Ok Q&A i have a quick Q.....

My instructions that came with the MMS I bought from ebay say very clearly to "use distilled water and DO NOT SUBSTITUTE"....

Well all I have is tap which is outta the question..and then I have bottled water in the fridge. Bottled water isn't distilled, its purified but its also safe to drink lol. Do any of you use purified water to make your solutions? Or will it ruin the citric crystals?

Just figured i'd ask first instead of experimenting and potentially destroying the only batch of MMS I have.

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If there are any windowwasher companies near you, you can ask them if you can buy some. They almost always use distilled water to prevent stains. This is how I get mine, and most of them won't charge you for a gallon or so.

The cheapest and possibly a great product to at least try are Prills. These are beads in a bag wich you can use for several years. They remove chlorine, toxins and energize and structure the water from your tap.

TransDerma Minerals Precious Prills, 90g (3 oz)
Ok great thanks Kai & Aceofswords! Glad I didn't mix it then because I was going to use the purified water to mix the citric acid solution. I'll be headed to Iraq soon..so I won't get my hands on any distilled water any time soon which is a bummer. Thanks though guys :)
Distilled is "purified water". However, the minerals are removed. There is a lot of information and ways to use water. You can solarize, alkalize, magnetize, re-mineralize (trace (colloidal,ionic, monatomic))your water, use sound frequencies, prayer. I don't ever use tap, but the MMS will zap the tap. It's good to have both cleansing and nourishing water. There are also more alkaline waters out there (minerals like sea salt or baking soda(aluminum free) can add that charge to your water. If you happen to be in a situation (outing etc.) and have to drink the restaurant water, or bar water, ask for some lemons on the side. Use the lemons (high mineral content) to clean the water. Chlorophyll is also good to add to clean water. It's a lot, but a litte, I know, but we are all finding ways.
MMS can be used with regular water for purification of that water. MMS will activate in water within 24 hours anyway despite the addition of the Citric Acid. As far as distilled water being the only thing that can be used must be a misprint. It is optimal to use bottled/purified water and of course if you have distilled that would be premium.



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