We will continue to broadcast the Truth. Below are diagrams from a advanced system of I-Ching. Many people look at such systems with wonder and are amazed at the accuracy of their predictions. In reality they are diagrams of the currently running program and yet another hint to how much the Controllers know about human behavior. You must learn to move in mysterious waves/ways and avoid the program of normality at at all cost.



I'm not going to take this too far however one even while having a very important conversation I felt that I was being monitored. In conjunction with that feeling I saw this guy on the outside of the window. This bug measures about 5 inches. The next day I was in the shower and got the same feeling all of a sudden, when looking out the shower window I noticed the same bug relocated to another area so it could once again monitor. Lastly it started to dawn on me that if all Beings are equipped with what they need why is it so important for them to have such an extensive antenna system? Could they be sending and receiving transmissions? Find out more on this Sunday's show as we explore Nanotechnology, Insects, Hive Minds, and Vines.

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that creature leaves me speechless and with a strange feeling,reminds me of the book of solomon and that he got his knowledge from insects suposidly.Also it truly makes the days better to have new shows coming and i mean more than (shows).There is no bill cooper of our day,what some may not realize is the distinct nature of what you represent in real knowing.the waters would be stagnant without IT

That's Awesome You Caught That!


That Moment of Attention,when the bug looked at you.You could sense that! Thank you for demonstrating the importance of being aware,alert,open to perception.Connected to the field around you and yet with your work aware of the illusory nature of our reality.

.Like the Buddhists say on contact depends perception!


Thank you 7even!



WBV. was listening 2 the new this morning. heard the newcaster say that the government has drones the size of birds, interesting. then he says they also have insect size. indeed my mine was blown.
For about two weeks before my apartment was destroyed I had continuously been finding june bugs which would fall on their backs as soon as they flew in... They had creepy eyes that seemed to glow...


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