Medical and health symbol or something else? (What do you see?)

I'm sure many of you have seen this symbol. You can find this in every medical institution. 

It's such a loud symbol waiting to be decipher so I figure that many of you that are looking to get in the know might enjoy this project. I see kundalini, serpent, bird, spine, and many other things if you know what I mean. I'm interested to see what your thoughts are on the subject. 

Wholeness to everyone!!

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after some research and contemplation I've concluded these symbols can hold many meanings, and that goes for mostly all symbols you'll find everyday. 

these ones are simply greek to me... haha

The serpent could be the symbol of a race of beings who traveled here and mixed with what we were before, before we became homo sapiens, the 72 nadis remind me of another 72, the 72 gods or demons depending on your level of awareness 


This fruit is rapidly reaped by certain beings who are much higher on the evolutionary scale than the human being; veritable Gods of space, who profit from human efforts, but in turn fulfill certain cosmic functions and occupy an important position in the universal economy. These beings have been mentioned previously: they are the Archons of Destiny. We could also refer to them as Gods of the Zodiac, as they direct and govern human existence on this planet.


"When we speak of true astrology, we do not refer to radiations from a specific planet, but to the influence of the Zodiacal Gods, each one of which (there are 72 in all) has personal and defined characteristics, influencing the people they control in a strange way. All of Earth's inhabitants are under the sway of one or more of these Gods, who regulate, shape, and direct the destiny of humanity. But this is not so for the destiny of the Hermeticist, who attains his vital autonomy at a certain moment, releasing himself from the mandate of the Archons." 

"The Archons of Destiny are terrifying beings, not because they are evil, but due to their cold and inexorable severity in the manipulation of sapiens. If we were to establish a symbol for these beings, no doubt they would be depicted with a whip in their hands, a girdle of bristles or netted wire with which they chastise humanity in order to ensure their progress, although this evolution may be imperceptible during our earthly time."



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