Zap negative fields with this high frequency and negative shells will crack, and chakras will be happy.

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May I ask how long everyone listens to this audio file?  And are you "looping" it for longer play somehow? 

Wholeness, thank you for sharing:)



Thanks for the recommendation for using 528 hertz, I'm really interesting in more I believe I have more significance ones in the one hundred area. Hope to talk to you soon

I have a block higher up from a large opening of the heart chakra and this is helping clear it, thanks a lot. It is no coincidence I can always find what I need here, you are a builder of paths Sevan.

Hmmmm...Tingly :)

Wow, this felt great ! If it did nothing else, and thats still to be determined, I felt really.... ,OK cool.  I think I'll play it agin right now.

felt really ecstatic after listening to this, my arms flailed around of their own accord a little, hahaha. 

thank you, it seems to really do something. 

Thank you. keep lifting us up..Creator Bless

thank you...excellent :-) !

Whoa, I was just in a weird funk; Just sad and I couldn't place my finger on why. This completely eliminated it. Thanks, Sevan :)

Please email me the link at

Intense. Its like it went into the core of my being, but im very sensetive as it But I wore my headset and had the volume on pretty loud:)



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