This is one of my least favorite topics and I included a note about this in the end of the post "Resistance Founder Turns 33...." however few people, 3 to be exact responded to the call. I do believe this was in part due to the length of that post which is quite possible only a few have gone completely through. As there are few of these type of posts on the Resistance which has been going for 3 years you will see that I only ask when it is absolutely necessary and we are on the brink of losing our services.


The matter is in regards to financially supporting the Resistance if you can. Here is that note.


"At times we have come under fire for asking people to donate, however, it is important to realize that in this world people support so many things that are doing nothing for them why is it they have such a hard time in supporting things that may be assisting them so it can continue to be around? As you can see the warring factions at large wish for knowledge to remain suppressed and inaccessible so the masses will feel they have no internal solutions and must be dependent. In short they are not supporting enlightenment so that leaves it up to us. There are Resistance members here now that can tell you everyday I struggle just to keep doing this from a financial level. I ask once again that if this message has increased you in any way that you support so it will be available for others when it is their time to receive truth. I have placed many priceless things on this site just so those donating would not feel like they did it for an unjust or worthless cause. Our site still remains free and we have placed no barriers between the Seeker and the Adept. Wholeness"


If you can make a donation you may click "here" or use the widget on the front page top right of this site. 


I will say it again, the controllers put billions into mind control, weapons, war, and anything else that causes dissension, they seldom sponsor enlightenment unless it can be further used to cause more dissension. This means that we are responsible for funding true enlightenment. I'm here at least 16 hours of the day building for humanity, this is the only way that thousands of emails can be answered and new content can be produced. So I directly ask you again can you assist us in continuing? 

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We are used to take the information without stopping to think about the effort and work behind it. It is fair to give something in return for what you take.  

Sevan is doing a great selflessly work for the good of many . Do not be afraid to use your credit card... who gives , receives.

What greater example of us finally taking charge again of where we put our money into, and getting what we pay for.. I've blown money on many thing that I've enjoyed and things that have basically played me or conned me.. OUT with church collection for that new benz.. and IN with self-collection for a small piece of our pocket. Divided we cant do much but together a small portion becomes abundance. Wholeness



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