to re-think many things that have had fear injected into them; whether its spirituality, food choices, or whatever. The ebb & flow of the awakening process is the greatest learning experience one can have. You can be faced with high levels of confusion at times and an amazing sense of peace at other times. Just remember that where ever fear is present there is also the presentation of a great lesson. Thanks for this post Sarai. 

Thank you very much! Things have been getting "clearer" and I am learning SOOOOOO much it's endless I love it! I am glad I wrote this in a forum because since this day or these times SOOOOO much has been revealed!!!!! I am still in the process of this awakening and have many questions but luckily this life , in the oddest and simplest ways shows me the light! Wholeness to all of you and your kind words/advice

i believe we were originally designed to live a certain way but some people decided to go over board and gain more power over the rest and a domino effect happened where everyone was infected, Atlantis was a city were everyone was enlightened but then absolute power corrupts absolutely....i think we are all waking up to our truths but maybe all our visions and dreams are trying to tell us that it begins with us we have to agree to live in harmony most dreams experiences i think are trying to convey that too us 

hi sarai, good questions, as for the throne, i believe it is "mount peniel" a.k.a, the externalized pineal gland, there is a correspondence between inside and out, if you refuse to play some roles in your life then they will rule you until you realize you can also have that power and are capable of playing the role :) 

much love from germany



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