I came across this video the other day and have been trying to decode it ever since. It''s basically one long symbolic gesture. The thing is, I'm not sure which "side" this is coming from. I'll let some watch before I comment on what I've figured out (I think). Sevan would be best equipped for handling this one..hint, hint


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This is quite a vid...I would be interested in knowing what you figured out. Thank you for sharing.


I'd love to know what you figured out also.......I may have to watch it again.....Thank you for posting...

Too bad people so talented in CGI FX have to waste their time pandering to the age old bogus religious mind control doctrines. Its obviously a Christian message that the New age Illuminati Anti-Christ is coming.... 

Oh & btw how about going to the website of the films creators for a break down of ideas... lol


It's really not all that deep or meaningful... just more Christian fear bassed programs running amuck in some talented people, a shame really, we could use talent like that here @ the Resistance to help get ideas across. 

I am in (near) total agreement with the assessments of Interface/Phi. It is indeed a religious Old age "prophesy" of sorts. However, to say this is not telling its viewers something is not entirely accurate. There is a ton of clues as to what's next in the TPTW (the powers that were) plan of action to bring about One world order. Before I get into this, I want to make clear that I know in my heart the NWO agenda will not be realized as it is an ideal built upon lies and false assumptions. This is not to say "they" will not try it anyway.

The title gives one clues: "I pet goat" (the first "pet goat" or stoolie/patsie/drone) was obviously G.W. Bush as clearly shown. The II, or next "pet goat" is Obama, and his 9-11 will be in London. In the drawing on the board behind him where the Hangman's game is spelling out evolution, the O is present in "evo", but not in the "tion" portion of the word. Instead "evo" is in lower case letters and LTN is capitalized. Why? LTN is the international airport code for London's Luton airport. I believe the video is also saying that Obama will not survive (hence his tears/fear as "it" approaches). As the camera pans away from Obama (who is trapped in a prison cell) Psalm 23 (the lord is my sheppard....) is found on the wall. This Psalm is supposed to be  recited by those who are walking into the face of death knowingly. There is also a calendar on the wall in one scene which is set to July 2012. The 27th day (or the start of the Olympics) is missing. Beyond this, things are pretty lockstep with the christian ideal of the "end of times". This is what TPTW wish to give us. Their narrative following the script they devised for us hundreds of years ago, THE self fulfilling prophecy of all time.

I also noted a few other obvious cues in the video. In the scene that first shows the American flag, notice it was split in half. Whether this was alluding to a revolution which divides the country or a physical split caused by "natural events". I am leaning towards a combination of the 2 myself. The next few frames show the statue of liberty under water. If you look at this frame, it is an overview of New York City under water. Whether this is a HARRP induced earth quake or meteors from space that cause it is unclear. I am leaning towards a manmade event due to the star of david scene appearing under the statue of liberty just prior to its' sinking. I took this as a symbol of Israeli (specifically Zionists/Mossad agents) involvement.

Did any of you note Osama Bin Laden's CIA patch on his jacket? Or the stealth bombers bombing Iran? Or the "end of Russia" symbolized by the Russian man sinking into green muck holding a sickle and hammer? All clues as to their agenda. The bottom line is, most here know these events are "theirs" in which "they" hope to cause to usher in a one world government.

Most also know their failure is imminent (provided the awakened souls do their part to continue exposing "their " false imagery). This is a battle for attention. energy flows where attention goes. So if enough attention(through a fear of it's coming to pass) is paid to their vision, it will be realized. Someone asked the question (paraphrasing) "can you maintain your ideal vision in the face of a total collapse?" this is the key. It is my personal belief that history (as we've been taught it) is ending. It is about to be exposed as a total farce, therefore ending it as we know it. Can you keep your head, stay calm/focused/present in the face of what seems to be the end of us all? the answer to that question will play a part in how this whole series of events plays out.

It's goin down

Sure can mate...

I've been waiting for the End of this Aeon my entire life here on this Terra ( Terror ) Dome, my life has been a dress rehearsal for this moment.

Let the show begin.....  IAO

i noticed they have some explanations of things here: http://www.heliofant.com/gallery.html 

next to the pictures.

just let your own inner guidance and esoteric innerstanding help you wash this video clean and scrub the lies from it to be left only with truth (:

p.s in wholeness (spheres) there are no sides, all is truth, only extreme polarities which serve a purpose.

love has no points, it is round.

for instance, about christ they say: "That's YOU!!! when you stand in the awareness of your sonship with the Divine and the brotherhood of mankind!!! "

about george bush obama they say "The left-right puppet and additional layer of disenfranchisement, keeping you distracted while Drako weaves his web. " 


about islam they say: "The whirling heart of Islam awakened to the one true God! He is free and needs no control. "

This is why it is called I pet goat ll maybe....
This is about 9-11 & The Kaaba
Which becomes so clear

When you come to 10. 10 is their God. But if you stop at 9 and you skip to 11.
Skipping God, then you are a Luciferian. 11 is the number of the magician. 1 step above. 
Once you accomplished the tree of life. You are now a magician. You are 1 above 10. 
But they are doing it by skipping God. That's the symbolism of 9-11.

Note -
A sun cycle is made up of 11 years.

George Bush's, grandfather, Prescott Bush, wrote a satanic 'Book of Law' while possessed in the center of the Giza Pyramid. He believed to connected with a entity called 'Pan'.

'Pan - The Horned Goat God'

George Bush was reading The 'Pet Goat' on start of 9-11 mega-ritual to the Great God "Pan".

The book 'My Pet Goat' has been banned because of its ritualistic undertones dedicated to the satanic entity "Pan"

The words of that book were the ones being chanted by the classroom as the attack were taking place. And last but not least, remember satanists always use "reverse" or "upside-down symbolism"

Out of all the books on earth, why read this book? Don't answer this now.

So how was George Bush reading that 'My Pet Goat' book?


The Sphere. Koenig started work in 1967 in his barn in Bavaria. The same place the Illuminati was founded. The interesting fact about the placement of the Sphere at the world trade center plaza, has to be that it's intended the plaza itself to be a representation of the Grand Mosque of Mecca. In other words, 'to mimic the Grand Mosque of Mecca.' The Ssphere in particular taking the place of the Kaaba.

There Sphere can be located by clicking here

Now that you understand a part of 9-11. Let's go far deeper to the truth.

Why The Kaaba? Are they challenging God once again?
Or are they signifying the future destruction of the Kaaba (a sign of the end of times)

There are several key energy points on earth. When 2 lay line cross, or when energy is forming from the earth, it flows in a spiral clockwise motion.

You constantly release energy as well, in face emotions and thoughts are energies in motions...

However there is something very different about the Kaaba. The Kaaba has the most amount of energy lines passing through it. Making it the most powerful energy point on Earth. The Kaaba channels and releases the most powerful energy on Earth..
And when it is the most visited place on earth, its not difficult to understand why...

But the Kaaba's energy flows in a different manner...
It does so in an counter-clockwise motion...

Therefore can you guess in which direction God has asked Muslims to circle the Kaaba?

It's time you start placing your faith and dedication to the One and Only God. The ever-lasting creator of everything on Earth and in the Universe. He is Greater than anything our minds can comprehend. 

Do you know how many times Muslims are required to circle the Kaaba? 
7 times, each counter-clockwise.

Would you like to know why? 

You see what lines us as humans to this life and to this dimension to this earth. Is the limits of time and space. We are bound to this dimension and this reality through time and space. Hence if one wants to leave this dimension or leave this reality. He needs to break away from time and space. 

So when you visit the Kaaba and you rotate counter-clockwise. What is this practice actually doing? It is literally helping you elevate your soul and elevating yourself to break away from time and space so you can touch something so Unique and so Beautiful and so Powerful that it changes your Life Forever and if you don't believe me.

Ask anyone who has visited the Kaaba. How he or she felt, or how their lives has changed ever since.

If circling around the Kaaba helps you elevate yourself and break away, at-least spiritually, from this world, than can you guess why we do it 7 times?

There is obviously a wisdom behind this, and based on my analysis, I believe it is connected to the following...

How many spiritual planes are there in this universe?
7, there are 7 spiritual planes above us... 

Get it?

Got it?

Goat it!

The analysis I’ve read on this video strikes me as superficial, and most people really reach to fit it into a belief system. So I’ve decided to offer my analysis which makes logical sense without grasping too hard about at the meaning. Since Vigilantcitizen and others seems to have dropped the ball big time on this one, I’ll offer my best ideas and hopefully a coherent picture will emerge.

The company itself is shrouded in mystery, there doesn’t seem to be any real information about them online. They came out of nowhere! The name “Heliofant” is very fitting for the video they’ve produced, given that Helios is the Greek sun-god and fant may mean “to make visible” or to reveal. They released this video in mid-June, just over a month before the Olympics. In contrast to the animation, the information given by Heliofant on the site has almost zero subtlety, nuance, or depth. It reads like a big joke, possibly aimed to make people seeking answers stop looking because “oh the company explains it already on the site.” The company only describe characters, as if advertising a videogame. Here’s an example from the site: “That’s YOU!!! when you stand in the awareness of your sonship with the Divine and the brotherhood of mankind!!!” Am I really supposed to believe that the makers of this brilliant work of art, which looks better than most Pixar films would actually write something so childish? Three exclamation marks, poor grammar, and a capitalization error? No way.

“My Pet Goat” was the name of the book George Bush read to the kids before 9-11, which was obviously a staged event. A video recording of the classroom Bush was invited to prior to 9-11 shows the teacher telling kids to sound out the words “KITE, HIT, STEEL, PLANE, MUST” in that order.

The name of this animation is I, Pet Goat II. You will notice that like with everything in this video and with the language of the “Illuminated ones”, symbols have multi-leveled meaning and significance. Symbolism tells a story, but you will interpret this story differently depending on the depth of knowledge and paradigm of beliefs you fall into. That is the one of the reasons elites love symbolism, as it communicates to people on the level they’re currently at, therefore maintaining and reinforcing the pyramidal structure of knowledge and power.

It is important to note here are no coincidences in this video, everything is by design. The length of the video is 7:28 (7/28) the second day of the Olympics. It used to be 7:27 (day of the opening ceremony) but was later changed to 7:28. This can’t be a coincidence, but I wouldn’t necessarily presume something will happen that day either.

In the title appearing around 0:17, there are 9 yellow blocks making up I, Pet Goat, and II can be read as 11. So right off the bat we have 9-11. If My Pet Goat is taken to symbolize the first 9/11 event, I, Pet Goat II can also be taken to symbolize the second. But there hasn’t been a second major event yet, just the devastating consequences of the first. This is my interpretation of what the movie is about, the second big event. Obviously there was never an animation “I, Pet Goat 1″ because this is the first movie these people have ever made. Their choice of the pronoun “I” implies that we or all of us individually are the part of the second event. We are the project. This may make more sense after reading the rest of my analysis.

0:00-0:20: The pet goat in the beginning is trapped inside a box. A box could symbolize the compartmentalized nature of the next event (pet goat representing the event). This event is also within a prison, further emphasizing compartmentalization. The barcode and “666″ under it on the goat’s forehead indicate the controlled/satanic nature of the project. The prison contains hundreds of barb-wired doorknobs, possibly showing this next 9-11 has many traps, and no exit. The bell around the goat’s collar emphasizes it as the ‘pet goat’ and indicates that the next 9.11 may involve a bell. There’s also stadium lights in the background. Coincidentally, a giant bell is being ordered for the opening ceremony of the Olympics 2012 which will take place in a stadium. Also, the pet goat (event) is either hypnotized/hypnotizing as shown by the spiraling/dizzying eyes. The spotlight that shines on the goat (which jumps out/surprises the viewer) may indicate that this event will be watched.

0:20-0:35: Two scaly, bloody, evil hands with a $ ring representing Satan (which means opposer or forces of limitation) and money. He is shown to be the puppeteer of George Bush.

0:36-1:12: Bush tries to recite his lines that he’s supposed to use after 9-11. A hypnotizing, repetitive background noise can be heard (implying the trance he’s in). He is shown here to be an incompetent puppet wearing a dunce cap. George Bush shifts into Barack Obama, both left-right political puppets controlled by the same force. Obama is conveyed as charming with the white, bright smile. He is laughing at the cue of the teleprompter which tells him “lol.” On the classroom wall are many symbols. Near the ceiling we can see the evolution of humans from fish to modern day man, to Illuminated/enlightened man. The red tacks all show areas of major Illuminati related disasters/terrorist attacks such as the Oklahoma city bombings. The owl could be Moloch, implying presidential affiliation with Bohemian grove and the elites. The clock at the top of the wall in the school shows it’s noon/midnight, this could also be interpreted as marking the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. Finally, the floor is black and white emphasizing the importance of duality as the structural makeup of this reality.

1:12-1:42: Camera pans out to a small girl in the same room, one of the students listening to Bush. Immediately we can recognize the theme here is mind control, given the Alice and Wonderland setting (white rabbit, clothing, apple, etc). Alice and Wonderland is one of the main scripts used to create trauma-based mind control systems (see Fritz Springmeier for more information). The girl is surrounded by faceless sculptures representing the students which appear unconscious and therefore can be made into whatever the powers that be/educational system would like. There are twelve figures, they could have astrological significance as well. The girl drops the apple, which rolls to Barack Obama’s feet. The apple dropped by the child turns into a lotus flower. This flower is the perfect symbol for the awakening out of the muck of this reality. As seen in the sweat rolling down his face, the awakening appears to make Obama nervous. Later in the video we see the flowers around the boat outside the cave (symbolizing that the journey through this reality will ultimately result in the flowering of awareness and awakening).

1:42-2:05: Camera pans out to show the two towers on 9-11 crumbling into ruin. A person wearing a ‘terrified/sad’ mask jumps into the water (representing the people jumping out of the towers on 9-11). He jumps in ballet style and wears a mask to convey that this is all part of the larger “stage” or theatre of Earth. As Shakespeare said, “all the world’s a stage.” The drama is controlled so thoroughly and completely.

2:15-2:20: We begin to see the consequences of 9-11. Osama Bin Laden is shown wearing a CIA badge commanding an army of illuminati soldiers.

2:21-2:26: Oil is shown dripping into the sea like blood, as one of many reasons for war in the middle east (but definitely not the only reason).

2:26-2:30: The destruction of the USA’s freedoms and liberty soon follows, the USA shown to be controlled by Israel (symbolized by the star underneath statue of liberty). The flame could also have dual meaning as the Olympic torch, again implying a false flag event. The statue of liberty comes from the Greek sun-god “Helios” or the Roman sun-god “Mithras” with the 7 rays as the crown (depicted accurately in the video). We are hinted at this because when the flame falls, the clouds also close and the sun is obfuscated, emphasizing the role of the Sun.

2:31-2:37: Camera pans out to an unborn fetus already watched and controlled by reptilian forces who use advanced technology to monitor every aspect of our lives. Showing that humans are controlled from before the time we’re born (I do not believe reptilians are the only forces controlling humanity by a long shot, but they are emphasized in the video).

2:47-3:01: Ludovic is lying down, he is seen possessed and controlled by these forces (head cracked open with reptilian snake inside), with no mind of his own. All he can see is tragedy (stocks plunging) that they want him to see. He is lying on the ground, complacent and paralyzed by the drama they’re showing him. Ludovic, who according to the videomakers symbolizes the potential of the soul, is seen as being heavily steered alien forces, implying we have had our potential directed and conducted throughout history.

3:02-3:29: War in the middle east (building with crescent moon symbolizing Islam). A mother (Mother Mary/Mother Earth or Gaia) crying with the corpse of her child, lying together in the desert amidst the otherwise icy landscape. They are victims of the wars in the middle east. Next, a robotic voodoo doll with a machine gun controlled by a shadowy figure with a skull and crossbones tattoo. This might be a way of depicting soldiers as puppets to fight wars for the shadowy elite (affiliated with Skull & Bones), but I’m not sure.

3:30-3:34: Mexican construction worker (read his tattoo) possibly caught in the sludgy mire of financial crisis (hammer and sickle representing communism?).

3:35-3:46: The archetype of the brave, lone dissident of war is seen next waving a peace/surrender flag infront of a line of Illuminati tanks, wearing tattoos like “no bombs.” Skullduggery, wearing paraphernalia associated with elite wealth puts a hand on her which convinces her to stop doing this. The symbolism here is of the monetary system saying “you need money, you need me to survive and thrive. Look at how much fun you’d have with me (fireworks)!” She looks down sheepishly and acknowledges it, entering back into the control system.

3:59-4:03: Ludovic is now in the second stage, beginning to struggle and fight against the dark forces. Earlier he was complacent, now he is struggling. They’re in his head, desperate, relentlessly negative, telling him what to think and what to see (earlier showing him stock markets crashing, trying to keep him preoccupied with drugs and distractions).

4:04-4:33: Jesus, who may symbolize truth, awareness and awakening of humanity, and destruction of the current paradigm and the pathway into a new one through the heart, or alternatively who may symbolize the coming anti-christ, is now sailing through the dimensional doorways of the cosmos, causing the collapse of dimensions (described by many new age teachings as the process we’re going through now) and begins ending the old paradigm.

4:34-4:50: An elderly woman is trapped in the prison of meaningless sex, the hand of God reaches out to her to shine light on her previous actions and she struggles/flails as she begins to reflect on her past (represented by the bloody period and hundreds of tallymarks/people she’s had sex with on the wall). The “XXX” on her shoes may seem appropriate as a surface level symbol emphasizing sex, but I believe it has further meaning as a reference to the “XXX” Olympics (2012 Olympics) and Prince William, who was born on the summer solstice, who has been set up to be the “sun-king” or the anti-christ by the Illuminati, and is also XXX years old which was the same as Jesus when he began his ministries. Perhaps the real reason for this scene was because the videomakers were desperate to fit in the extremely important symbol “XXX” and couldn’t find a better way! Who knows.

4:51-5:57: As the Lord of Dance, Nataraja, Shiva performs the tandava, the dance in which the universe is created, maintained, and dissolved. Secondly, the purpose of his dance is to release the souls of all men from the snare of illusion.

4:58-5:16: Jesus, or the awakening/transformation of humanity, begins to destroy the old paradigm. The business drones/slaves all lined up crumble into dust. The reptilian control system, desperate and paranoid flees from the boy, who has successfully freed himself from their influence. 5:17: Hilarious but true, the finance/monetary system (skullduggery) keeps conducting non-stop! The financial system just keeps going.

5:17-5:45: The world is transforming, the previously dead, armless middle-eastern boy is now doing the whirling dervish dance of ascension. He is followed by the cosmic dancer, who in its metamorphosis between different animals and beings, demonstrates that this is all part of a cosmic dance, a grand play, a cosmic movement of different people and different beings playing each role…all of them needed to create this realm of spiritual growth.

5:46-end: Jesus’ Anubis boat is designed with markings representing the chromosomes, and he moves through the DNA at the end of the cave (transcending his current physical body). Jesus emerges foam the darkness of our reality and finally breathes fresh air, opening his eyes for the first time. The awakening has finally come! The old paradigm (pyramids, churches) crumble into dust. The control system has finally fallen. The fires depicted in his eyes and on his body are the perfect symbol to represent both Jesus’ role as the incarnation of the Sun, and the flame of awakening spreading within all of us. It also artistically contrasts with the old paradigm illustrated as icy/rigid. Jesus, representing all of us, sail towards the Sun… to the higher dimensions. If Jesus Christ is actually supposed to represent the anti-christ then this has a slightly different, more sinister meaning. At the very end of the video, we see the 3 egyptian pyramids being destroyed (they’re on the left/west side of the river). All Egyptian pyramids were built on the west bank of the Nile, which as the site of the setting sun was associated with the realm of the dead in Egyptian mythology. Finally, the sun rises and the pyramids are destroyed, indicating a reversal of the setting sun. We are reborn as enlightened humans.

Will we rise from the ashes under the control of the cosmic matrix or as truly sovereign beings? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see, that's twelve from David Icke's forum translation...

Vigilant-citizen website
The Esoteric Symbolism of the Viral Video “I, Pet Goat II”

“I, Pet Goat II” is a computer animated video that is loaded with silent messages and esoteric symbolism. While the movie has no dialogue, each symbol tells a piece of a story that covers the fields of history, politics, occult conspiracies and spirituality. We’ll look at the esoteric meaning behind the viral sensation “I, Pet Goat II”.

Produced by the Canadian production crew Heliofant, I, Pet Goat II is a short animated movie that quickly went viral across the internet. Praised for its visual feats and its interesting imagery, the video however left many puzzled about the meaning of its symbolism. Politics, conspiracies and false flag operations are mixed with esoteric spirituality and occult symbolism in one big mesmerizing mind bender. Here’s the video.

After watching the video, many might say something like “What the hell did I just watch?”. The story is somewhat non-linear and there are many cryptic and enigmatic elements in the movie. I won’t claim to fully decode every single symbol-filled frame of the video, but many of the messages are easily understandable due to rather heavy-handed symbolism.

In general, the movie appears to be about the political and social climate of the past decade – complete with puppet Presidents, false flag terror and mind-controlling sorcerers. Then, through the following of a Christ figure, we leave all the sadness behind to enter a new, sunny era. In short, the story is about the triumph of spiritual enlightenment against the forces of darkness. Let’s look at the movie and at some of its many details.

I, Pet Goat II

The opening scene is already replete with symbolism.

The video begins with an interesting scene: A goat inside a box in what appears to be some sort of detention (FEMA) camp. The goat has a bar-code on its head with the numbers 6 6 6 underneath it. If I, Pet Goat is about liberation from the forces of darkness, this first scene seems to depict the exact opposite. Does this goat represent those who have been “boxed in”, bar-coded and brainwashed by the corrupt system? The usage of the pronoun “I” in the title implies that the goat might be, in fact, the viewer himself.

The Puppet Show that is Politics

In the first part of the video, a hidden puppet master controls George “Dubya” Bush inside a classroom. When the planes struck the Word Trade Center in September 2001, Bush was inside a classroom reading the book My Pet Goat to children. The Masonic checkerboard floor of the classroom might signify that this whole charade had a ritualistic component to it.

Bush tap-dances, makes scary faces and says random stuff to keep the masses clueless about the truth.

Above Bush is an interesting graphic depicting the evolution of mankind from fish, to monkey, to man holding a weapon. What is the final stage of evolution? The illuminated man, represented by a sunburst around its head.

Bush wears a dunce cap, this conical hat that was given to “slower” students to humiliate them. When Bush is done making a fool out of himself, he turns into Obama, a charming and distinguished man wearing a graduation cap. He starts off nice and lovable, but he ultimately begins to laugh at the audience. While he appeared to be the perfect response to the idiocy of Bush’s era, the fact remains: He is simply another puppet controlled by the same puppet master.

While most of the audience is totally oblivious to what is happening, one girl is not buying it.

While the masses appear to be deaf, dumb and blind (and restrained by barb wire), this little girl realizes that “this apple is not hers and drops it”. Obama is concerned by the awakening of this girl.

We are then taken to the cold and snowy outside world around the school. On a wall, there’s a graffiti with an important message behind it.

On the school wall is a graffiti saying “Psalm 23″.

The Biblical verse that is referred to by the graffiti appears to foretell the journey viewers are about to embark on.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

- Psalm 23, NIV

A World in Decay

The outside world is dark, cold and literally in decay. It is sad, corrupt and everything is shaking and crumbling down.

At one point, two towers – reminiscent of the WTC – fall down. We then learn that it was an inside job.

Bin Laden is wearing a CIA badge, hinting to the fact that he was a tool used by the American government to advance its agenda. The moon crescent, a symbol associated with Islam, is reversed, which is may be a way of saying that all this Al-Qaeda stuff is a perversion and an exploitation of Islam.

While oil leaks from everywhere, a six pointed star appears under the Statue of Liberty, renamed by the makers of the movie “Lady of Helotry” (“helotry” means serfdom or slavery).

Is the six-pointed star (also know as the Star of David) appearing under the Lady of Helotry a way of saying that the US is highly influenced by Israel?

While the world is crumbling down, many ancient institutions disappear or get destroyed.

This Mosque is destroyed by fighter jets.

This Latino worker is sinking, along with his hammer and sickle – representing the disappearance of Marxism in third world countries. On Heliofant’s official site it is said: “After years of economic exploitation and the environmental degradation, Juan “Pepito” has a decidedly sinking feeling.”

Controlling the Masses

The world is under the spell of an evil sorcerer named Drako. According to the makers of  the movie, Drako is:

“The Sorcerer, the unseen hand and spirit of madness seeking ever more control through trickery, lies, poisons, false-flag events, wars, and mountains of bureaucratic and legal framework to siphon off the energy of the inhabitants of the earth. He fears the light of day as he fears life itself, and operates in the shadows. His greatest power is his hold on the issuance of the currency.”

Does this sound like what we call the Illuminati? Yes, yes it does.

The same way the Illuminati seeks to brainwash children since birth, Drako preys on this unborn child named Ludovic.

Drako’s reptilian eye awaits the birth of Ludovic.

In esoteric tradition, the symbol of the serpent-entwined egg is known as the Orphic Egg. In short, it represents the latent seed of life and the infinite potential of creation. In other words, while this child appears to be hopeless, he still has the power to reach his full potential.

When the egg is hatched and the child is born, Drako literally takes control of his mind in a creepy, parasitic way.

Drako has the pyramid and all-seeing eye found on the US dollar bill on his chin. Not only does it represent the fact that he controls currency, it also represents the Illuminati. Underneath Drako’s eyes is the saying “Ordo Ab Chao” – meaning Order Out of Chaos, the occult elite’s favorite slogan. Also, the dude has only one eye open. Could he, like, more represent the Illuminati?

 The Liberator

Amid all this chaos, a figure emerges with the power to make everything right.

Navigating on an Egyptian ceremonial boat, Jesus Christ appears to be in trance.

The Christ-like figure has a third eye painted right on the pineal gland, which refers to the concept of spiritual illumination. The triangle above the eye represents divinity and that illumination leads to the contact with one’s own divine nature. The symbols on the Christ’s forehead are in complete opposition to pyramid on Drako’s chin. While both figures bear similar symbols on their faces, Christ has them “right” and Drako has them in reverse/inverted, meaning that he (and the Illuminati) have corrupted these ancient symbols.

Named by the makers of the video “The Fire of Truth”, the Christ figure is not meant to be Jesus Christ himself, but a representation of the concept of Inner Christ as defined by Gnosticism. According to this esoteric current of Christianity, the Inner Christ is the potential found in everyone to reach godhood through spiritual illumination. On Heliofant’s website, The Fire of Truth is described as:

“That’s YOU!!! when you stand in the awareness of your sonship with the Divine and the brotherhood of mankind!!! “

When the Christ figure breathes the Fire of Truth on the world, some oppressed or distressed characters come back to life, like Ludovic, the child inside the egg. Also, Aali, a little Muslim boy that appeared battered and dead rises back to life.

Little Aali rises up from the crumbles of the destroyed Mosque, twirling in traditional Dervish attire.

The boy is executing the ancient art of Sufi whirling, which is practiced by the Sufi Dervishes of the Mevlevi order. The Dervishes are an ancient esoteric current of Islam.

“The mysteries of the Islamic faith are now in the keeping of the dervishes – men who, renouncing worldliness, have withstood the test of a thousand and one days of temptation. Jelal-ud-din, the great Persian Sufic poet and philosopher, is accredited with having founded the Order of Mevlevi, or the “dancing dervishes,” whose movements exoterically signify the motions of the celestial bodies and esoterically result in the establishment of a rhythm which stimulates the centers of spiritual consciousness within the dancer’s body.”
- Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Whirling Dervishes

The rebirth of the Muslim boy as a Whirling Dervish signals that there is a link between him and the Inner Christ: Both represent initiation into esoteric schools, which all have a common goal – the contact with divinity through spiritual illumination. Other religions with esoteric undercurrents such as Hinduism (represented by a dancing Shiva), are also represented in the movie. Is the Christ figure maybe the Anti-Christ deceiving all religions into following him? Perhaps.

When the Christ figure exits the Cathedral, the building (which was guarded by an evil-looking gargoyle) crumbles behind him.

In this new era of spiritual enlightenment, elaborate man-made buildings become unnecessary and outdated. They therefore crumble and disappear.

As night turns into day, the Christ figure opens his fiery eyes and navigates towards the sunlight. Lotus flowers, symbols of spiritual enlightenment in Eastern philosophy, appear behind him, confirming to the viewers that the path to freedom is indeed a spiritual one.

In Conclusion

I, Pet Goat II has received widespread acclaim for its technical prowess and its original storytelling. Although there is no narration or dialogue, an elaborate story is delivered using the most ancient and universal language in History: Symbolism. Through symbols, the movie manages to deliver an acerbic critique of today’s Western Civilization, to describe its numerous evils and even to predict its inevitable downfall. More importantly, a thorough decoding of the movie’s symbolism reveals a powerful message of spiritual enlightenment based on ancient Mysteries. While this esoteric aspect of the movie might not be understood by many, it is at the core of the movie and is presented as the ultimate solution to the evils and corruption of today’s world. The movie’s conclusion is therefore a very personal one: Either YOU become a pet goat with a 666 bar-code on your forehead or YOU become a Christ figure with a third eye on your forehead. This notion of personal enlightenment is definitively a Gnostic one and is common to most esoteric schools of thoughts in all civilizations.

Agreeing or disagreeing with the movie’s spiritual conclusion is a question of personal beliefs, but it is nevertheless obvious that those behind I, Pet Goat II are “in the know” about all things occult, esoteric and even conspiratorial. Each scene has a profound underlying story behind it – whether it be historical, political or spiritual – that would take pages and pages of words to thoroughly explain. Therein lie the power of symbols: They can simply be admired for their aesthetic beauty or they can, when fully understood, reveal a profound story about humanity, God and everything in between.



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