I am glad to be a part of the "Resistance."  I am an intuitive healer that uses The Elemental System, a system that I have perfected that uses Aromatherapy, Astrology and Numerology to target and heal the sources of pain of the mind, body and sometimes spirit.  It targets the source and with the proper combinations of even the simplest essential oils, I have been able to eliminate the need for steroid therapy in some cases of severe or chronic cases of tendonitis and muscular injury.  I also have developed a "miracle" formula for bug bites that also treats minor skin irritations and itch y skin and it also eases the suffering of hemorrhoids (who new)....

I am teaching this course via Facebook (Divine Time Healing Arts)...Please like my page and message me if you are interested in details on the course. It is a four module course designed to take 28 weeks to complete, however everyone has their own pace.  The modules are $11 each or the whole course is $44.

I have made this an inexpensive course because I want people to purchase it that may have been interested in a course like this, but didn't want to pay some of the out-of-sight prices courses like this go for.  This along with my budding business is a labor of love, first, a way to make a living fourth...Helping others, educating people on how they an self heal are 2 and 3.

Recent heartbreak from Twin Soul rejection has put me into healing mode....supercharged....and sometimes the best way to heal is to help to heal others....

Have a Blessed Day and Thank You for accepting me into the Resistance!!!


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