It is finished, a great work achieved, the Chakra tuner from bottom to top perfectly calibrated for the 7 Chakras.

Just so everyone knows there are 7 of these and you will find them by going to the "first" page of the comments. You will find another post by me with the rest of the tones attached.

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The rest.

thanks for this gift,looking forward to more wholeness and enfinite balance...thank you :)



Yea definetly feeling more balanced cheers mate went a day without food and drinking sion water shifting dimensions and breaking through thank you seven life changing stuff spirit gold namaste

One more to make a total of 7 :-)
Yes, with stereo headphones. -- Doing these Mudras as you go might also help you.

What a wonderful suggestion! I had forgotten abut mudras. Thank you! -O-

thank you a lot brother.
Thanks alot, will try it out ! :)
Tones are awesome Sevan! One question your book you mention opening the chakras from the
crown down to the this correct, or is it the root to the crown. Thanks and great work Sevan.
root to the crown.

He had a point... but in our case we should attempt to master the lower ones first.

just like building a pyramid, peace.



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