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WOW!!! The saga continues. Great compilation!

Thanks for Sharing


Nice Montage! Definite false flag fear tactics. Smh @ the cowards that be.


god (dog) bless America... i guess... ugh...

Crisis Actors Used In Boston False Flag

Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 21-Apr-2013 10:14:33

In Response To: CGI's IdahoBullwinkle: Was anyone really injured in the Boston bomb... (CGI_admin)


I'm not going to embed the photos here because some might not want to look at them because they're very graphic (even though I think they're fake).

But the more I looked at them, the more I thought something is not right here. First thing that stood out was the color of the blood, it reminded me of paint. Blood does not stay that bright of red when exposed to the air. And look at two people attending to a person laying on the ground, while no one is helping the guy with the missing legs. Then in the next photo, someone different is attending the person laying flat while still no one is helping the most injured person.

There are two angles of the same scene:

Then we see a "Hero Cowboy" is credited with saving the legless victim.

You know they always have to have Hero stories come out after their staged false flags, remember "Let's Roll?"

Then I found this photo on line:

And here is an article about Nick Vogt
(the link doesn't seem to work right now as I review this, but I can assure you that was a story about how Nick lost both his legs)

I can't be completely sure if that's the same guy or not. It sure would not surprise me. The Black Magicians that are creating our reality have been practicing this very same scenario that happened during the Boston Marathon False Flag. Take a look at the video below.. notice the fake explosions and the realistic amputee wounds. This is all 'Hollywood Effects,' and don't forget about .



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