Greeting Everyone,

In the last year I have had several night mares where I was demon possed or someone in the dream was trying to make me believe that I was demon possed. I the dream I am pleading for the demon to come out then I wake up with my heart beating rapidly. Does anyone know what this could mean? Any suggestion would help.

Thank You

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What did it make you feel?

What did it make you think of?

What questions did it bring up that interest you to answer?
Did you notice anything in the days/weeks that were linked in threads to the dream?
Are there any other elements that stand out, are you seeing the same characters/things/feelings etc.

You'll see my theme here, you, not me. My giving you a story I'd put on it, may take you further away from your own truth. Even my methods may not work -for you-, but they may be a start :). 

I always feel bad and fearful. Every dream is different. I am tending to believe that it is my own old beliefs from being in the Bapist church that state that my sins are bad. Maybe it is my own innerself trying to sort out my problems. I don't know I have to just meditate on it. Thanks for the reply. Wholeness & Balance.

I'll spin some ego on it, it may help as what I said can feel a bit blunt at times, even though its the highest knowledge I have for you.

It is often a good method I find, to never take it at face value either, especially when the emotional body is still reeling if it has been. The more balanced I am, the more I can process it. I like to get it out in the open and I have few other places currently to air it, so I do so here at times, as you have. I have found this beneficial for the throat chakra :) and want to thank you for sharing the experience with me, as it gave me something to.

Sometimes days or weeks later I'll realise something that a dream told me was true, or fell into place. If you imagine a great big puzzle, where all the pieces are shifting around a lot, that is like anything you'll see day to day, and dreams are no different for me.

The demon inside is very symbolic when all the programming related to it is thrown out, all the fear to speak about it being associated with anything other than a search for truth, and I wanted to thank you for giving me a new perspective. 

You made me inner stand something. I now believe that these dreams were me facing and acknowledging the evil that is within (the knowledge of good and evil). It is hard sometimes for people to admit that we have evil inside that needed to be exstinguished. I have now accepted that I have done some things wrong and now maybe my demon dreams will pass away. Wish me luck and blessings to you for responding.

Could be your higher self telling you you have unresolved emotional issues to deal with. Negative entities are only as strong as you perceive them to be. They just have a strong ability to make you think they are strong.

Use your emotions to find the problem. What makes you feel bad and the moment you feel bad what thought pattern crosses your mind? That is your problem. Sometimes simple forgiveness is all is needed. You might think what does a demon have to do with unresolved issues. We manifest our own demons through our unresolved emotions. Not a fan of using the word demon either. NEGATIVE entities are attracted to negative emotions. Once attracted they can attach them self to you for a life time without you ever knowing it. They speak to you and you confuse it as your own inner voice. They beat you up and put you down. Stand in love..question every single negative thought you have as in "why am I thinking this". Question everything because once you believe something you make it apart of you - whether its true or false.

Thank you Matt.

I think that it has been a common thing for people who are of a lifestyle that is kind of related to the dark to experience nightmares at about anytime.  And though that could be a simple reminder of how things are, it is not to be taken lightly as that could also constitute to how you are going to feel when you go a little deeper in thought.  probably just a constant reminder about things but who knows.

Angels and their counterparts Demons, all exist, externally and internally. Their opposition is an illusion they need each other just as the light needs the dark. Perhaps you are grappling with demons or dark forces of your own in your life. If so, seek integration not repulsion.  Carl Jung called this the shadow self, it is a source of great strength and richness.



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